Holoubek: Difficulties of Rosicu devour. But I still hope to come back

“If I did not believe that spring would be good, I would not sit here and prepare nineteen,” he said in a comprehensive Saturday interview for the Spartan web. “I’m positive and in all the bad things – and there is not much – I try to find something positive.”

With this philosophy of life, they try to look at the situation around Tomáš Rosický who, since returning to Sparta in the red jersey just twenty minutes. He’s still in trouble, his return has been postponed several times, and he’s not in sight yet.

“I’m so happy that Tomas is in the cabin, he’s got to say guys.I feel helped by him, thanks to his long-time experience with foreign football, “says Holoubek. “Of course, he does not take part in the championship matches because he has long-term health problems that make him sick. But he tries to do everything for the return. I have never met football for such a lighted player. Unfortunately, it always kicks it back to the beginning of the journey. ”

How does the team with the most experienced team look like now?

” When you come back like this repeatedly, energy, there is perhaps fear, fear. I do not really care for the situation.But I still hope he will recover and his undisputed talent will show up on the pitch, “he hopes a Spartan coach.

He talked about almost everything Sparta had met in the past few weeks. That’s why a part of the fans still steals the midfielder Tiémok Konatého, who in the autumn wanted to build a transfer and when he returned to the team in winter he got a red card in Rostov.

“I do not like that he does not care. At that moment, fans do not trust us. Timi is ours, we all stand behind him and we want to give him the maximum support, “convinces Holoubek. “He’s trying to be strong and do not let it go. But who of us would be able to show a 100% performance? He feels it.His performances are not great because of what is happening. ”

The young coach still believes in Vaclav Kadlec, who did not come up with the dukla after returning to the pitch. The fans were also beating him, with reinforcements for more than 70 million awaiting better performances.

“Against Duke did not give a good performance, but I do not think it was such a failure. I see a huge potential for Sparta and the Czech Nation, and I ask for time. Venca will calm down and perform excellently, “says Holoubek.

And he also hopes that all of Sparta will be performing well soon.The winter training was successful, but after a high defeat in Rostov, the team stopped performing as fans would expect.

The climate in the cabin and the implementation team is positive, I expect we will break it, “Holoubek says. “I believe we will turn the good results back and I will stop gray because I will be like George Clooney in a while.”