How to solve the Chinese riddle? Representation may lose its director

If the team needed something and did not get it, it was especially good quality shooter.
The retired chief of defense, perhaps, coach Jarolim (or his successor) finds himself among one of the six candidates who have been progressively rewarded in qualifying.

But one rebellion is extra shy: Who will direct the game? Here the national team is dealing with the most pressing problem. There are few football players who have a gift to come up with an unexpected solution.

He may be a key figure for an important mission.

Maybe you think that the time wins the young rifles Jank and Barak, but little valid: the best kicking technique still has Duckal in the national team. Sunday’s match with San Marino only confirmed it.

The experienced midfielder lost a few balloons and sometimes risked too much, but he has what most of his teammates are missing: he lets himself. He does not want to make up his mind, he wants to play the game.

Surely, San Marino is not an opponent to judge.Yet they took two Dočkal’s goal passes and the sea of ​​other precision centers, of which unfortunately the teammates did not win.

Was it a signal that the Czech Republic has an important man back in form or just a glimpse? Even Duckal, like the whole team, did not qualify.

While in the previous one he helped push Czech to Euro with four goals, this time he did not score once. In the beginning, coach Jarolím set himself, but he gradually disappeared. From the last five games he played only two in the base, twice at the lawn. What’s it like?

It does not sound like it, but everyone knows: It hurt Dočkal when he met the Chinese adventure in February.In the Cheon Yien-jie team he comes to fairy tale money (annually up to 80 million crowns), but he suffers from the game. The Chinese League, despite the import of world stars, can not be considered as a football paradise and the city of Čeng-chou is again for life.

“It’s totally different in China,” Dockkal wrote when he talked to Czech journalists at the end of August . “I have been playing professionally since I was eighteen, and now I’m learning things that I did not think I’d have to think about them anymore. I have to adapt, which also applies to life. ”

The tactically unspoken Cheon is among the teams at the bottom of the table, it is twelve of the sixteen, each goal is topped.He has been playing regularly, but he has only scored three goals and three assists in twenty rounds.

And so he is always looking forward to a meeting, in a familiar environment at least for a while. But on the lawn he was often aware during the qualification that he was not fine. That’s why he coached Jarolim last week in Azerbaijan for a tactical change that was not even the case.

If he had to end up in a contract that expires in February 2020, that would mean for national a serious problem.

How do you solve it? There is a return to Europe, or directly to the Czech Republic: Sparta’s comeback of his former leader is very worthwhile. But the situation is fragile because they face conflicting endeavors.Dockal feels he needs to play the game, which is difficult in China. Henan hardly let him go, and he does not want to do it on his departure at all, since he only donated 230 million in February…

And Sparta? She was crazy in the summer, but what if the boss Křetínský spent another pile of money for Dočkala?

How else? All participants have to think fast, otherwise they risk losing their director’s representation for good.