Fighting in the NHL ends, they do not want Toronto anymore

TORONTO. The NHL is a surplus, and no more traditional clubs such as Boston, Philadelphia or Toronto recently. Battles who have been the best hockey league in the world for decades seem to end.

Toronto sent a pair of evil men to Colton Orr and Frazer McLaren on the farm and start a season without them. Veteran Orr has been a champion of heavy weight in the NHL for years, but neither has his hard fist been able to maintain his position in the first team. Fat and kilos are no longer enough

Old times are gone. Whoever wants to progress has to sacrifice kilograms and turn to speed.It is also seen by Toronto coach Randy Carlyle and General Manager Dave Nonis, though both are supporters of the old style of hockey.

Boston did not extend the contract with hard-core Shawn Thornton before the season, Philadelphia caddy is no longer Jay Rosehill, Orr and McLaren will be overtaken by AHL. Boston, Philadelphia and Toronto were teams that had most of the NHL recordings in their season. Zdeno Chara in action.

Battles have been part of the strategy, and even though teams still have less (less than half) cadres, they are increasingly retreating to the background.In each team there are several other players who do not have the problem to roll down the gloves, but they are also good at other activities.

“It seems that clubs prefer players who are valid at both ends of the pitch,” said Toronto striker Daniel Winnik.

Players of this type include Daniel Carcillo of Chicago, Steve Downie of Pittsburgh, or Zac Rinaldo of Philadelphia. Although every alternation is a battle, unlike Orra players, they can perfectly skate and defend. Bitiek is getting less and less

“We still have players who can stand behind it.But the bits are getting less and they have almost disappeared from the playoffs, “Philadelphia Chief Executive Ron Hextall said.

Silly and kilograms still have their place in the NHL, for example, Boston has, besides Zdar Khar, Men like Milan Lucic or Adam McQuaid, especially Lucic is one of the dreaded players, but he is seldom allowed to play in battles and has added to his finishing season to 91 penal minutes, 24 goals and 35 assists.

Boston is so lacking and money investing “We’re going with the trend and the fights are not big,” Boston general manager Peter Chiarelli said.Team Hardness

Toronto, Philadelphia and Boston, however, do not give up the whites completely. “You must always be prepared to defend yourself,” said Carlyle, who also did not exclude Orr or McLaren from returning to the team during the season. He indicated that this was not a change in the club’s mind, but he admitted that the time was different.

“Over the last five to ten years, the hockey has changed, the teams are a little different,” added Toronto striker James van Riemsdyk.

More to the fore gets the concept of “team hardness,” the ability of the whole team to play hard but pure. Classical style with one bitch goes back down.