Košický challenger with Hrbata, tournament unit Hidalgo

Kosice. In the 9th year, besides the Slovak veteran Dominik Hrbatý, eight players will be presented, who in the past ranked in the elite one. The 30,000-euro funded event unit will be Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo, senior defender of Spain.

On the clay courts of the Anička tennis court, Portuguese player Rui Machad will play the role of the tournament and the Czech champion of 2008 Lukáš Rosol will be the third.

The Slovaks are only Andrej Martin among the players. Hrbatý, Miloslav Mečíř ml. And Mark Daniš assigned free card organizers. Marek Semjan, Ivo Klec, Pavol Červenák will play in the qualifying (4-5 June) and the home, especially the young players, will play.The main competition will kick off on Monday (13:00) and the finals in the doubles and quadrenches will be played on June 11th.

“There will be 32 tennis players in the qualifier, four of whom will compete in the main competition, and I hope that the most successful Slovaks will be in. These fights will take place all Saturday and Sunday at 10am.There are already four Slovak players in the main tournament, who I hope to pull to the final rounds, “Stankovic said.

The Košický challenger will probably be one of the last tournaments, currently the best Slovak tennis player Hrbatý, which in 1996 became A tennis professional, and fourteen years later he announced that he was going to end his career. “For Dominik, this is probably the last tournament of the Košice Open, because we know he’s already pregnant and with parenting there are other duties. He will come to Kosice with his family and enjoy it. In the quadrench he will join Rosola and we should see this couple until the final days, which really please me.I believe he will enjoy it, “concluded Stankovic.

The tournament organizers also think of children every year and try to help in the areas where the money is most needed, each contributing to the tournament, or by any kind A sum of money at the courts in the optima shopping center Optima or in the square where the children will play tennis. On Sunday after the finale, the “Dominator” rocket will be auctioned and all collected funds will be auctioned by the Children’s Teaching Hospital on an infusion digital pump and Pulse oximeter.