Restart. A healthy body, another coach. Biathlete Vítková is still smiling

Joy with pain, such as the last season of Veronika Vítková. The body was too unresponsive for the body.

The consequences of the cerebral hemorrhage that it suffered in the summer of 2009 stretched for five years. Doctors later diagnosed her hormonal imbalance. Meningitis also affected the pituitary surrounding, causing extreme fatigue. It was more at high altitude and in the evening.

Sochi’s Olympic battles have become a great purifier for a 25-year-old biathlete by his venue and by the late start of the races. be about. Mixed relay silver was a cure for suffering.

At the very end of the winter, albeit throbbed with virosis, it also added 9.Place in the overall World Cup ranking. She was crying exhausted, “I can not walk anymore. I’ll drop the skis for a long time. “

Eight months have passed. He’s headed for the pool-win winter and smiles in one piece. He has reason. Or there are a whole lot of reasons.

Everything is suddenly different.

Since spring no illness, no injuries, no physical weakness. While half of the representation has addressed or addressed health ailments, Vítková has nothing. “I have to tap it,” she says.

After a thorough examination from the doctors, she heard: You’re all right. On her head, this message was like an injection of comfort. “I’m quieter now.I was thinking too much about the fact that I could be better if my body did not restrict myself. “After nine years, she ended up working with personal and coaching coach Jindřich Šikola, who joined the juniors team. “We both needed the change,” he admits. “This relationship brought success, but it has been somewhat more tense lately.Something like a father-daughter. “

” We still have not completely solved it, “Vítková says. “We have not been together since spring.”

Under the new coach of women, Zdeněk Vítek, his second-born cousin, is getting used to a somewhat different training regime. “We’ve been running more with Jindra over the summer,” he says. “This year we were rather on roller skis and in addition on bicycles. And we started to work a lot. “

Another is the mood in the team. Not only because Gabriela Soukalová does not train only with a male partner. The women’s and men’s teams are running together nowadays, which was not the case. “It’s a lot better than when we only met in racing in the past.The mood is supreme. “

We could add new outfits to the list of changes. The white design, in which the Czechs became famous during the Olympics, vetoed the representatives themselves. “When we go to races for three weeks and we roll around in white underwear, it will not last long.”

The 2014-2015 season is a great re-run by Veronika Vítková. With a healthy body, a younger coach, another training and a new “robe.”

She needed such an impulse.

In 2012, she finished twenty-five, then sixteen, then ninth. If she improved again by seven bars…”Will I be the second?I would not be angry at all, “she laughed at such counts during the March Cup final in Oslo.

The official goal is more modest:” I would like to stick to the Top 10. ” The former junior world champion, who has repeatedly stood at the podiums of the cups and has a medal at the top of the podium, certainly thinks higher.

Napoli slo Bern hattrick de Guzman, også feiret Sivok og Mazuch

Besiktas Istanbul seier over Partizan Beograd 2: 1 hjemme sluttet i rollen som kaptein Tomáš Sivok. Dnipropetrovsk Ondrej Mazuch Basispakke vunnet på banen Karabakh. 2: 1 i gruppe F er den tredje

Turbuss Napoli Rafael Benítez forlot som i forrige kamp i Bern på benken Higuain og Callejon, Hamšík var ikke klar for feber eller erstatninger. Den italienske enheten fremdeles dominere på banen og i innstillingen av første halvår tok ledelsen etter morsom De Guzman skudd.

Bern var ikke et sekund handle for å få spillet over og Bet365 bonus online sluppet inn to mål fra det nederlandske landslaget midtbanespiller. Den eneste betydelige sjanse for en sveitsisk enhet utviklet i 89thminutters Nikča men han slår bare keeper Cabral. Tsjekkia forsvarer Young Boys i tjenesten Jan Lecjaks komme inn i spillet

sendte Sivok i den 27. minutt duell Besiktas -. Partizan heade ballen forbi keeper Lukac, ble målet ikke anerkjent for offside. Det første målet i Istanbul og falt til 57. minutt da en straff åpnet scoring hjemme Demba Ba. Senegalesiske spissen fem minutter senere etter et innlegg Tore scoret igjen og feiret sin fjerde mål i EL. Til en endelig 2: 1 modifisert Markovic

Besiktas i gruppe C dele det første sted Tottenham, som vant loftet Asteras Tripoli..Norsk enhet ledet etter mål ved Townsend straffespark Kane i to på to mål på slutten av spillet korrekturlese 1: 2 på straffe Barrales. “Roosters” er den første engelske laget siden 2009, som vant på i løpet av den greske lag.

