He does not do any tricks, just down the U-ramp. Yet he is at the Olympics

The Olympics in Pyongyang have their Orla Eddie; despite poor performance, Swaney found her way to qualify.

The awkward ski jumper Eddie Edwards crazed Calgary in 1988 and forced the world federation to change the nomination criteria. Now perhaps the same verdict will end the Olympic adventure of Elizabeth Swaney.

Harvard and Berkley graduate on Monday qualifies the U-ramp in a style that every average skier would do. She did not show a single trick, she just turned around on the edges.

The rivals made two more tricks more than she did during the whole day.

Elizabeth ended with a big loss last. And nobody was surprised.

Only she herself: “I’m really disappointed that I did not succeed.For years, I’ve been shooting it hard for it. “But the trouble was that she ran through races in unprecedented numbers to collect as many points as possible in the World Cup.

On the Internet, she organized a collection to help her finance travel.

The December World Cup in December was the biggest success story in China, where she ended up with only fifteen participants , and she earned a good portion of the points.She was told that rivals preferred other races, and there was a weak competition at Secret Garden in China.

The ambitious lady dreams of dreams and can walk behind them.

As a nineteen-year-old she joined the California election and stood against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

To meet their longing for the Olympics, they have long been looking for the right way. She tried to get into the American skeleton team, but she was fascinated by acrobatic skiing.The race for the US had no chance, so she first obtained a license in Venezuela, which she exchanged for a while in Hungary.

In Central Europe she has ancestors from her mother’s party, becoming the first acrobatic skier in Hungary.

The world laughs at her, but Swaney, 33, is proud of her pioneer role: “I want to show everyone that it’s never too late to start sports. I would like to popularize acrobatic skiing in Hungary. “