Jagr spoke of an attack: If someone wants to hurt you, he finds a way

A week ago after Bortuzz’s hit resigned from the match at the beginning of the second period, the health of the famous Czechs was a major concern. However, Jagr’s quarter-duel in Toronto did not result in a flu, according to official reports, but on Saturday he was in a home match against Washington.

Although he did not want to have a lot of fun before the match. “When I know if I’m going to get started, you’ll know,” answered the reporter at northjersey.com. But he was a bit talkative.

The health problems he missed for the first time in his team’s set up caused a combination of a Pittsburgh bee attack and an onset of flu. “After such a hit you have a stiff neck, your head is hurting,” said the Czech striker.

Jagr has a scarf under his eye and his mouth.It feels better, but it is not perfect. He also repeated this after defeating 1: 4 with Capitals. “But we do not want to make any excuses, we all have to play better,” he said to the notorious New Jersey season.

He spoke very quietly, he looked thunderous. “Thank God I’m not shaking my brain,” Jagr knocked on the wooden table while talking about the experience of the Tuesday match against the Penguins. “We see a lot of hits and they are not as hard as this one, and the players will be knocking it off for the rest of the year.” According to the most productive European in the history of overseas competition, hockey has changed, hooking and holding is gone, but players are stronger and faster, therefore, there are brain shakes.NHL leadership has said he wants to fight against such attacks, which Jágr welcomes. “I should tell you one thing when you want to hurt someone, you always find a way. The worst is when a third player comes to the duel because you focus on a one-on-one fight and you do not even see the third player. You can not defend yourself, “Jagr explained.

” He got two matches. But do not forget that I’m pretty big. I have over a hundred pounds. But if he was a smaller player, Bortuzzo would have two matches and the boy who was in the game would never play. “

But Jagr did not want to defend himself so he did not look hurt. He did not even comment more specifically on Bortuzz’s suspension for two matches. “It’s not about me and the boy.It does not matter to me, I have my age, maybe I will not play long. But what if it happened to a younger man who made the game? “