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American Autrey picked us up a lot, says coach Jindřichův Hradec

“At the beginning of the competition, we knew what it was like to play without the main rookie, and that’s how we suffered a bit. With its arrival, our performance and our results have improved. Lamb i Donald are our key figures, but they are still just two fragments of the mosaic, “said Hradec coach Robinson is the best shooter of the entire competition. “Both of us give us a decent point in every match,” Forejt added.

The South Boys have won 15 games in the highest competition, out of which seven have won and eight have lost. There are seventy in the table. “If the league is over, then we are there,” Forejt smiled as to whether his team had a play-off.Last year he finished tenth.

Meanwhile, the coach for the performances of the Hradec players has no major reservations. “We are satisfied with our current location. We had a weaker introduction, which was affected by the fact that we did not have the main player. We wanted to win two more games, we lost at home with Svitavy and Kolín, “said coach Lions.

Jindřichův Hradec is doing better this season than on the home ground. “However, we managed to replace these two home draws soon, and the balance of seven wins and eight defeats is very solid for us. Game play is also important.And I have news from the audience, so she looks at our basketball well, “Forejt said happily.

By the end of the game, 29 matches have yet to be played. “This year’s competition is very well balanced and there will be a lot of matches, so we need to keep the form for as long as possible and to be healthy,” said coach Jihočes.

Before the season, a new team was set up in Jindřichův Hradec , to which many names came. “We had a little worried about it in the summer as coaches. There was little change here, and I have to say that the team has already sat down.Atmosphere is good now, but it is clear that it is due to winning, “he said.

According to Forejoot, Lions has done the most home match against the previously defeated Pardubice, which only won Jindřichův Hradec close 98:97. “I appreciate most of this game, partly because Pardubice has not yet won and we have been happy for the first time in the competition. On the one hand, because the match had to make people happy, a lot of points fell and finally there was only one point difference. And the audience feedback was very good after the match. Our coaches received praise for the high quality of the basketball.I was happy, not only from the win, but also from the level, “the Forejt enjoyed. On Saturday at 17.45, the Jindřichův Hradec Lions play in the penultimate Cologne, on Wednesday arrives in Jindřichův Hradec in the sixth Ústí nad Labem. The match starts at 18 o’clock.

Hockey Hockey Problems: Six players will be missing against Olomouc

Let’s start the worst worse: There will be six players missing, Jank defender and five attackers Skokan, Pospíšil, Knotek, Kopta and Valcourt. It’s a lot that has a lot to do with the composition of the set.

Now the better: Since last game played on Tuesday in Zlín, no one else hurt. On the contrary, and this is probably the best news, on ice today Kudrna and Hradec will have a striking first attack.

In all other formations, however, trainers will have to improvise. “We miss the players, but we do not want to excuse it, the squad is pretty wide.At least, even the juniors will get the chance, “said coach assistant Jiří Kučera. Young junior players can not complain now for lack of opportunities, next to almost regular playing Kopta, who is now injured, and Nedvídka extraligu have already tried the Blacksmiths, Pilaver and Carbon. “They are not playing badly, in the matches they played, there were six, seven foules that gave us the power play,” the assistant said.

Whoever sets off against a newcomer from Olomouc will only see today, when Hradec will again be in the situation that after the defeat on the ice, the opponent needs to take care of the home, so that the teams around him do not miss the table.

“The fact that we are out of the question right now has no value to think.We are trying different things and it is true that we did not play badly in Zlín now, especially in the first half of the match, “Kučera remarked for defeat 2: 4, which was for Hradec in the away games for the fifth time in a row,” unfortunately we get a lot of goals. “It paid for it in Zlín, while Hradec on the home ice beat Slavia Prague 6-0 and for the first time in the season he played a net with a net account of the collected goals.

The newcomer from Olomouc is holding unexpectedly at the end of the first half of the base high, so far there is a ninth with a real chance to play play off after returning between the elite.There is nothing to do with the fact that he has lost the last three games, most recently at home with Plzeň 3: 4 after a prolongation. “So far, he has a lot of euphoria, he plays very well at home, where the viewers are very helpful, the backdrop is stormy,” said Kučera. he has won 4-2 at the end of the month, since he has scored five outdoor defeats since then, and picked up points on his ice.