Begge Dnipropetrovsk porter på en pitch-Karabakh scoring spiss Nikola Kalinič. I det 15. minutt åpnet stillingen etter første Zozuljově nøyaktig midt til slutten av omgangen, men klarte å utligne for hjemme Leroy George. Etter 73 minutter, deretter Kalinic i høst drapert keeper Šehiče og bestemte seg for de første tre-punkts gevinst i gruppen Dnipropetrovsk EL. Keeper Jan Laštůvka var klar på benken av den ukrainske

regjerende mester Sevilla kan håndtere Standard Liege. 3: 1. I det 19.i dag den femte minutt for hele spanske ligaen Gameiro scoret. Assistanse scoret M’Bia, som denne sesongen har bidratt seks mål for sitt lag i ligaen og EL. Tretten minutter senere, selv sammenlignet M’Poku, tre poeng for Sevilla, Bet365 Norge men Reyes Bacca omsorg

Lille forsvarer David Rozehnal på benken nok i England for Everton og tapte 0: 3. Til opptaks statistikk innrullert Osman, Jagielka og Naismith.Wolfsburg klarte å duellere med Krasnodar og vant. 5: 1, to ganger presset gjennom vekslende spillere Hunt og Bendtner for hvem de var de to første klubbene beste “Wolves”

Mönchengladbach vant takket være Raphael og Herrmann 2: 0 . Apollon Limassol kurs, som ikke starter som spiss jan Rezek

tysk enhet i gruppen hoppet til første plass foran Villarreal, som ikke var nok til Zürich i Sveits og tapte 2: 3. For første gang i årets Champions League ble gjort fem eller flere mål i den første halvtimen.

Inter knyttet til land St. Etienne 1: 1, det samme resultatet endte kampen mellom Astra Giurgiu og Celtic Glasgow. Fiorentina tapt første punktene, med PAOK Thessaloniki ble også utført en: første.

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Sparta – Slovan Bratislava 4: 0, the cup battle had an exhibition hint

For the progressive hopes of Sparta, it was a mandatory victory, Slovan is in this group, but he has not scored a point and scores 0:14.

“Productivity was significantly better than in the previous match with Pilsen” Spartan coach Vítězslav Lavička. “Slovan started well in the defense and we were hard to get there, but we were patient and we took advantage of our dominance. It was a lot of strength for the rival, which was reflected in the second half. We wanted to win and to win Naples, which was accomplished. “

At Letná’s fourteen thousand spectators, Slovan made the resistance half an hour before he first got it. After the embarrassing introduction, the rivals immediately added a second goal and totally dominated the game.Two goals were given by Lafata, one by Krejci and Costa.

The first goal did not fall after the action, rather accidentally, but was important for self-confidence and peace. For the second opponent, he made a remarkable action on the corner. The third was back after the standard and the fourth gave Lafata a pass in the empty gate.

At the beginning it was too much to know that after the weekend defeat in Pilsen, the home is not ok. Unmatched play, cautious play, nervousness, lengthy kick-off. The wet lawn, after a heavy rain, complained to the ball.

Minute when Konate after the pass of Matějovského progressed himself on the gate, but with the end he hesitated so long when the ball returning his defender kicked.

The guests left their opponents to play, they could not count with the ball, but They were more unpleasant in isolated counter-attacks. Soon they knew that they were not in the defensive, but they could not make use of it.

Coach Jozef Chovanec was often on the pitch, the squad squawked. And he sensed that his former club was vulnerable. But all the doubts solved the first goal in the 29th minute.Vácha was drawn from the middle distance, the broken wound was processed by Lafata behind the beacons, although the fake penetration stayed and overtaken Perniš.

“The opponent held me but I was in front of him and I believed to push in there, I’ve put it right, “said Lafata, for which it was the twelfth goal in this year’s Cup. The spell was sparkling.

Sparta was alive, a misty audience broke up, and attacks on the Slovan gate. Shortly after Lafat’s coach scored Krejci after a signal from the corner.

