Rebels fought in Litoměřice with kališníky. Then they did not give their hands

“It’s a pity that this was unnecessarily overcome, but it’s a little senseless to go ten seconds before the end of a 4: 1 match to the goalie,” said Lutheran coach Daniel Tvrznik on the club site.

The defeated coach Vladimir Jeřábek said: “The referee bit a bit of emotion because he gave us a chance in the power play with a 0-4 draw. We got the first two goals and third in a weakness of 3 to 5, it broke us. “

The Rebels have not even handed Litomeric hockey players. The soldiers did not have difficulty with them on Wednesday’s lap and kept their quarters. Svagrovsky’s two goals flashed.

The defender Angel Krstev, who strengthened the Italian club Neumarkt Egna, has already landed. The same, who defeated Vojtěch Kubinčák’s assault rifle.Egna plays Italian Serie A under the leadership of the Czech trainer tandem Bukač – Ekrt.

Most even without Kubinčák succeeded on ice Ústí, derby win 1: 0 Havlíček scored in the power play just 41 seconds before the end of the 2nd period after the bad he swings the goalie of Volke behind the goal. For a while, home Gengel had failed in a shooting shootout at Horak.

“It did not play a breathtaking hockey, but three points are important. Our goal is to fight for the pre-play play-off, with each and every one more and more successful, “praised coach Vaclav Baďoucek at In the fight for key 10th place is the crush: 9. Šumperk 40, 10. Venice 40, 11. Ústí 40, 12. Most 36.

Leader Chomutov after defeat 2: 3 after the prolongation in Venice paradoxically increased his leadership to 9 points.The second Ceske Budejovice lost home with Kladno 1: 4. The pirates fell after a series of 7 wins, but at least they beat the manko 0: 2.

Assistant Aleš Totter at the club site said: “We were better than half the match. In the third third we did not let the home get out of a third. It is impossible that we did not have any power in it because we were active. I will not comment on the extension. “

Fifth Kadan turned to 2: 1 in Havířov in the last few minutes.