Jarolim from some of them expected more, losing to the Germans as lessons

Coach Karel Jarolim, after defeating 0: 3 in Germany in the world championship qualifying match, has admitted that some players have been waiting for more. Prohru takes a good experience with gold attorneys and believes the Czech representatives will win it in other matches. He is planning to make changes to the Azerbaijan Tuesday match.

“The Germans have shown that it is a team that has been together for some time and its players are playing in top teams. it is a good experience for us and a school to use it in other matches. It was a lesson, but only such a game will be tested by the player, “Jarolím told reporters.

even for me personally, I was curious about what to do in such a tough match.I am firmly convinced that I will learn from it in further games. Something has shown me, with some players expecting better individual performances. “I added it to Jarolim.

Not all players have shown what they have to do. ” Some guys were unnecessarily nervous, and that’s why they were unnecessary losses. Even at a time when we were not under pressure, “ said Jarolim.

” Even in those difficult games, those players I think should be dragged , they should feel. Not everyone has done the optimal performance they are capable of.Maybe Lada Krejci plays the Italian league and I expect a better performance, I confess, “added a sixty-year coach.

Until the Tuesday match with Azerbaijan in Ostrava plans changes in the line. the yellow card was dropped midfielder David Pavelka. “It’s a representation and it’s not just about eleven people. We can not say that we have such strong individuality that these players are at the moment indispensable. I told the players that there would be a change to bring new blood, new energy. If he is Petr or Pavel, it does not matter, “Jarolím said.

Azerbaijan, after winning Norway 1: 0, rebounded to five points in the group. I was hoping that we could go out here in Germany.However, matches with Norway, Northern Ireland and Azerbaijan will be key. If we want to make ends meet, we have to deal with Azerbaijan at any price, “he added.