New Berdych: attack style, change to service and grandslam bet

At the Australian Open, the opening grandslam under Ivanishevich’s leadership, Berdych is going to show off his modified service and bet on a risky assault style. In the first round, he has not been able to show any more, since the Italian qualifier Vanni has surrendered to his first smooth set.

The glamorous holiday afternoon under the swept sky took over half an hour. Thirty-one-year-old Berdych hopes, however, that the news will bring him closer to the desire to win one of the four most precious titles. And that Goran’s charm will take place for the third time.

Edit submission and philosophy

, when the crash-chopper as the wild card holder shot into the Wimbledon triumph.Nobody had done that before Ivanishevich. Not after him. He won the grandslam trophy at the age of twenty-nine, after the three lost finals, as the 125th man’s ladder. Perhaps nobody believed him anymore.

For the second time, he contributed to the sensation in September 2014, when he led the country to the King of the US Open Marina Marina Čileč. He surprised himself in an era dominated by Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and Murray, to which Wawrinka also joined. He did not repeat his “drive” yet.

Ivanishev told Melbourne last year that Berdych was one of his favorites and that he did not really know why he had not won grandslam yet. In the summer he became his coach and now he is trying to push him to a breakthrough.

New Berdych has entered the season with a revised philosophy. Ranking is no longer a priority.He has a total offensive on the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, or the US Open.

New Berdych hopes he’ll meet him in one of the tennis halls and he’s hit the jackpot.

“I look at the smallest details,” he says. “I want to try everything so that I have no remorse until I finish. Marin’s case is perceived as inspiration. I can see that you can attack the second wave as well. “As in the case of Čilič, Ivanishevich first focused on the client’s service.Lower downhill and overall simpler execution will save the effort of the new Berdych, reduce the risk of error in windy weather and make it harder for his rivals to read.

“In Doha, I was playing with Tsonga, I was blown, he deserves the world’s ten. “I changed quickly with a change. I can help a lot in the long term. It was the right move. “In the spring of 2016, Berdych suddenly dismissed Dani Vallverdu’s coach.

Goranova Revolution

The bet on security and wait-and-see tactics did not go away. He realized that he needed a major intervention. And he chose a variant that was not too inclined for a long time.He hired a so-called superman, or a legend with experience from the most prestigious and supreme battles.

With Ivanishevich, he was crying in the summer, but he suffered an inflammation of the intestine before the US Open, Gradually, in the course of the fall, they shortened – and at the same time intensified – the robot on the court. They have agreed to a more aggressive wrestling strategy with more frequent switching to the network.

“I feel absolutely natural,” Berdych says. “Sometimes I make a bad decision in some position, but I will only improve by repeating it. Goran explains everything to me, he sees the attacking variants better because he has been on the net countless times more than I did for his career. It’s one step ahead. ”

The coexistence of two habans makes it easy for Ivanishevich’s spell to be enriched. It does not distract.It does not count. He can have fun. Although he was ramp himself in the courtyard, he is privately relaxed, calm, funny.

“Everything goes naturally and more simply,” Berdych explains. “In training, Goran takes me out of the comfort zone. I get dizzy, I do not feel well. I fly from the wall to the wall, I deal with the extreme situation. But then it will end and it will be nice. Turns off, I can take a rest. I see the biggest difference in that. Earlier the training ran somehow, as if nothing was happening, but then it was suddenly felt tension. “After engaging Vallverdu, Berdych came to an unprecedented caliber last year. The change brought him up. Even now he seems refreshed. And maybe Goran’s revolution is not too late.