Hubner was sorry for Pilsen not to score a goal. The difference was in motion

Captain of Pilsen Romana Hubnik was sorry that his team could not score in Sofia and that the 4th round of the Champions League preliminary game took 0-2. However, the 32-year-old footballer who has suffered a penalty in the Bulgarian capital, believes that Viktoria is still at home for the third time in a group of elite competitions.

“We are halfway but it is disappointing because in the first half we played very compact, the opponent did not get there, the second half was down, I think that after the penalty, the opponent calmed down more and added the second goal, we started playing more in the end, a pity that we did not score one goal “

Ludogorec opened the score at 51.minute after Cosmin Moti’s penalty, which was preceded by Cafúa’s Fouls. “I had to guard the space in front of the goalman, there was a player, and when I hit him, he pushed it and he got in front of me, I hit his hand a little, it was a penalty. The result was not ideal for us, “said former deputy.

Hubner was also at the second goal, which was scored by Virgil Misidjan in the 64th minute after Marcelin’s pass for defense. “There was a player who ran between me and Limb (David Limbersky), who told me he was going to let him offside, I did not even know he was there, I do not know if he was offshoot or not. .But that kind of goal will surely be frozen, “ admitted Pilsen Stoper.

He valued the great offensive quality of the bulgarian champion. ” In the front they were very strong, the individualities were still in the free spaces. We miss this, we have to work very hard on it. If we only defend back, we will not create anything. It sits behind us for defense, creating space for teammates. Then it is known, “said Hubner.

According to him, Pilsen must score first in Tuesday’s retreat. ” We will see how it will evolve. We have to play from the back to zero if we scored a goal, so surely the opponent is nervous, “said Hubnik, who warns against the counter-attacks of Razgrad.

” From our standards I ran more backward than before, every one of our losses was a very fast break.There were times when we ran upstairs, upstairs. It’s their big weapon, “added Hubner.