Dockkal played at Konatho, who returned the ball from the first. Duckal turned back to Matějovský, followed by a perpendicular to Krejčí lime. He sprinted on the left and was shot by the keeper. The whole action lasted a few seconds.

The half-time could end.The Slovan did not seem to have a reversal. Although he sent a fresh assailant to the game, then another, once feared gunman Vittek. But he did not reach even the range, let alone the gate.

The Spartans had the game firmly in their hands, and the opponents did not borrow the ball, which they did. After 74 minutes, the away team failed to deal with a good exchange of passes on the right to make their way through the home side. Sagittarius Costa in the corner with African partner Konatém celebrated dancing. When they collected the fourth, they wished it was over.”We were getting very cheap gates and that was one of the things that put us in,” said Chovanec. “In our situation, every one of us scores, and Sparta has added confidence. It was similar to the first match. Unfortunately, we are in a difficult situation and we have to get out of it. “

Má rozhodca kedy sa stal futbalovým manažérom?

Áno, je to krátka odpoveď. Ale pre dlhú (a naozaj skôr dobrú) odpoveď túto správu prenesieme na čitateľa znalostí Clayton Freeman:

“V čele zoznamu je Fred Kirkham v roku 1907. Kirkhamova slávnosť ako rozhodca bola Dostatočne rozšírený, že okrem viacerých medzinárodných hráčov bol vybraný, aby splnil jednu z najzložitejších úloh, ktoré si možno predstaviť: stretnutie medzi Keltom a Rangersom o jednom zápase, ktoré by rozhodlo o titulu Scottish League v roku 1905.

V apríli 1907 Kirkham rozhodol o zápase live stavky medzi Južnou ligou medzi Tottenhamom Hotspurom a Watfordom. Nasledujúci týždeň bol opäť v zápase Spurs, ale v úplne novom postavení ako klubový manažér. Toto stretnutie trvalo len rok a Kirkham sa vrátil k rozhodnutiu. Zaujímavé je, že je možné, že bude pokračovať v rozhodovaní aj počas riadenia Spurs.Fred Kirkham je uvedená v dvoch účtov Liverpool Courier (tu a tu) ako rozhodca dvoch Merseyside derby v októbri 1907 a apríli 1908, hoci to je možné, že jeho meno bolo zamieňané s Tomom Kirkham, oficiálne aktívne v rovnakom čase. Zatiaľ čo rozsah jeho aktivít v lige počas tohto obdobia zostáva nedosiahnuteľný, jeho meno sa objaví ako rozhodca Belgicko / Holandsko medzinárodné 9. marca 1913 v Antverpách. “V roku 1914 Herbert Bamlett oficiálne finále FA Cupu Medzi Liverpoolom a Burnley; Až do tohto leta sa stal manažérom Oldham Athletic, hoci prvá svetová vojna narušila jeho funkciu.Medzi jeho neskoršie manažérskymi menovaniami patril Manchester United, kde sa od roku 1927 staral štyri roky a prevzal Red Devils do retroaktivity v roku 1931. “Na medzinárodnej úrovni je pravdepodobne najslávnejší z mnohých rozhodcov / manažérov Bol rakúsky Hugo Meisl, známy za riadenie rakúskeho národného tímu v dvadsiatych a tridsiatych rokoch. Spoločnosť Meisl taktiež oficializovala medzinárodné zápasy počas toho istého obdobia, vrátane olympijských hier v roku 1912. Meisl slúžil ako rozhodca zápasu minimálne už 10. júna 1908, keď Anglicko vyhralo 7-0 v Maďarsku a až 21. mája 1923, švédske víťazstvo 4-2.

