Hološko favored the club in front of the team, Kozák finished

SENEC. Ján Kozák, the coach of the Slovak Football Association, welcomed the 24th day of the day in Senci 24 of the total of 27 originally nominated players awaiting a preparatory double match with Latvia (Friday 25 March at 20.30 in Trnava) and Ireland (Tuesday 29 March).Mark 20.45 CET h in Dublin).

Cozak suddenly surprised everyone in the beginning with the first information.

“There is not even Filip Hološko, who preferred the club program to the prestigious,” said Kozák.

Hološko said a few days ago that he appreciated the invitation to the national team.

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“I will do my best to miss the confidence of the coaches who have been watching me,” said Hološko .

A distance of about sixteen thousand kilometers could have been a deterrent.Even in the case of an ideal connection, he would have to travel more than a day.

“I’m surprised at his attitude, because he was looking forward to the hit. Everything, including the tickets, was ready, but apparently, after consulting with the club coach, it was in a different direction, “added Kozák.

Hološko had a good game, Sydney scored eight goals in the season and assisted four more.

“We will not be able to drag anyone into a representation. This has ended with me, “Kozák commented.

The Slovak coach is looking forward to the upcoming doubles.

“We want to be well prepared to be both successful in both games, and we wanted to play with the typologically similar teams we meet with the championship, both Latvians and Irish meet these criteria.With Latvians we have played two matches in the past, they will be motivated to play against us as a participant of the European Championship. We want to try something, because it’s the last of us before the preparations for the championship. I’m glad we have two such games. Kucka and Novota will go home on Friday, but I wanted them to be with the team. Then there is a group of players who have health problems, such as Gyömbér, which is difficult to use for the match.And then there are players who play less and I want to see how they are, “added Kozak.

The representative pilot has called up to four goalkeepers, besides the three-wheeler Matus Kozacik, Jan Mucha and Jan Novot Martin Dúbravka from Esbjerg was reported by Martin Dúbravka from the Danish Esbjerg.

The first time since the unfortunate injury of the shoulder of the Euro 2016 qualification, the name of the right defender Petr Petarik appeared in the representation, after Miroslav Stoch, after the break.

Slovakia will open the 2016 Preliminary Championship in France (10 June – 10 July) with preparatory matches with Latvia and Ireland.As part of the preparations, the Slovaks have played two domestic games with Switzerland (3: 2) and Iceland (3: 1) last November.

The next season is awaiting Georgia (May 27 at the pre-championship competition in Austria), Germany (29 May in Augsburg) and Northern Ireland (June 4 in Trnava).

The EURO 2016 will be the Slovak Republic’s rivals in the basic B-group of Wales, Russia and England.

Between the matches with Latvia and Ireland a representative of the Football Poll of the Year 2015 poll is expected to be held in Bratislava on Sunday.

The next day, the Slovaks fly to Dublin.

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