Harba quickly pulled a gap in Zlín after leaving Poznań to Pilsen

Canadian Haris Harb from Bosnia and Herzegovina has quickly settled in a new venue in Zlín after leaving Jihlava. Not only today’s two goals, but mainly by his performance suggested that he could close the gap after the departure of the attacker Tomas Poznar to Pilsen. The leader of the table managed to win the victory turn in the match against Slovácko, which Harba had just 28 years old.

“Today’s game means a lot, the last year I completely lost my confidence” Harba your story. He hosted in Trnava where he did not trust the coach. The same happened in Sarajevo. Similarly he hit the beginning of the season even after returning to Jihlava.

“We were agreed to give me some chance because I did some work there.But the league started and I got four games on the pitch in just one in ten minutes, “he looked back at the beginning of the Harba season. The Vysočina coach Michal Hipp sent him only once at the end of the Hradec Králové duel. / / p>

In Zlin it feels like a splash of living water, and coach Bohumil Páník has returned to league football, and Harba meets his expectations. “He came to psychically lift him. I believe him. I can imagine our long-term cooperation. The wind blows him up, he has excellent friends around him, and he can communicate with all of them in Czech. ” He has picked up the advantages of the new reinforcements of Páník.

Harb see the approach he values. Certainly my self-consciousness. I’ve been here for two weeks.I try to understand what the coach wants us to do. I’m doing training. My performances may be even better, “says Harba.

But the leader of the table was far from showing what was expected of him. ” Half a half in the dressing room storm. The coach was dissatisfied. We had nothing, losing duels, were late at the balloon. We said we had to give more quality to our performance, “noted the shooter of two Zlin gates, which in the end was very afraid of the result of the penalty penalty of the Slovak team two minutes before the end of the match.

“I just thought Standa Dostal would catch it.We must be happy that Slovácko did not do it, “smiled a satisfied Zlín striker, who is already looking forward to the upcoming league round when Sparta is heading to Zlín. ” We have to prepare for it. We expect a full stadium, we would like to succeed and extend our series, “Harba added.