Kuku excited the performance of the coach Jarolím

Europe’s Vice-President in 1996 Pavel Kuka is excited about the Czech representation in the first matches under coach Karel Jarolím. Although the match against Northern Ireland did not work out the result, the former striker appreciated the deployment of the Czech team.

“The performance was very positive for me. way and philosophy, and this is the one with young and perspective players who want to work and give away everything on the pitch, although against the Northern Irish they have not managed to Bet365 score, so will be seen “, Kuka told reporters at the opening of the show The golden times of football.

“So, as the boys have taken it now, I think the golden times may come soon.The team is only put together and those differences and superstructure players are still coming. It’s the same as for me at the Euro in England where Nedvěd was not yet Nedved and Šmicer Šmicer. We must have a great deal of patience, even if we have to sacrifice a successful team for two years, “says former Slavie, Kaiserslautern, Nuremberg and Stuttgart.

After the unsuccessful European Championship, the change of the Czech team’s surprise surprised him. “I honestly say I did not expect it. But it was seen as a different football. There was something that convinces me that it is on the right track.I’ll leave the details to experts, but I liked it as a fan and a former player, “said Kuka, forty-eight.

The no-draw tie-up with Northern Ireland did not mean the absence of a superstructure. “But she could not have been there, because the new Nedved, Rosiche and Poborski will still come with the number of difficult matches played. Similar duels like Northern Ireland need to be broken by some quality that players are still discovering.But when we look at the 21st Tuesday game with Belgium, which made me very dazzled about gameplay and individual Sportingbet performances, we have years of beautiful work ahead of us, like the one in 2004, ” said Kuka.

He believes that this will be helped by coach Jarolim, whom he knows well in his work in Slavia. “I like the present representation and I just hope the set standard will continue and player demands will be higher and higher. That’s what Karel Jarolim knows, I know it for myself.I’m absolutely calm about that, “he added.

The Czech team even believes in the next qualifying match played in October against Germany against world champions. ” The guys have nothing to do to lose and can only surprise. Surprisingly, European football is playing a lot. I’m not afraid we should be afraid of anything. Respect there must be, but not afraid. And we have enough quality, “ believes Kuka.