Golden State defends positions, ambitions are made by Washington and Satorans

The new vintage is about 73 players from Europe, which is a balanced league record. And there is also a Czech representative Tomáš Satoranský dressing up the Washington Wizards.

The main favorite for the title remains the last Golden State Champion with Cleveland in the last three finals. Four times in a row, the Miami battle between 2011 and 2014 and Boston have been fought for the title. He was even ten times in the 1957 to 1966 season.

Golden State kept all the stars in the summer, on the contrary, he was trying to strengthen the bench, which Steva Kerra was able to do. “It’s probably the widest player I’ve ever had,” said Kerr, whose bench was last year’s top prize for a team up to 23.of 30 contestants. “I have fifteen players that I do not have a problem putting into the game,” he added.

In the West, the Golden State should have two challengers. Houston has decided to bring James Harden’s star to Chris Pau’s elite debutant from LA Clippers and long for the first final since 1995.Oklahoma City has also boosted, and Russell Westbrook’s most useful player last season will be replenished by stars Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. San Antonio Spurs traditionally has the highest ambitions, and Utah has also had great ambitions and great expectations are at Minnesota , which should begin to harness its potential – especially after Jimmy Butler came in. In the East, Boston and Cleveland were the final finals, and these two teams made a star exchange in the summer. While Boston won the Kyrie Irving, who desires to get out of the shadow of LeBron James, Cleveland has Isaiah Thomas, who will be missing at the start of the season due to injuries.In addition, Cavaliers won Jae Crowder, Star Wars veterans Derrick Rose and Dwyan Wade have signed up and again are a favorite paper for the final. But Boston will try to defeat them and think of the highest ranking in the East Washington, who had a very successful season last year, and decided to bet on the match against the “star wars” of his rivals.

“Our goal is clear. Trying to get over 50 wins in the base, go through the final of the Eastern Conference and do our best to get to the final, “said Captain John Wall, who should again be among the biggest league stars.

Satoran would help.In his second season in the NBA he expects a more important role, which he also said about good performance in preparation. “I see Tomas clearly improving. He shoots much better, he is more self-confident. His game progressed, played with great overview, with ball, no ball, is very versatile. I think this season will be really happy with your role.It could be a key player in the game, “said Wizards Vice President Tommy Sheppard. In the East, he will also try to break through the Milwaukee led by perhaps the best European NBA player, Janis Adetokunb, Philadelphia and Toronto.

In addition to Satoranski, Jakub Kudlacek, who became a Scout Charlotte Hornets at the age of 27, is leaving a Czech track.

The basic part will be played until April 11. Three days later, play-off begins. Player exchanges will close ten days before the NBA star wins on February 18 in Los Angeles.