Frk, it’s a cannon! His shot came in from the right hand side but the ball went wide

Martin Frk has always been a shooter, and a shot like a cannon is his cognitive mark. Coach Todd Nelson, who leads the Czech Hockey Team at AHL in the Grand Rapids team, even says that Frk has been one of the five hardest shooters he has met in the past 25 years. “Almost ten years ago, I noticed that my missile was bigger than the wounds of other boys,” says a twenty-three-year-old striker.

How hard is Frk’s missile? Nobody can say exactly, The former junior representative has not yet been measured, but the puck on his missiles but flying like a lethal projectile proves a lot of stories, like last week’s match against Manitoba.It is said that this wound has even squeezed the pole of the goal structure.

“It was probably the toughest shot I’ve ever seen,” Nelson admitted to “The whole invert turned to me with an overwhelming look “It was funny,” said the coach.

The Pecka he was talking about was not a goal, but many of the Czech striker’s sticks are. In the last four games he was able to rejoice three times, totally overtaken by goalkeepers seventeen times and is the best in the team.

At Griffins, another similar gunman, Finnish sharpshooter Teemu Pulkkinen, was in the last year. This at KHL in 2013 radar measured 161 kilometers per hour. The Czech hockey player claims that Fin has a more accurate shot, but he is harder.And Nelson coach agrees.

But where does the native of Pelhřimov come from? “I do not think I would be rehearsing something special in my childhood,” Frk said, but his surroundings noticed very soon, and he was increasingly listening to the “shoot” instruction!

“It was still, Solve the recordings and just try to burn the pucks at the gate, “he said with a smile.

A similar system works in AHL and clear evidence is the beginning of the year. Frk made his debut in the Carolina NHL, but soon returned to the Detroit organization and quickly headed for Grand Rapids.

The Griffins team was thirteenth in the Power Force Games. Now? The first bar! And Frk has succeeded eleven times in the numerical advantage.According to Nelson, he still has the NHL, but he has to work a bit more on defensive activities.

Meanwhile, the stories about his shot will continue to spread. “Do you know the sound when you’re on the ice and a puff passes through you? We can hear him at Frka on the bench, “Nelson boasts.

Ujčík remembers Augustus († 70): He was peculiar, but he acted fairly

As a peculiar but fair coach who has a natural respect for the players, Josef Vojvodík will be remembered by former excellent striker Viktor Ujčík. With the seventy-year-old giant of Czech hockey, who died today after fighting pancreatic cancer, he linked him to the Dukla of Jihlava, but also the representative.

“I will remember Mr. Augustus in good. We are so used to the Highlands, but one always knew what he was, “said ČTK Ujčík.

According to him, he definitely helped him coach hockey at the highest level. “It was obvious he knew what he was saying he had gone through hockey.He did not play for the players, and he behaved fairly to them, “added Ujčík, who now acts in Jihlava as assistant to Petr Vlk’s coach.

Hockey enjoyed Augusta.” He did not bind us overly tactical Instructions. It was clear that something was given in advance, but left us freely in the game, “said Ujčík forty-four, who under Augusta as coach assistant entered Jihlava in the home competition. Augusta is also indelibly written with a golden hattrick From the world championships 1999 to 2001. For the first time as an assistant to Ivan Hlinka, then twice as a coach. He finished the national team after the 2002 World Championship.Together they celebrated in 1999 and 2001, when Ujčík was also in the selection.

The death reports were not surprising. And because he leads Jihlava junior with Patrick’s son Augusto. “It was a very sad thing, of course, but on the other hand I understand that it must have been liberation for Mr. Augustus,” said Ujčík.

P> In addition to common sporting success, August has a good memories outside the ice. And one remembered him immediately. “We were riding together at the juniors meeting and I drove, we were quite hurried, but the motorway in front of Prague was blocked, so we took it on smaller roads with different abbreviations.When we were successful and Mr. Augusta stepped out of the car, he just knocked and said ‘no more with you’, “Ujcik laughed.” Chechtal was there and, of course, on his way back he went with me Again, but we were already on the road and on the highway, “added Ujčík.

