Jagr spoke of an attack: If someone wants to hurt you, he finds a way

A week ago after Bortuzz’s hit resigned from the match at the beginning of the second period, the health of the famous Czechs was a major concern. However, Jagr’s quarter-duel in Toronto did not result in a flu, according to official reports, but on Saturday he was in a home match against Washington.

Although he did not want to have a lot of fun before the match. “When I know if I’m going to get started, you’ll know,” answered the reporter at northjersey.com. But he was a bit talkative.

The health problems he missed for the first time in his team’s set up caused a combination of a Pittsburgh bee attack and an onset of flu. “After such a hit you have a stiff neck, your head is hurting,” said the Czech striker.

Jagr has a scarf under his eye and his mouth.It feels better, but it is not perfect. He also repeated this after defeating 1: 4 with Capitals. “But we do not want to make any excuses, we all have to play better,” he said to the notorious New Jersey season.

He spoke very quietly, he looked thunderous. “Thank God I’m not shaking my brain,” Jagr knocked on the wooden table while talking about the experience of the Tuesday match against the Penguins. “We see a lot of hits and they are not as hard as this one, and the players will be knocking it off for the rest of the year.” According to the most productive European in the history of overseas competition, hockey has changed, hooking and holding is gone, but players are stronger and faster, therefore, there are brain shakes.NHL leadership has said he wants to fight against such attacks, which Jágr welcomes. “I should tell you one thing when you want to hurt someone, you always find a way. The worst is when a third player comes to the duel because you focus on a one-on-one fight and you do not even see the third player. You can not defend yourself, “Jagr explained.

” He got two matches. But do not forget that I’m pretty big. I have over a hundred pounds. But if he was a smaller player, Bortuzzo would have two matches and the boy who was in the game would never play. “

But Jagr did not want to defend himself so he did not look hurt. He did not even comment more specifically on Bortuzz’s suspension for two matches. “It’s not about me and the boy.It does not matter to me, I have my age, maybe I will not play long. But what if it happened to a younger man who made the game? “

Day and night. In the middle of the extraliga Třinec leads and Vítkovice drowns at the bottom

“We were more fluent in the second quarter,” said coach Jiří Kalous. “We did not get any input into the game, and it was their development. The other thing is that the games we lost did not get us in the optimal form. “

Kalous said it was difficult to keep the team in tension to stay at the top of the extraliga. “The introduction of the competition that came out has taught the team a more relaxed wave, not more comfortable, but more comfortable,” the coach said. “Then we did not do some things with the same set-up as at the beginning of the competition. This is probably another factor that the second quarter of our point has been a bit noticeable. “

What do the Oilers promise from the second half of the extraliga? “We have to go all the way.And we have to work on things that do not work as we wish, “said George Kalous.

Which they are, he did not want to tell. Still, he admitted that they can not rival so many chances as before. “There are plenty of details there,” added coach Kalous.

Vitkovice improved defense

the second quarter significantly improved defense. He scored 34 goals, while in the first 51. “Yes, we are trying to improve the defensive third,” Ladislav Svozil, the Vítkovice coach, confirmed. “We know we can win three goals, as we have managed several times.The players believe it and it works. “

The coach admits that after the bad first quarter in particular, it will be hard to get in the table above.

” Everybody wants to go up, the league is balanced but convinced we think we can play with the best, even if we did not go full. Maybe Sparta was a great match. Just a shame we did not change chances. In the second half of the competition, we have to score more often, and especially three points. “The Vitkovice players did not manage to keep the lead even 2: 0. That’s what happened to Sparta.

“The main reason we lost the lead in the previous matches was the poor psyche of the players,” said Ladislav Svozil. “They did not believe it, but the match with Pilsen showed the opposite.Although we lost 0: 2, the players went to the win and came to it without much trouble. But I click to continue. Improvement comes with psychic comfort. “

Vítkovice coaches want the hockey players not to wonder whether they are the last or not. “We thought we would not look at the table, but everyone will look at it anyway.”

