Return in time. Table tennis player Orlowski will play against Ostrava

40-year-old Milan Orlowski and eight years younger Jindřich Panský should hit the duel with the head of the TTC Ostrava competition.

The table tennis players will meet in the 15th round of the extraliga on Saturday at 14.00 in pavilion A at the Ostrava Exhibition Grounds “They both arrive and both should play…Milan said he will board,” said the head of the Prague club Radek Truhlář. “It is,” said Milan Orlowski, who is the champion of Europe from singles (1974), doubles (1978) and mixed doubles (1980).Panský won the European title in 1986 with Maria Hrachová in mixed doubles.

How do they dare in Ostrava? “The performance of Korbel and his manufactor is somewhere else, but the last four teams are playable,” said Orlowski.

The guest will be missing Petr Javůrek, who is the youngest of KT Prague’s youngest successors in the age of 47.

What’s the fact that the veterans decided to fight the Czech elite after years? “When we advanced to the extralig, they did not want the guys to play, but then we said we would try,” Truhler smiled. “We are the last but one, but we will probably be saved.We hope. ”

Orlowski said that they also decided for the extralig to play Henry Pansky, who is the coach of the state. “The terms of the league are adapted to the actions of the show, so if we played a lower competition, Jindra would not win our matches.”

Playing Manager TTC Ostrava Petr Korbel considers the start of the two legends for the League revival. “Both are table tennis icons, but it’s a question of whether it’s too demanding for them,” Korbel said. “It’s difficult, but on the other hand I play for health, it keeps me fit . Plus, table tennis is still fun, “said Milan Orlowski, who ended his active career in 1997.” I was inspired by Jard Jagr.If he can play almost fifty NHLs, why can not I play the Czech extralig? ”

Korbel claims that Orlowski and Pansk are still in great shape. “Together they play the show, and the top one. No one else in the world performs it. But they’re still playing the extralig…Somebody’s welcome, no, but it’s not bad for one year, “said Petr Korbel. “I am surprised that they went into that age at that age. On the other hand, the hat goes down. ”

Korbel experienced the representation of Jindřich Panský. “It was when I started the national team and I even played with him,” he reminded.He’s already a veteran at the age of forty-five.

Will he play Saturday? “I’m definitely going to get on Friday,” said Korbel duel from 18.00 with Františkovy Lázně. “And if I’m going to play on Saturday, we’ll decide after Friday’s match.”