Jarolim is expecting the most difficult game with the Germans and is already clear on the set

Coach Jaroslav has already had a lot to do with it, but the difficult match he faces with a Saturday in the qualifying of the world championship at the defendants of the Germans title, he probably did not even look. He’s already clear who to put in the opening eleven in Hamburg. Theodor Gebre Selassie will probably be missing again.

“We have a clear set, it would be foolish if we had some doubts, we decided for something and I believe that the players who going to the base, doing their best.”If you do not know what to do in the game,” he said at a press conference in Hamburg, Jarolim.

As the team looks like, the coach did not say, Kadeřábek in front of Gebre Selassiem. “Of course, I know that Pavel has been playing the last matches for Hoffenheim on the left but Filip Novák has played good matches, so we would not want to interfere. On Tuesday, another important match with Azerbaijan is waiting for us and it is possible that he will get the chance of Theo, “Jarolim said.

He admitted that the duel on world champions will probably be the top spot for him. > “I have already completed some matches at this level.But I think the world champions think I’m the hardest one myself, “he said.

He hopes the team will not reach the consciousness against whom he is playing. ” I do not feel the team at the moment, that she would be overly nervous. Each of the players will really take it as a challenge, and I’m sure of it. It will be a personal courage, not to admit against whom you play. Everyone in the game has to put everything in it, “Jarolim added.

” It would be nice if we managed to surprise and score. I firmly believe that the team gives a determined performance.We know about the offensive power of Germany, but I believe we will do our best to make them as uncomfortable as possible, “Jarolim added.

According to him, his whole body must not give the Germans room for combinations. > “Offensive players in Germany are rotating a lot, it’s not easy. We need to concentrate and concentrate more. We must try to play in a compact block and give the Germans the least space. It will also be very important how we behave after the balloon gains, “said a sixty-year-old coach whose son, David, played for years in Hamburg. Jarolim smiled at the words of German coach Joachim Löw, he spoke highly praised and even followed the Czech league. “Mr. Löw is a great tactician, he knows what he says.Surely he wants his team to stay in maximum concentration so they do not underestimate anything, “Jarolim said with a smile.