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Condition Coach Bridger: The goal is not to leave the player after the FOUR

He does not have a college degree, he has never played a top hockey and he’s on his way. Fitness coach Michal Bridnář pays attention. There are players who go to him regularly and bring others, but on the other hand he is also a subject of criticism and hints in the field. Jiří Hudler, Jakub Klepis and Petr Vrana. These are, for example, the Bridgette’s trustees. “It’s not a diploma but I’m still learning,” he says.

The world has collapsed four years ago. At that time, physicians Michaela Bridnářová diagnosed a heart defect, for which he had to end the professional boxer career from day to day. In the meantime, he had been training ten times a week, all of a sudden. His story turned in the best possible direction.

He became a fitness coach. A sought-after fitness coach.In the summer, for example, George Hudler made an offer of his dreams to travel to the US and physically prepare him for the next season in the NHL. “It was about two months, some of them in Malibu. It was enticingly tempting, I had a boil for two days, but I had to reject it. I had a deal with several players that I did not want to say, “I’m leaving, do what you want.” It would be a great experience, I could make money, but I did not want to disappoint anyone, “he said.” After he had finished the boxing, he did not know what he was going to do. He made a fitting preparation through a friend of the ice hockey player David Štich, who first addressed him. Gradually, others joined.

In the summer of 2014 he joined Slavie.After a while, he finished. “I think it’s because of the split. Coach Ladislav Lubina wanted the players to run long tracks, I did it altogether, “said Stewart.

But the team wrestled at the bottom. The barrage was approaching, and the players asked for the club themselves to want him back to the team. “It was a tremendous appreciation of my work,” admitted a thirty-three-year-old “kondičák.” Last summer he started training in Mladá Boleslav because several of his players took part in it.After a few weeks he finished, again feeling that there were also disagreements on how to physically adjust the hockey player. “Mr. Excellent addressed me and so I joined the team but after the departure of the holiday something changed,” said the end of the Skaters.

“How are system-educated players that they have to go to blood, To the maximum and to go four, so it is not so. And thanks to the technology they will only get what they can take that day. Training based on feeling can not determine hockey limits and give him what he needs, “he has approached his approach.

There are also clubs that say the players are forbidden to visit Brimnár. “It will come to me that some team fitters think I’m taking a job or being a competitor for them.And yet none of the trainers ever contacted me to be entertained about what I do and why I do it. “

This is the proof and cause of why the Whipper is not sitting all over. “For me, the only feedback is the satisfaction of the players who bring the others and Mr. Dostal,” Reacting to critics Bitternář.

Doctor Jiří Dostal is from the Institute of Sports Medicine, he is the well-known knowledge from which The bumper draws. Constantly. And it brings technological innovations that, for example, measure the oxidation of muscles, strengthen breathing muscles, and so on. So Dostal has professional support.

That’s Michal Břínář. A coach without (official) education, yet immersed in medicine.And he is going upside down, because if he goes with him, he will hardly succeed.

When the frost runs through the muscles

The entrance to the gym, where Michal Brentnář works, will impress you. The mezzanine is decorated with graffiti, the area before the reception itself looks like a secret service. It seems that only strong characters can fit inside the cut figures. But beneath the stairs there is material goodness. The box full of eyelids from the plastic bottles with the inscription “for Lukáš”.

The sawmill wanted to help a nine-year-old Lukáš Kamenčík, who suffers from polio. Lukášek is a hockey fan. The players joined Bhrynářovi. Jakub Klepiš, Petr Vrána et al. They have selected donations and a financial sum of 18 thousand crowns.Money needs a new wheelchair.

“It all made a huge impression on everyone. When we saw Lukaska for the first time seeing us approach the corridor to us, the room fell silent. We were frosting around our bodies. In a second, we realized that our common worries are petty, “wrote Bismarck.

Little Luke was very happy. And the others, too, could help.

Augusta openly on cancer: It’s bullshit, but I have a chance

You have a tumor in your body, heard Joseph Augusta a year ago. No one had to be tempted to take all his power and set out for battle. Soon he knew he was outraged. “It’s crap, but we do not give up anything. I have a chance, “says the coach of the world champions of St. Petersburg and Hanover.

