Nymburk kicked off the Basketball Champions League home defeat with Nanterre

The newly composed team of the Czech champion in the match with the French winner of this year’s FIBA ​​Europe Cup did not catch the two halves and scored the first home win in the cups after 13 wins and from November 2015 when he was not at Bakken Bears Aarhus. p> Nymburk exchanged half of the team over the summer and rejuvenated the cadre. Only two matches of the Czech NBL against Ostrava and Svitavy were able to play in the competition season, but the leading French team from the Paris suburbs was a bigger challenge and it took home for a while before getting accustomed to the international pace. But it was losing ten points.

“The level of the Champions League is something other than the Czech league, and today we know for ourselves. It’s more aggressive.In addition, we did not change our chances, “said the experienced pivot Petr Benda.

In the second quarter, Nymburk returned to the game and even turned around when he turned several foul balls. The team, in particular, drew a new pivot, Boris Barač.

Kendrick Ray was another newcomer, but he lacked productivity for a long time.

“Like other guys, he played for the first time and is a young player. Normally, he would have scored 30 points in this match, “coach Ronen Ginzburg said of the new post, which needed 16 shooting attempts for 11 points.

Pavel Pumprla was a key figure from Czech players and he returned after a serious injury, which he had prepared for almost the last season.With eight points, nine rebounds and four assists, he was the most useful player in the game. “Pampa played a good match similar to Tomas Vyoral,” Ginzburg said.

The home team often played with a small set on a single pivot, and Pumprla helped the most under the basket, but the opponent managed to use it in the third quarter after meeting in the cloakroom and 47 points out of the total 81 were given by his three podkošoví players. Most of them Johan Passave-Ducteil, who put 19 of his 20 points in the second half.

“They shoot a lot from the distance, we stopped them, but we paid for it under the basket. At the beginning of the third quarter we did not convert three open missiles from a distance. Then they would pay for it, and maybe they would switch to a smaller set.That’s how they stayed bigger and paid off. It was a bet, who of whom, “explains Ginzburg,” why he was betting on a smaller set. “” I was preparing for their shooter from afar. It is a team that will shoot 35 trophies for the match. We took it a lot, but then we were late at their pivot, who beat us. One thing we covered, but the other punished us. We were unable to stop them down, “Benda agreed.

Nanterre managed to rebound to 16 points and Nymburk was unable to return again for the second time.So early on, he struggled to make a move from the group, because he lost just one of the main opponents at home from among the top four eighth group.

“In this group, which is much stronger than last year, a loss can come in pretty, but it will be seen over time. We have a team that we have changed, and I hope it will sit down in time. The group has eight participants, so it is longer and we have a chance to repatriate. It’s not a good idea to fold weapons after one unlucky match. But next time we have to win at home, “Benda added.