No change in footballers, coach Jarolim remains. But with conditions

If coach Karel Jarolim came to the leadership of a football association with a resignation on Tuesday morning, the executive committee would accept it. “Yes, of course,” said Vice-President Roman Berbr, the de facto ruler of Czech football.

But Jarolím did not do it, he gave the defense of unsuccessful qualifications. “We were disappointed with his self-reflection, his analysis was not clearly accepted by the executive committee,” said Berbr. However, the coach remains. Until the summer of 2018, the association can not denounce the treaty. In the meantime, he wants a new contract with him and puts it in the conditions: a triumph in the League of Nations and a move to Euro 2020.

If Jarolim does not join, he may end in the summer of 2018.If it fails in the League of Nations, which is being played in autumn 2018, it will not continue to qualify for the Euro2020, which is being played in the calendar year 2019. Czech Republic ended the fight for the championship on victory over San Marino 5: 0, but he was not in the last year’s applause.

In group C he finished third behind Germany and Northern Ireland, unable to get to the barrage, which was decided two rounds before the end. From August 2016, when Jarolím took over the national team after Pavel Vrb, the Czech Republic won four times in fourteen games, four times and four times lost.

“It is really necessary to name things. Not to keep it behind it, it’s been a time of search, it’s the beginning that we’ve moved somewhere. No, the opposite is true.It’s the end of the qualification, we did not go to the world championship, we’re falling through the FIFA rankings, “Berbr was calculating.” We found only two positives. The young players who wanted to play appeared and we remained in the third basket for the Eur. Otherwise there were negative, failures. We did not end the others even though we had one of the two lightest groups. We played complicated, unproductive and slow soccer. We have no leader. We do not have Kvasnacka, Nedveda or Horvátha. It is a task for the coach and the leadership of the team to change this, “said Berbr.

On Tuesday morning the coach and manager of the national team, Jaromír Šeterle, heard the executive committee, before which they discussed the causes of the failure and defended their work. >

“I do not like going from work done.The team is going through some process, it’s in some evolution, it’s moving somewhere. He is in better shape than when we started, “Jarolim said immediately after the San Marino match. About an hour later, with a smile from the Strahov headquarters, the association left. That was when the eleven members of the Executive Committee were still arguing. Eventually, he later learned that he was staying.

Now he is waiting for him to negotiate by the end of the year if he agrees to the conditions he wants to give to the association’s management.