Many of the physicians are reminded of a hammer like a blow, which they were hard to collect. Josef Augusta has it different. “A bigger shock for me was when I was a coach in 2002 with a national team,” says a 69-year-old former successful coach.

Coaches, how are they doing? You look good.
“Thank you for asking. You have to fight. As I did not go hockey, on ice, without deployment and self-sacrifice, I can not do without these qualities even now.I find myself at a stage I personally call a quiet zone. I have a first spa therapy. “

Wait for chemotherapy to call a spa? You’re good…
“Sure. When I go to Brno to the oncology institute, I all say I’m going to the spa. Look, you can not get it any other way. Someone goes to the spa with their backs, I drive with cancer to the Masaryk Institute. For the great people who care for me wonderful. It is a leading cancer department in Europe, everything I have gone through and amazed to have been dealing with cancer since 1935. I was surprised and delighted that Dominic Hašek is among the three gold sponsors of the institute.Next to him, Dara Rolins and Babis. “

How did you get there?
” I went to three day courses and every ten days I went home, Brno. Next month, I’m going to have another exam to find out how the first cure went, and that’s how it will go on. “

The outcome of the treatment depends on the determination of the person. I feel like you could not take it for a better end.
“About the head, it’s all about the psyche. So also care for your own health. I took it realistically. The problem has come, but fortunately, there are people who know exactly what to do, and you include 100% trust. As I once believed in my coach when he pushed me into the hole, I’m now betting on medical professionals.

Do you ever doubt whether you will get better?
“I have no doubt. I have people around me, whom I trust tremendously, we can handle together. There are no other ways. You have that in sport. “

At first glance, you have lost weight, but you still look in shape.
” I went down with the weight, that’s true . But I have enough movement. Work around the house is always blessed, I have a dog, so I go out with him, I ride a bike. I was not bored. “

Did you suspect something was wrong last year?
” Yes, the signs were there. I started to have a stool problem, grease appeared in it.”

Greater shock was the end of the representation

You had a bad message from the doctors, or it was a shock ?
“Good question. And I have the answer. The bigger shock for me was when I was a coach in 2002 with a national team. The Executive Committee of the Union, which decided in Brno all together, sat together and the outgoing supporters were seated at the second table, nobody even spoke with us. They almost forgot what we have achieved for years. “

They felt they were not fair at all.
” It was not. I was experiencing much worse feelings in Brno than when they told me I had a tumor last year. It was hard for my soul at that time.Wounding, disdain, tremendous disappointment and disillusion…I found it easier to find cancer, because the doctors talked to me flat. They told me the truth in my eyes. While people in the executive committee only had their eyes down, they were unable to thank our team. It was enough to applaud like Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron was in Britain. Nothing more, nothing less. What they did with us in 2002 is still in me. And whenever I recall it, it will make me sick. “

Do you want your doctors to know immediately what you are?
” Clearly. He is already openly informed today. I know I have a chance. Cure everything.This tumor is crap, but we do not give up anything. “

With the same diagnosis, the legendary Vera Čáslavská is fighting, did you join and talk?
” But a couple of weeks ago I saw Jiří Bartošk in Karlovy Vary, who was thinking the same problem and looking good. As I say, it’s crap, but you can fight everything. The fact is that once you find yourself in a place such as the Masaryk Oncology Institute, you will quickly reassess life priorities. Everything you see with your own eyes, the frequency and the number of people who have to deal with the same or similar problems. Your head is then chased by one single thought. That you have to believe and fight what will happen. No one is immortal, but you have to stand up for it.Hope is dying last. “

Does the hard patriota of the Highlands also help?
” It can be. I’m delighted to be able to take the first bath without any major problems or side effects. I’m going. “

Can you beer?
” I’m going to have a pizza here, otherwise non-alcoholic. The taste for the beer left me, but I can not shine, I have to waste it. For fifty years, I’ve provided plenty of good food to my body, but now it’s bad luck. I say to him: You will drink water, my friend, I will not give you the beer! “(Smiling)

Do you remember the former partner of Jaroslav Holík, how did he suffer from a serious illness? /> “This is a different case, Jarda fought for ten years. I’ll see how long I’ll be washed.Anyway, we do not get free. “

What do you think about the autumn celebration?
” In a family circle, maybe I’m organizing something small with my buddies . We’ll see November is far away. “

