Frk, it’s a cannon! His shot came in from the right hand side but the ball went wide

Martin Frk has always been a shooter, and a shot like a cannon is his cognitive mark. Coach Todd Nelson, who leads the Czech Hockey Team at AHL in the Grand Rapids team, even says that Frk has been one of the five hardest shooters he has met in the past 25 years. “Almost ten years ago, I noticed that my missile was bigger than the wounds of other boys,” says a twenty-three-year-old striker.

How hard is Frk’s missile? Nobody can say exactly, The former junior representative has not yet been measured, but the puck on his missiles but flying like a lethal projectile proves a lot of stories, like last week’s match against Manitoba.It is said that this wound has even squeezed the pole of the goal structure.

“It was probably the toughest shot I’ve ever seen,” Nelson admitted to “The whole invert turned to me with an overwhelming look “It was funny,” said the coach.

The Pecka he was talking about was not a goal, but many of the Czech striker’s sticks are. In the last four games he was able to rejoice three times, totally overtaken by goalkeepers seventeen times and is the best in the team.

At Griffins, another similar gunman, Finnish sharpshooter Teemu Pulkkinen, was in the last year. This at KHL in 2013 radar measured 161 kilometers per hour. The Czech hockey player claims that Fin has a more accurate shot, but he is harder.And Nelson coach agrees.

But where does the native of Pelhřimov come from? “I do not think I would be rehearsing something special in my childhood,” Frk said, but his surroundings noticed very soon, and he was increasingly listening to the “shoot” instruction!

“It was still, Solve the recordings and just try to burn the pucks at the gate, “he said with a smile.

A similar system works in AHL and clear evidence is the beginning of the year. Frk made his debut in the Carolina NHL, but soon returned to the Detroit organization and quickly headed for Grand Rapids.

The Griffins team was thirteenth in the Power Force Games. Now? The first bar! And Frk has succeeded eleven times in the numerical advantage.According to Nelson, he still has the NHL, but he has to work a bit more on defensive activities.

Meanwhile, the stories about his shot will continue to spread. “Do you know the sound when you’re on the ice and a puff passes through you? We can hear him at Frka on the bench, “Nelson boasts.