Vítkovičtí will still be able to rely on the experienced defender Tomáš Malka, who is in the club for hosting Comet Brno. He will remain on the team until at least 12 January. “With Kometa, we have agreed to extend the hosting.In January, we will have fun and see, “said Vitkovice general manager Petr Husička.

Malec on the website of the club admitted that he would like to return to Brno again. “But, and that’s very important, I’m so glad I can play in Vítkovice and they gave me an opportunity at all,” he said. “I’m happy that the coaches trust me and I’m often on ice. If I will be in Vítkovice by January 12th, or by the end of the season, it is a matter of managers. I’m trying to make a 100 percent performance at Vítkovice. “

Mikuláš, devil and angel will also arrive at Friday’s match in Ostrava’s CEZ Arena. And they’ll have rewards for kids.

Rebels fought in Litoměřice with kališníky. Then they did not give their hands

“It’s a pity that this was unnecessarily overcome, but it’s a little senseless to go ten seconds before the end of a 4: 1 match to the goalie,” said Lutheran coach Daniel Tvrznik on the club site.

The defeated coach Vladimir Jeřábek said: “The referee bit a bit of emotion because he gave us a chance in the power play with a 0-4 draw. We got the first two goals and third in a weakness of 3 to 5, it broke us. “

The Rebels have not even handed Litomeric hockey players. The soldiers did not have difficulty with them on Wednesday’s lap and kept their quarters. Svagrovsky’s two goals flashed.

The defender Angel Krstev, who strengthened the Italian club Neumarkt Egna, has already landed. The same, who defeated Vojtěch Kubinčák’s assault rifle.Egna plays Italian Serie A under the leadership of the Czech trainer tandem Bukač – Ekrt.

Most even without Kubinčák succeeded on ice Ústí, derby win 1: 0 Havlíček scored in the power play just 41 seconds before the end of the 2nd period after the bad he swings the goalie of Volke behind the goal. For a while, home Gengel had failed in a shooting shootout at Horak.

“It did not play a breathtaking hockey, but three points are important. Our goal is to fight for the pre-play play-off, with each and every one more and more successful, “praised coach Vaclav Baďoucek at hcusti.cz. In the fight for key 10th place is the crush: 9. Šumperk 40, 10. Venice 40, 11. Ústí 40, 12. Most 36.

Leader Chomutov after defeat 2: 3 after the prolongation in Venice paradoxically increased his leadership to 9 points.The second Ceske Budejovice lost home with Kladno 1: 4. The pirates fell after a series of 7 wins, but at least they beat the manko 0: 2.

Assistant Aleš Totter at the club site said: “We were better than half the match. In the third third we did not let the home get out of a third. It is impossible that we did not have any power in it because we were active. I will not comment on the extension. “

Fifth Kadan turned to 2: 1 in Havířov in the last few minutes.

Fischer is playing hockey nine years after the collapse and has a bold goal

For seven years, Fischer has been working for Detroit Red Wings as director of player development. Over the course of time, he cared for more than 100 young people – both human and hockey.

“This work makes me very fun,” he says. “This is the main prerequisite for being successful.” His career drastically reduced his serious health problems. In November 2005, he stopped pumping his heart in Nashville. Winner of the Stanley Cup 2002 and World Champion from Vienna, 2005, he had to go to retirement at the age of 25. But the pastime for hockey did not go away. He just redirected her a little. Detroit’s players are trying to show their way to the NHL.