When you meet your friends, the speech itself turns to Jihlava’s hockey, it’s always a big topic. Or does it keep you cool?
“I missed last season. Just because of the onset of illness. It is better not to come in contact with more people to avoid unnecessarily the flu and so. They have not seen me for a long time in the jungle of Jihlava.However, I have stayed away from the local hockey for a long time. “

Jihlava wishes the extralig

Does not it matter how much Dukla is going back to the extraliga? >
“I would definitely wish the extraliga returned, it was here for a long time. The problem is that the 100% owner of the team is the city. This is a more complex topic. I’m not sure the city should fully fund a professional team. That’s one thing. “

And another look?
” Dukla has been known for decades by successfully leaping for young players. The famous era came after the arrival of Holík, Suchý, Augusta, Hrbatý, Klapáče…We were young boys, at the age of twenty under the excellent coaching leadership, we drew the Dukla between the top.She has come down this time from Dukla and today she hires older players without a relationship to the region. I do not mind the veterans who passed through Jihlava. Voluntary, Čachotský, Důras and others. I have a problem with others. For example, Skořepa or Mrňa. These players are not able to bring Jihlava to the highest competition. “

Jihlava often faced different opinions and visions. Is not that a problem?
“There is no doubt about this bickering here and there for a long time, but it’s practically everywhere. This one plays more, this less, he does this job stupid, but this one well. You can not avoid this anywhere. In Jihlava this is how it works, what I remember. I’m sorry and sorry that Dukla does not give a bigger chance to my offspring, and the DNA that Jihlava has always known is lost.”

And do they have it at all?
” They’re just hearing that they have a chance to fight. But she can not do that with Dukla. They introduced it to Pitner and Nevesel, it had logic and success. Standa the Unmarried one once drew out of Moda Beda Sčerban, nobody knew him, nobody believed him. But after all the coaches in each of the categories, Standa demanded that he do the utmost to do, and he did it himself in the final. And look where Béda reached. “

Do not see a similar concept for a long time?
” I do not see. A nineteen-year-old player will be joining the Jihlava Championship, after three seasons he just says he does not have it, and done.Instead of careful work with boys with the relation to Vysočina, older players are taken without any part of the region. Jihlava is left with them, so they’re coming, no. I can hear them saying that the Canadian points have won the first league, so what some Augusta will interpret to them. It is obvious that Dukla has long abandoned the established direction. And it is not at all that in the past long used players who came here to the basic military service. They are not related to them at all. And the city should stamp it, it should be interested in the Duke returning her identity. “

Legend about the legend. A player with a great passion, snapped before Jagr Lundqvist

Henrik Lundqvist, from the will of God and thanks to his uber, the Betclic hockey king. His nickname, “King Henrik,” the Swedish goalie New York Rangers stumbled on Sunday’s match against Colorado (4: 2) as the twelfth goalkeeper of history and the first European to record the 400th NHL. In a Monday interview for NY Daily News, he spoke about who inspires him. Guess the snipers, he’s from the Czech Republic, he’s playing Florida, Wednesday’s 45th birthday, he’s got a 68 on the jersey…It’s probably a bit hotter than that?

Lundqvist and Jaromir Jagr met in the New York Rangers Between 2005 and 2008, when they reached the playoff three Betclic times with an ambitious team, they did not slip through the second round.After the 2007/08 season, the Czech right wing heard the call of the Russian wilderness and settled in Omsk, after returning to the NHL, Lundqvista was only seen as an opponent.

The Swedish elegance did not lose the maximum respect for the former captain. “Jagr is an amazing example of love and devotion to our sport,” said a 34-year-old native of the Åre two-thousand-year-old town. “He is undoubtedly one of the best hockey players ever to play, and Betclic certainly one of those who have had the biggest passion for it. It starts with it if you play as long as Jaromir is a basic prerequisite for success and your performance,” he continued Lundqvist, who has captured 727 matches in the NHL for twelve seasons. For comparison, Jagr has 1683 starts and plays Betclic his 23.Season by sea.

