In an unusual mode for the first goal. Slavia set off for the process

A few days ago, the lot sent Slavia against the Belarusian hegemon of the last few years, the famous boss Jaroslav Tvrdík announced. “He’s not light opponents, but we will not be alibis. Anything other than the procedure would be a big disappointment. “Slavia did not make a good lead, but when it won only the goal, the best possible result was 1: 0. In Cup Mathematics, it’s essential not to scratch at home and scratch at home.

“We have the first match, one zero means nothing. But we believe we will play a good result.It means that which will bring us the way, “the coach said.

The expedition flew to Minsk only on Tuesday afternoon, players wearing blue collar trinkets and bright cloth trousers. > They will not train in the playground.

Borisov is coming from the main Belarusian city just to match the match.

Slavia has gone to an unusual cup mode that is used by some Western European clubs. , followed by training. Prior to the retaliation, the team also trained in the morning in Prague and flew to Belarus after lunch.There will be no other activity there.

The practice is different, departure in the morning, afternoon media activity, press conference and training in the match.

The home game played by the celebrities helped them to a quick goal and a red card for the visiting defender of Jablonski. However, the second goal, despite the persistent predominance and few chances, did not shoot.

For Borisov, who has been a Belarusian champion since 2006, it was an acceptable result.”It will be a hard game, but we want to go awfully,” said midfielder Jaromir Zmrhal, who will be on the day of the match. He was bumped into the opening duel a week ago, but he was on a Saturday in the league against Teplici (1: 0) when coach Shilhavy made seven changes in the set.

, to return to the composition of the first duel against Borisov. Back then Van Buren, Ngadeu, Husbauer, Rotana and Danny played, Škoda was at the tip and deli was defending.

“Every match is important to us, even the league. The winner goes straight to the Champions League.But, of course, in the context of the season beginning and playing the game, Borisov has a great deal of importance, “said Shilhavy.

If the fable does not break into a well-played game, they will move to the final play off of the Champions League. There they will not be under any pressure to “have to.”

Even in the case of failure in the 4th pre-eminence, they will earn at least 148 million crowns in the basic group of the European League and bonuses. If they manage to break into the main stage of the Champions League, the prize for participation is 389 million crowns (read about the Champions League finances here).