Kvapil was rewarded for acting fair play in Dakar, from the Autoklub

The Minister of Defense Martin Stropnický has already rewarded the act of fair play as a soldier, and now also the president of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic, Jan Šťovíček.

36-year-old Kvapil reached the wounded rival in the second stage and over three hours, than doctors took care of it. In the heat of the heat, he also made available his water supply and then went back to the track. He was then stuck in a hole that was hidden in fine sand and unpleasantly crashed.

“I did not do anything that no other biker would do. The only difference is that the others would not stay there for three hours. But my profession will not let me.I would stay with the wounded at any time until they take him away, “said Kvapil, who has three foreign missions, and has been taught to solve problems in military training.

“I would rather stand here and talk about how I got to the finish because I felt that I had it and we had a great technique,” he said.

Life protection is seen as its basic task. “The soldiers perceive the majority in full field and with a weapon. But that is not the case. We have training, and so would each of my colleagues do that, he would give first aid, “said Kvapil, who injured his shoulder in a crash and broke his nose.

The surgery underwent a few days in Prague, still in the hospital Minister Stropnicky also visited him and appreciated him as an exemplary act.

“I was surprised.I did not expect you to take the time in my busy schedule.I received a beautiful gift, which I value, but I repeat that I did the same thing that every biker or colleague would do at work, “said a member of the Military Police Headquarters in Prague.

She surprised him special fair play prize from Autoklub ČR. “I previously felt that the President of the Autoklub did not even know that a similar race was taking place, but now that there has been a change, I noticed that sports have started to be more supportive,” said Kvapil, who thanked and accused , it’s not just a sporting result.

Although Kvapil has been named hero or a knight of sport several times, more importantly, he says. “Heroes need rescuers, firefighters, police officers, or those who do not have training, yet they go.I had the advantage of having great training and knowing what to do, “said Big Shock Racing member.

Cipollon also met in the hospital where they were lying together and are in contact now . “We are writing and we are agreed to come to us and I then to him,” said Kvapil, who would again stand up for the start of the Dakar next year and reach the finish line for the second time.