“Niektoré Šli ďalej, pokračujúc ako hráči počas svojej oficiálnej kariéry. Ako sa uvádza v archíve RSSSF, inauguračný Copa América obsahuje jeden Bet365 bonus dramatický príklad.Anglicko-narodený brazílsky Sidney Pullen oficiálne Argentína 6-1 víťazstvo nad Čile 6. júla, potom hral v strednej polovici pre Brazíliu proti rovnakej chilskej tím o dva dni neskôr. Pullen následne odohral aj ďalšie zápasy Brazílie proti Argentíne a Uruguajovi. Bezpečné povedať, že táto prax je vyhynutá; Ak sa Argentína a Čile v určitom momente stretnú v Copa America v tomto mesiaci, neočakávam by som, že by Neymar fúkal píšťalku. “NIŽŠIE RANKOVANÉ FA CUP KONEČNÉ A ešte jedna komplexná misia prišla do poznania Táto schránka tento týždeň týkajúca sa tohto hlavolamu. Tentoraz odovzdáme podlahu Malcolmovi Warburtonovi. “Prišlo 14 prípadov, kedy finále finalistov FA Cupu nedokončil v hornej polovici najvyššej úrovne anglického futbalu.Z osemkrát, kedy boli obaja finalisti v spodnej polovici najvyššej úrovne, najvyššia celková pozícia je 34. Prvýkrát sa to stalo v roku 1929, keď Bolton Wanderers (14.) porazil Portsmouth (20.) a potom opäť v roku 1969, keď Manchester City (13. miesto) Porazil Leicester City (21. miesto). Facebook Twitter Pinterest Neil Young, vpravo, zaznamená víťazný gól pre Manchester City proti Leicester City vo finále FA Cupu v roku 1969. Fotografia: Popperfoto / Getty Images

“Okrem toho boli medzi štartovým tímom a druhým tímom štyri finále. Z týchto (počítanie pozície druhej úrovne postupne pod najvyššou úrovňou) bol najvyšší súčet 44 finále v roku 1975 medzi West Ham United (13.) a Fulham (deviaty v druhej triede).Nesmie sa však prehliadať, je to 1949 finále medzi Wolverhampton Wanderers (šiesty v najvyššej triede) a Leicester City (19. v druhej), s celkovým počtom 47. Okrem toho boli tri po sebe idúce finále FA Cupu (1900 – 1902) medzi klubom v dolnej polovici najvyššej úrovne a klubom Južnej ligy – účinne Bet 365 tretí stupeň.Z toho, s použitím konvencie umiestňovania pozícií Južnej ligy pod dve úrovne futbalovej ligy, je najvyšší súčet pre finalistov z roku 1901, Tottenham Hotspur (piaty v južnej ligy) a Sheffield United (14 z 18 v hornej triede) Čo predstavuje súhrnnú pozíciu 55. “V druhom extrémisku sa najvyššie dva kluby v lige stretli vo finále 1913, pozícia sa neopakovala až v roku 1986 a potom v roku 2007.”

P> Dan Yambao hlási tie isté výsledky a dodáva: “Napriek Magic ™ pohára, 10 finále v 134, kde kombinovaná liga je pozícia 20 alebo nižšia, určite dokazuje, že Magic ™ jednoducho nedosiahne cieľovú čiaru “CHAMPION LOSERS

” Po západe do archívu RSSSF, “začína profesionálny Clayton Freeman,” môžem potvrdiť, že sa to stalo niekoľkokrát. (Na tieto účely som zaradil len ligy používajúce tradičný formát, nie tie, ktoré majú play-off na konci roka ako Mexiko, Spojené štáty a Austrália, v týchto ligách tímy s vyššími percentami strát vyhrávajú konečné majstrovstvá častejšie [Zoznam obsahuje len ligy, v ktorých tímy prehrali najmenej 20 zápasov.) Môžu to byť ďalšie príklady, ale toto sú tie, ktoré som zistil:

Nie profesionálne Andy, ale budete nadšení Vedia, že najväčší futbalový syr sa už niekoľko rokov hrá vo Švajčiarsku ako útočník na amatérskej úrovni.Podľa oficiálnej webovej stránky Fify Blatterovej kariéry trvá 23 rokov od roku 1948 (to pravdepodobne zahŕňa mládežnícky futbal, keďže v tom čase by bolo 12) do roku 1971 – väčšina, ak nie všetci, strávili so svojou rodnou stranou FC Visp. “” Dosiahol som veľa gólov, “chválil Blatter tanečníci z CNN, keď natočili v minulom roku televízny dokument o nej. “To nie je falošná skromnosť – je to naozaj pravda, najmä na úrovni mládeže.” Sme naklonení tomu, aby sme tomu neporili, alebo príbeh o rozdelení topánok (“vzal som sa doľava, urobil to správne “) S priateľom za prvú hru, ale odvtedy, čo sa v rovnakom rozhovore zúčastnil na potápačstve a prechádzal rozhodcom počas jeho hier, sme pripravení dať mu výhodu pochybností.