He slept at Třinec’s snorkel. I lose my prize, Necas said

In the middle of 46 seconds before the end, Martin Růžička, who stumbled in front of the Brno goalpost and with a drawn stick, took the puck behind the goalie Čílilka. “I pushed into the goal and I think their player was a little sleepy,” Trinity sniper said. “I just ran a stick, it was a bit of luck.”

The man who slept was a domestic youngster with number 88. “He was my player. I tried to hold him a stick. I did not even see how it fell, “Necas said. “We have to watch the mistakes we have made. We also discussed the video. I have to look again, this must not happen. “For the attacker who broke off the first NHL match this year, the defensive mine was the culmination of an extremely unfortunate third.In it first hit the stick, then twice in vain looking for teammates before the open goal. “At least one of those chances should be a goal,” Necas said.

His shot was simply unlucky, but both passes were saying better. “When I looked at the first event, I definitely could shoot there, but I wanted to upload Honza Hruška’s empty. Their player somehow put a stick on it and blocked it, “said Musil’s excellent intervention. “In the second event, the puck jumped, I saw that he was a goalmaster before me, so I was trying to push the puck up with a frog on Martin Erata. I do not know what exactly happened, it somehow jumped. ”

However, Necas was not the only blue-and-white unfortunate.The Brnans against Třinec played an excellent game in which they made the sea a chance. “But he’s playing goals,” said coach Petr Haken. “Brno did not deserve it, but it is sometimes,” said Růžička. It is the man of his caliber who would have liked the Comet. The most productive player of the league won the last four duels with six goals, yesterday he won also the winner of the volleyball from the left circle. “I was expecting Krajč (Lukáš Krajíček) to give me that because he looked at me. So I was getting ready to shoot, “Ruzicka said.

He has been dropped on Komet at all, in the previous duel he even put on a hattrick. “He’s a shooter. At the first goal he got enough space to fire from the first.We did not cover up the other, “Haken said. “I have to say he’s definitely out there. His skill is visible, it seems to be well-brimmed. And it is also known that he has confidence, “Nečas said.

This Brno balance is now missing, so Kometa won only one of the last six games. Yesterday, she did not even play a solid game. “At the end of the game it’s not about how it’s played. If we played worse than they and won, it would be better. That’s how the game is completely useless, “Necas sighed. “We should have given more goals, and not the third one,” he said again.