Hantuch beat Partizan with Kuznec 1: 2 on sets

In a balanced eight-duel, the 13th winner of the clay peak of the 2009 season pulled the 13th consecutive Russian Svetla Kuznecov for 137 minutes in three sets 7: 6 (8), 3: 6 and 2: 6. In the mystery of the beginning of action, Hantuch turned away two sets and gained it in her favor.

However, Kuznecova had the lead in the next match, which adjusted its balance with Slovakia to 8: 4. All three games won at the clay. Hantuch in Paris equalized her singles maximum from her first win in 2002.

In the 3rd round she won the first time in a career over the current world unit – Denmark’s Caroline Wozniak declassified 6: 1, 6: 3. From the French metropolis he is awarding a premium of 75,000 euros and 280 points to the WTA rankings.

Hantuch as well as duel 3.Rounds against the world unit Daniela Caroline Wozniackej came out of the match, when in the second gem after the series of winners broke Kuznecovova submission. Russia then equalized to 2: 2 and after another break in the seventh game went to the 4: 3 lead. Hantuch flashed lightly against the Rheborg, so the fate of the first set had to be decided by the secretary.

In a shortened game Kuznecova turned from 2: 4 to 6: 4 and had two sets. At the first of them, he smashed a light smash, which made him out. Hantuch got four balls in a row and the first set finally became her crook. After a great exchange on the network, it transformed the first setball.

In the second act, Kuznetsova had pressed for both the return and the return and tried to make a swifter conclusion.In the eighth gem, she received Hantuch’s submission and, after confirming the break, she forced her third set. Hantuch made an increasing amount of unnecessary mistakes as the water became a rival mill.

At the beginning of the decisive deed, Kuznetsova continued the aggressive game. From a 1: 2 position, she won five gems in a row and won the quarterfinals to meet Marion Bartoli, eleventh home Frenchman. “He’s gone away,” Hantuch said.

Hantuch after defeating Kuznecova did not disappoint: “I started well and instead of 2: 2 could be calm 4: 0, but gradually began to leave the bekhend, which I was based on Wozniacki, what was frustrating.I did not perform as good as Caroline. “

” Svetlana has surprised me with her game. She moved well, changed the rhythm, and often mixed the beats. She was eating solidly and very vigorously. I waited for her to go legally with the growing number of minutes, but the opposite was true. “I’m sorry I did not have a great chance to advance to the quarterfinals, but I leave Paris with positive impressions,” said Hantuchova through the conference “I feel great and I play great,” said Kuznecova.

“The first set has made me a bit frustrated. It took me a long time to get into the fight.I think I will not have to allow such a commitment any more. I have to act right now, like today in the second and third sees, to show my normal play. Notwithstanding the fact that we were finally moving to a smaller yard, it was tough to wait all day. “

” In my opinion, programming was not very good. Even when I saw the schedule, I suspected that we would not play Suzanne Lenglen’s court at the end, I did not see the chance, “Kuznecova sighed at the press conference.

Hantuch took a check at 75,000 euros and defended the last 280 points in the rankings. However, she did not use the opportunity to get on June 6th before Dominik Cibulka’s return to the post of national unit.She needed a Sunday’s success.

Twenty-eight-year-old franchise of the French Open 2011 franchise Hantuchova included exactly 30 “winners” (only “28”), two more than in the 3rd round against Caroline Wozniacki’s computer rankings from Denmark. Friday was two sets.

In addition, the Slovak made only 16 unforced errors, now up to 51 (Russia 43). Hantuchova (29th in retirement, in the past 5th place) and Kuznecovová (14th, already in the 2nd position) have shown after 20 interventions in the network. Twenty-five-year-old Petrohradčanka managed 13, rival 12.Larisa Savcenkova Kuznecova’s winner attributed 59% of the second-served fiftines, only 38% of Slovaks.

The match was moved from Court Suzanne Lenglen to court no. 1, because the program on the first mentioned was unsuccessfully stretched. Kuznecova will play with Marion Bartoli in the quarterfinals as the eleventh.

“If I could choose a surface on which I would like to play against Bartoli, it would be crazy, I think it is the best for me and the worst for her. But I do realize that we will play in France, so the rival will get a great viewing support, but I feel great and I play great, I’m looking forward to the match.It is not easy, I have to stay with my game, “Kuznecovová said.

Kuznecovova – Hantuchová


use of 1st administration: 40 of 60 = 67% – 38 of 64 = 59%


es: 1 – 4

doubles: 3 – 2

– 51

Points Received: 47 of 98 = 48% – 33 of 92 = 36%


Brake packs: 6 out of 11 = 55% – 3 out of 7 = 43%

Total balls: 106 – 84

/ H – 176 km / h

Average speed 1: 152 km / h – 161 km / h

2003 Leipzig (DE) Hard Hantuchova 7: 5, 6: 2 2004 Eastbourne Kuznecovova 2: 6, 7: 6 (2), 6: 4

2004 San Diego (USA) P> 2005 Tokyo (JPN) hard surface quarterfinal Kuznecovova 7: 6 (4), 7: 6 (4)

2006 Zürich

2007 Dauha (Qatar) Hard surface semi final Kuznecovova 6: 4, 6: 2

2007 Indian Wells

2007 Rome (ITA) Kuznecovova 6: 4, 6: 2 semi-final 2007 Madrid (Sp) – MS WTA Tour Hard surface base group Hantuchova 7: 6 (7) 0

2009 Rome (ITA) Clay 2. round Kuznecovova 6: 3, 6: 3

> 2001 – 2.Round 4 / Monica Selesova (USA) 4: 6, 5: 7

2003 – 2nd round / Ashley Harkleroad (USA) 6: 7 (2), 6: 4, 7: 9

2004 – 1 st round / Shinobu Asagoe , 3: 6

2005 – 3rd Round / Kim Clijsters (Belgium) 4: 6, 2: 6 1: 6, 4: 6

2007 – 3rd Round / Anabel Medinova-Garrigues (Sp) 6: 4, 6: 7 > 2008 – Not for Fatigue Fracture of Femur on Right Leg

2009 – 1st Round / Virginia Razzanova (Fr.) 3: 6, 3: 6

(Eighteen) / Jelena Jankovic (Srb.) 4: 6, 2: 6

2011 – 4.Round (eighth) / Svetlana Kuznecovova (RUS) 7: 6 (6), 3: 6, 2: 6

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