Goalkeeper Gaul picked up Denmark’s handball player, but life could not be said

“I do not think the life struggle. I have something behind, “Galia said with a smile in a facebook interview. “In any case, we concentrated from breakfast to the game, we wanted to show everyone that we can play handball. I think this is one of the historical achievements for the Czech handball, “added the experienced goalkeeper of Polish Górnik Zabrze. On Saturday, the Czech team defeated debakl 15:32 with Spain but with Danes as if another team was on board. “Of course, it’s from the realm of dreams, but we went behind it. I think they underestimated us a bit and they just did not get into the fight.But it’s just happening in the sport, “said Galia, who treated the virosis before the championship. Against Denmark he was given priority over goalkeeper Tomáš Mrkva, who started the match with Spain, and sparked between the rods. “I’m so glad I could help the team. I tried to push the boys forward without looking at the board. It does not matter if it’s one, two or three goals, “he said.

” At the end we saw we had more power. The Danes played in seven people and could not get through the defense.We put everything into this, now we have to relax and we go to the Hungarians, “Galia reminded Wednesday’s final match of the group, in which the Czechs will be able to advance to the next stage of the tournament.

In the end Dány brought to despair and the procedure he left the evening until the last minute when the Czechs played in a double weakening. But he personally considered a badly caught seven-minute throw from the 43rd minute.

“The decisive treatment was captured by Sevens against Lindberg. For the entire career, I did not catch him in the Bundesliga about seven, and I said before the fight that he would not believe it. (Goalkeeper Coach) Miloš Slabý told me to catch her today.That was a crucial moment in my eyesight, “added Karvine Parents.