Productive Hradec Kralove, hockey players are shooting more and more goals

The Hradec Kralove team after the 9: 3 win over Chomutov jumped to third place in the scoreboard. It is better for Kometa and Třinec in Brno. Both teams, like most others, have played more matches than the East Boys. However, Třinec has just given four goals in excess of Hradec, after the number of matches can be reversed, Mountfield has two matches for this turn.

If he continues the trend of the last round, it should not be a problem for him, especially when looking at Tuesday’s result. “The result was decided by the first third when it was challenged,” said Pavel Hynek, one of the assistants of the main coach of Sýkora.

For Hradec this season was a record for two thirds.After the first one in which he scored five goals, he did not add any in the middle, but added four more in the last. “The positive thing is, we’ve put more than two goals in the power game for the first time in the season,” said the city’s coaches.

Mountfield, thanks to Tuesday’s score, is heading for its shooting record in the base. Until this year, even in one of the three seasons he did not exceed the average of the three goals scored for the match, this year he still holds him. And thanks to the fact that there are many more players in the previous season. Nine of them, three complete attacks, now fall within the range of five goals scored.From the current cannon, Köhler, who has thirteen goals to his turn, up to Hradec’s ninth knot, who gave them seven.

Not only thanks to shooting productivity, Hradec after the Christmas extraleague break he spent on the Spengler Cup in Davos, dere the table up. In five games in 2017 he won four times and won twelve points, two rebounds can move him to the front row even closer.

“We have two games for the good, but we can not look at it. We’re off to midnight now – but tomorrow we’re back to work, “Hynek said after winning Chomutov.