I do not cheat, I think, says Lacko. And heading for the European throne

The defender of the title, Jochen Hahn, is the second on the steamer, but Lacko does not yet celebrate: “There are three more companies! But when it comes to this style, it is well suited. “What’s the fact that it is rolling out the competition?

The car is moving. And his chauffeur too. ”

” Adam does not need to advise, he is today the absolute leader, “commends David Vrsecky, a double European champion. “Probably just needed to live with a big car after moving from a small one. And Adam’s time came now, he’s got great results and he has a steady performance. ”

At the age of 32, he matured. “A lot of riders are able to ride fast but lack experience. They do not know what to do when they are overtaken, in a collision, in a crisis situation.Adam knows all this, “says Vršecký, who is making the points of Lack’s competitors and decides to be in the remaining races.

Mental maturity is also associated with experience. What the native of Celadna once burned to white is now going waving his hand. “It is possible that this is a rainbow, too,” Lacko said in Most, where he celebrated gold and silver. “I’ve been out before, but I know it’s not worth it. You are more likely to harm yourself than it will help. Better to think about. ”

Thinking, calculating. The lead has a luxury, and rather than trying to outrun Hahn and gamble, it tends to move as his shadow. “I could risk, but what would I do if I could lose three.”

Not only the fact that he lost 15 pounds in the winter, he is benefiting.Other factors include humility. “He’s a team player. We have a lot of superprofits who do not enjoy anybody and leave everything to the engineers. Adam, on the contrary, is very popular in the barn, he is even a chopper. Plus, every machine can wring the maximum, “says team manager Jan Kalivoda.

Perhaps just a wound or a hardly believable match of caramels and technical trades might make Lack of a golden grail ready. I Calivoda says: “I do not have a bet with Adam. I’m afraid the bad odds would now be drawn – only a crazy player would bet him! “Never golden, everlastingly silver, even last year in the trailer. At the same time, Lacko has raced since the age of seven. He always belonged among the best, but he never did the best.

So far? “I’m proud of him standing his feet firmly on the ground.They are not doing that at all, so the title is here, “says his wife, Catherine. “More than he is nervous me. I want it to end and Adam is a master. ”

The European title and the second child on the way would be a fruitful Lack year.