“Maybe the situation is clearer,” he explains. “Something to do with a manager, a coach, something his assistant, something an agent, something parent.When a person fails, he can have a little goulash in his head. So it has to be calmed down and set priorities. Whether he is a physicist, personal dueling, shooting technique or skating. “

At present, the Czech talents of Martin Frk and Tomas Nosko are also closely monitored. “Forks are fighting. They are trying to work on a farm team. He makes it, so I believe he will, “says Fischer, thirty-four. “Andy Nestrašil, too, one year ago, no one believed.From the second farm he worked in the first and then he also went to the NHL. “

The overshoot of the overseas missile hit an unfortunate accident, slicing at home when opening the box. “He played excellently in the NHL, I saw him against Chicago with Kan and Toews in the squad,” says Fischer. “In the next match he scored and scored. I hope he will soon be on the AHL. “

He started playing hockey again, even if he was a charity and a showroom. “So far I feel good and nothing happened to me. Pay the Lord, “he said.

Recently he considered whether he would be in the NHL for the position of chief coach or general manager. Last summer he decided for the second option.

So he learns with Ken Holland, his superior and generally recognized capacity.Detroit GM has been head of Red Wings since June 1997. “Watching it for me is like studying Harvard ice hockey,” Fischer said.

Tichon’s are lying to thousands of people. In Moscow, they name the street

On Thursday afternoon, a long crowd of people formed before the Ice Palace before the official commencement of the funeral split. Up to ten thousand people wanted to bow and quietly say goodbye to Tichonov coach.

In the Soviet era – and at the price of dictatorial methods – he created an invincible “red machine” from the ice hockey team. With the Soviet Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States three times won the Olympic Games, the college under his leadership has won eight world championships.

Since the beginning of the week, Russia coaches the coach. The local people considered him a symbol of a powerful Cold War era. One of the Russian servers has written in a concise manner: “Tikhon is more than a coach – it’s a national treasure.” Tichon most of his career was at the Moscow Army Club.And it was in the CSKA home that a tryzna was held, the body of the late coach was exposed in an open coffin surrounded by huge wreaths. The hall was dark, the lights were aimed only at club characters in the middle of the tribunes, and the inscription in Cyrillic: “The legend forever”
“The whole world mourns.Viktor has created a generation of players who celebrate our hockey, “said President of the Russian Hockey League and former goalkeeper Vladislav Tretyak. “I was lucky with Viktor to work in one team. He was an example of courage, discipline and love for the homeland. He was a professional with a big P. “Even the former star striker Pavel Bure arrived, who in 1991 did not take the Tikhonov coach to the Canadian Cup, so that the young talent did not run into the NHL. Still, Bure ranks among those who recognized the legendary coach. “He would be able to train any team in the world,” said the famous Russian ice hockey player, among others the best shot at the Nagano 1998 Olympic Tournament.

The current members of the cadre were sitting in the jerseys on the bench, People wore Tichon’s flowers. Good-natured celebrities from different areas came to say good-bye. St. Petersburg willingly released the assailant Viktor Tichonov, the grandson of the famous grandfather. The younger Tikhon sat bravely in front of the coffin in the first place. No tears.

And singer Josip Kobzon, holder of several Soviet Union awards: “There will never be a second Tichon in our country!”

After a pious act in the ice hockey arena there was a funeral at the Vagankov Cemetery, mass was held in the adjacent temple of the Resurrection of Christ.

The Russians now want to keep the thoughts of the hockey “dictator” and also to commemorate his memorial.Izvesty newspaper, Moscow politicians have already suggested to Mayor Sergei Sobjanin that some of the streets in the Russian metropolis be named after a hockey coach. They also offer some sports facilities.

Tichon is simply eternal…

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American Autrey picked us up a lot, says coach Jindřichův Hradec

“At the beginning of the competition, we knew what it was like to play without the main rookie, and that’s how we suffered a bit. With its arrival, our performance and our results have improved. Lamb i Donald are our key figures, but they are still just two fragments of the mosaic, “said Hradec coach Robinson is the best shooter of the entire competition. “Both of us give us a decent point in every match,” Forejt added.

The South Boys have won 15 games in the highest competition, out of which seven have won and eight have lost. There are seventy in the table. “If the league is over, then we are there,” Forejt smiled as to whether his team had a play-off.Last year he finished tenth.