“Being one of the finest players in the NHL history, Jágra is not satisfied, and every game tries to improve his game and mental preparation for the game, it is admirable.He plays hockey because he just loves him, “he concluded the story of the Czech legend Lundqvist, who had two Betclic goals from Jágra in his career. One in 2014 in a match against New Jersey, a year later his 44-year-old veteran surpassed

Lundqvist does not solve his Lundqvist record

The 72nd match of 400 wins won the Lundqvista in the NHL with twelve goalies, but he has achieved the fastest lap, with the Swedish phantom joining Martin Brodeur and Tony Esposit Who only managed with one club.

“In ten or fifteen years, maybe I will return to it and I am delighted with it, but this is just a partial success, my career continues, I have a lot of unfulfilled goals , “NY Daily News reporter Justni Tech said Vezina Trophy winner of 2012, who still escapes the Stanley Cup.The closest was in the 2013/14 season, when the Rangers lost the Los Angeles 1: 4 final to the matches. Lundqvist gave his two sticks to a charity auction after Sunday’s record-breaking victory over Colorado and left only a reel of Duel. In the night match against Columbus, which the Rangers won 4: 2, his substitute Antti Raant was caught.

“You know, I hate hockey, like Jaromir Jagr, I just love the game. , Traveling, spending time with teammates, meeting new interesting people, the fact that I am part of a famous organization.But the most gifted competition, preparing yourself for a training match against the best hockey players in the world and then taking them off is the biggest drug, “concluded the 2006 Olympic Games winner from Turin.

Kindl defeated Kindl in the NHL again, goalie Neuvirth faced rapids

The Detroit hockey players took off against New Jersey without wounding Paul Dacjuk and after a series of three defeats. However, the guests were not much better off with the absence of the marathons of the summer support of Martin Havlat and Mika Cammalleri in both of the previous two games. Louis (0: 1 and 3: 4).

The Red Wings had a 31:17 goal in the match, and the final score was the final score when they won 4: 2. The opening goal of New Jersey’s striker Steve Bernier’s shot was cleared by Jakub Kindl in the 19th minute. The Czech defender thus followed up on the recent goal against the Rangers and scored the second time in a row.When the defensive specialist, Brendan Smith, came in at 19:28, they went home to the 2-1 lead.

In the middle of the Red Wings, they added two more goals and decided definitely. The Swedish pair, attacker Johan Franzén and defender Niklas Kronwall have won. In the third third, Devils just corrected the outcome of the first season of Jordan Tootoo, assisted by Marek Židlický. After the third defeat, New Jersey dropped out of the Eighth Eights of the Eastern Conference and currently features fourteen points on the 11th . The victorious Detroit, who was backed by the back of the first one by Jimmy Howard from the farm called Petr Mrázek, is on the contrary on 4th.Position with an eighteen-point win.

The guest Jaromír Jágr this time came out of the spot, but he added another record to historical statistics. He made his way to the 1487th match, making it to the legendary Wayne Gretzky on the 17th lap of the league table.

In the opening eight bouts of Buffalo in the new season, goalie Michal Neuvirth He discovered only two cases in the gate. In the last few days, however, the card turned and instead of Swede Jhonas Enrotha, coach Ted Nolan is mainly focused on the services of the Czech goalkeeper.He scored for third time in a row after a 3-2 draw in Detroit raids picked up a point against Montreal (1: 2 losing streak) and last time he faced Edmonton cannon.

The Canadian team of Neuvirtha lined up with a high of 52 shots, and after a 3: 2 win, the first winners of the season won. With a total of 49 interventions, the Czech goalkeeper was elected the third star of the match, which was decided only in the final minutes of the regular playing time.

The Sabers at the start of the third third held a promising 2-1 lead after Drew Stafford’s shot. In the 52nd minute, however, Mark Arcobello was compensated and Boyd Gordon decided at 55:45.

“If you do not want to fight and fight the puck, that’s exactly what happens. It has happened to us several times.The worst thing is that we have led 2: 1 and after the mistakes our rivals are giving away the win, “Buffalo Nolan coach was angry. 52 bullets, that’s crazy. Our opponent ran us, wanted victory more than we. They deserved it, but we have to wake up. This can not happen, in addition to domestic ice, “added Neuvirth, who, as one of the few domestic players, was able to stand a tighter benchmark for his performance.