Minus on the tennis court, more often on the knees. Will the Djokovic era end?

Just one duel in which the champion overcame the masters? Unfortunately, he probably does not. Djokovic’s defeat is in line with the trend – and these are more true.

The man who earned $ 107 million in prize money only has this balance since the last grandslam triumph in Paris: Wimbledon 3rd Round olympics 1st round, US Open defeat in the final.Together with the result from Melbourne he ran four times, but tripled three times after the start.

“This is really a new situation for him,” said his former supercar Boris Becker for Sky Sports. > The fact that the Serbian magician has farewell to him falls into his troubled personal life over the past few months, in which he is increasingly attributed to Pepe Imazo, the Spanish motivator (those who do not like him speak of a self-named guru). Even Becker does not believe what he is following.

“Normally from Australia he left with a title and 2,000 points, then the year is easier. Now, the whole team has to get together and find a cure, “Becker added.

The Djokovic’s form is similarly unreadable to the statements he made in Melbourne.He gave words that make Imaz’s feelings of love and peace feel to the world. “One learns every day. Not just the slaughter, “he said. “What can I do? I did the most at the last minute. It’s just a tennis in which one player can defeat the other. Everybody is getting better. ”

The question is whether this applies to him / herself.With the success rate he has achieved, the winner of 12 grandslam is cruelly told “the right to burn out”; Björn Borg, with 11 titles, also admitted this reason officially when he ended his career unexpectedly at the age of 26.

Becker also revealed further details: “He did not spend as much training time as he did in the past six months – . Success does not come to the call, you have to work it out. “At the start of 2017, Djokovic fought the Doha World Championship final in Andy Murray, creating the illusion that they were building backdrops for spectacular battles.

The Persian Gulf has always flown to Melbourne to prepare for the most time, now heading home from Qatar. Perhaps just a detail, maybe in this key.Previously, he was famous for his work on the border of self-sacrifice, because of tennis completely overstated eating habits. ”

But at the same time, it brings the consequences.

” If your opponents have more faith in the last half year that they can beat me? Sure, “he said. “Look, I think so, no one ever goes to the court without believing.”

It’s not quite true: apart from the wonderful game, Djokovic also helped the aura, which sometimes bordered on sporting immortality; as Houdini managed to escape even the seemingly perfect traps. He has been decapitated by a single rival to the final defeat.

In May, he will be 30 years old. Since Murray after winning at 3.the round continues with the tournament, the lead in the leaderboard will retain and may increase significantly. Djokovic’s era probably does not end, it probably will not become a sharp cut.

But it changes; the ground under his feet swings as the tennis emperor was not used to.