Meanwhile, the coach for the performances of the Hradec players has no major reservations. “We are satisfied with our current location. We had a weaker introduction, which was affected by the fact that we did not have the main player. We wanted to win two more games, we lost at home with Svitavy and Kolín, “said coach Lions.

Jindřichův Hradec is doing better this season than on the home ground. “However, we managed to replace these two home draws soon, and the balance of seven wins and eight defeats is very solid for us. Game play is also important.And I have news from the audience, so she looks at our basketball well, “Forejt said happily.

By the end of the game, 29 matches have yet to be played. “This year’s competition is very well balanced and there will be a lot of matches, so we need to keep the form for as long as possible and to be healthy,” said coach Jihočes.

Before the season, a new team was set up in Jindřichův Hradec , to which many names came. “We had a little worried about it in the summer as coaches. There was little change here, and I have to say that the team has already sat down.Atmosphere is good now, but it is clear that it is due to winning, “he said.

According to Forejoot, Lions has done the most home match against the previously defeated Pardubice, which only won Jindřichův Hradec close 98:97. “I appreciate most of this game, partly because Pardubice has not yet won and we have been happy for the first time in the competition. On the one hand, because the match had to make people happy, a lot of points fell and finally there was only one point difference. And the audience feedback was very good after the match. Our coaches received praise for the high quality of the basketball.I was happy, not only from the win, but also from the level, “the Forejt enjoyed. On Saturday at 17.45, the Jindřichův Hradec Lions play in the penultimate Cologne, on Wednesday arrives in Jindřichův Hradec in the sixth Ústí nad Labem. The match starts at 18 o’clock.

Hockey Hockey Problems: Six players will be missing against Olomouc

Let’s start the worst worse: There will be six players missing, Jank defender and five attackers Skokan, Pospíšil, Knotek, Kopta and Valcourt. It’s a lot that has a lot to do with the composition of the set.

Now the better: Since last game played on Tuesday in Zlín, no one else hurt. On the contrary, and this is probably the best news, on ice today Kudrna and Hradec will have a striking first attack.

In all other formations, however, trainers will have to improvise. “We miss the players, but we do not want to excuse it, the squad is pretty wide.At least, even the juniors will get the chance, “said coach assistant Jiří Kučera. Young junior players can not complain now for lack of opportunities, next to almost regular playing Kopta, who is now injured, and Nedvídka extraligu have already tried the Blacksmiths, Pilaver and Carbon. “They are not playing badly, in the matches they played, there were six, seven foules that gave us the power play,” the assistant said.

Whoever sets off against a newcomer from Olomouc will only see today, when Hradec will again be in the situation that after the defeat on the ice, the opponent needs to take care of the home, so that the teams around him do not miss the table.

“The fact that we are out of the question right now has no value to think.We are trying different things and it is true that we did not play badly in Zlín now, especially in the first half of the match, “Kučera remarked for defeat 2: 4, which was for Hradec in the away games for the fifth time in a row,” unfortunately we get a lot of goals. “It paid for it in Zlín, while Hradec on the home ice beat Slavia Prague 6-0 and for the first time in the season he played a net with a net account of the collected goals.

The newcomer from Olomouc is holding unexpectedly at the end of the first half of the base high, so far there is a ninth with a real chance to play play off after returning between the elite.There is nothing to do with the fact that he has lost the last three games, most recently at home with Plzeň 3: 4 after a prolongation. “So far, he has a lot of euphoria, he plays very well at home, where the viewers are very helpful, the backdrop is stormy,” said Kučera. he has won 4-2 at the end of the month, since he has scored five outdoor defeats since then, and picked up points on his ice.

