I did not experience Berbr’s assault on Kordul, he testified

The Chairman of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, Miroslav Pelta, has not experienced any assault by the Vice-President Roman Berbra against former referee Antonina Kordul. Pelta said this today as a witness at the District Court in Hodonin, who is continuing to hear Berbra and former Chief Justice Chiefs Dagmar Damk in Kordul. They want an apology for media statements.

The Kordula, according to some media reports, suggested that the judge was not actually the judge of Damková, the former judge, but her life partner Berbr, no powers.Witnesses who had spoken in the middle of June before the Hodonin court also spoke of humiliating referees and verbal attacks on the Berber side.

Cordela is not the only one who is in dispute with Berber and Damk. The actions were filed with Libor Kovařík, who started the affair. They demand 800,000 crowns and an apology. After another critic, the former representative Ladislav Visek wants 100,000 crowns and an apology, after an ex-judge Tomas Kovařík they wanted an apology. The Prague court has already dealt with Kovařík’s apology at the beginning of May and decided in favor of Berbra with Damkova, but Kovařík was preparing an appeal.

In Hodonín today Pelta said he was sorry to meet in court. According to him, Berbr went to the judges’ seminar with his credentials and publicly performed there.In order to calm the atmosphere at the seminar, instead of Berbra, another deputy chairman of the Zdenal Zlamal Association is broadcasting. “I have never received feedback from anyone that there is something wrong with it, saying that there was a great atmosphere, and the seminars were improving, including equipment, finances and foreign guests,” Pelta said. 

Today, witnesses suggested by the plaintiff, such as the head of the Central Bohemian Regional Football Association, Miroslav Libo, are testifying in court. According to him, Berbr Kordul read out that he should take better care of himself, because he often apologized for taking part in physical tests.

Neither Liba has noticed that Berbr would have spoken out against someone.He also ruled out Berbr about the referees from Moravia as Asians. “I am fascinated by the fact that Mr Berbra’s criticism comes at once, and when he did not like something, he should have said it right now,” said Liba.

A testimony of Berbr about the judges from Morava said, before the court in mid-June was handed by the former international judge Libor Kovařík. “Mrs. Damkova talked about them as Asians and they had a terrible joke about it, what was behind Jihlava, it was Asia for them, Mr. Berbr fell on Bohemia, but the Moravians prevailed” then Kovařík.

He first appeared in August last year with charges of Berber’s alleged Mafia practices.Several other judges were also added to the criticism.

On the other hand, Berba and Damkova were the elite Czech judge Pavel Královec and Jan Jílek who refused to humiliate or intimidate the deputy chairman of the judging association. Support was also expressed by the commission itself, while Pelta’s chairman admitted that Berbr’s influence on the commission was not entirely right. At the same time, however, he said the affair could be a part of the power struggle to unlock the first league.