Frk, it’s a cannon! His shot came in from the right hand side but the ball went wide

Martin Frk has always been a shooter, and a shot like a cannon is his cognitive mark. Coach Todd Nelson, who leads the Czech Hockey Team at AHL in the Grand Rapids team, even says that Frk has been one of the five hardest shooters he has met in the past 25 years. “Almost ten years ago, I noticed that my missile was bigger than the wounds of other boys,” says a twenty-three-year-old striker.

How hard is Frk’s missile? Nobody can say exactly, The former junior representative has not yet been measured, but the puck on his missiles but flying like a lethal projectile proves a lot of stories, like last week’s match against Manitoba.It is said that this wound has even squeezed the pole of the goal structure.

“It was probably the toughest shot I’ve ever seen,” Nelson admitted to mlive.com. “The whole invert turned to me with an overwhelming look “It was funny,” said the coach.

The Pecka he was talking about was not a goal, but many of the Czech striker’s sticks are. In the last four games he was able to rejoice three times, totally overtaken by goalkeepers seventeen times and is the best in the team.

At Griffins, another similar gunman, Finnish sharpshooter Teemu Pulkkinen, was in the last year. This at KHL in 2013 radar measured 161 kilometers per hour. The Czech hockey player claims that Fin has a more accurate shot, but he is harder.And Nelson coach agrees.

But where does the native of Pelhřimov come from? “I do not think I would be rehearsing something special in my childhood,” Frk said, but his surroundings noticed very soon, and he was increasingly listening to the “shoot” instruction!

“It was still, Solve the recordings and just try to burn the pucks at the gate, “he said with a smile.

A similar system works in AHL and clear evidence is the beginning of the year. Frk made his debut in the Carolina NHL, but soon returned to the Detroit organization and quickly headed for Grand Rapids.

The Griffins team was thirteenth in the Power Force Games. Now? The first bar! And Frk has succeeded eleven times in the numerical advantage.According to Nelson, he still has the NHL, but he has to work a bit more on defensive activities.

Meanwhile, the stories about his shot will continue to spread. “Do you know the sound when you’re on the ice and a puff passes through you? We can hear him at Frka on the bench, “Nelson boasts.

Ujčík remembers Augustus († 70): He was peculiar, but he acted fairly

As a peculiar but fair coach who has a natural respect for the players, Josef Vojvodík will be remembered by former excellent striker Viktor Ujčík. With the seventy-year-old giant of Czech hockey, who died today after fighting pancreatic cancer, he linked him to the Dukla of Jihlava, but also the representative.

“I will remember Mr. Augustus in good. We are so used to the Highlands, but one always knew what he was, “said ČTK Ujčík.

According to him, he definitely helped him coach hockey at the highest level. “It was obvious he knew what he was saying he had gone through hockey.He did not play for the players, and he behaved fairly to them, “added Ujčík, who now acts in Jihlava as assistant to Petr Vlk’s coach.

Hockey enjoyed Augusta.” He did not bind us overly tactical Instructions. It was clear that something was given in advance, but left us freely in the game, “said Ujčík forty-four, who under Augusta as coach assistant entered Jihlava in the home competition. Augusta is also indelibly written with a golden hattrick From the world championships 1999 to 2001. For the first time as an assistant to Ivan Hlinka, then twice as a coach. He finished the national team after the 2002 World Championship.Together they celebrated in 1999 and 2001, when Ujčík was also in the selection.

The death reports were not surprising. And because he leads Jihlava junior with Patrick’s son Augusto. “It was a very sad thing, of course, but on the other hand I understand that it must have been liberation for Mr. Augustus,” said Ujčík.

P> In addition to common sporting success, August has a good memories outside the ice. And one remembered him immediately. “We were riding together at the juniors meeting and I drove, we were quite hurried, but the motorway in front of Prague was blocked, so we took it on smaller roads with different abbreviations.When we were successful and Mr. Augusta stepped out of the car, he just knocked and said ‘no more with you’, “Ujcik laughed.” Chechtal was there and, of course, on his way back he went with me Again, but we were already on the road and on the highway, “added Ujčík.