Extralig Chomutov owes money to Vondrik: I want to stay, but …

Vondrka was to enter Chomutov for at least another year, because he is running a contract in northwest Bohemia and is indispensable for the Pirates.

However, it may well happen that an ambitious club will come to its captain.

Vondrka has turned to the conciliation commission of the Czech Ice Hockey Association because of the debt, and its decision can be made from the former support of the Prague Slavie to make a free player.

In that case, Vondrka could go elsewhere for the payout. “We will wait for the arbitration to come,” the world champion of the year 2010 is not ahead.

Růžička: Michal continues with us

He does not want to comment too much on the situation. “Before the Conciliation Committee decides, I do not want to comment on it.It’s somehow around me when they decide, they’ll see what’s next. These are some internal affairs of the club, and it would be unfair if I started talking about it. I do not want a media war or what I would call it. “Vondrka experienced an extraordinary season in Chomutov, belonged to the most productive players of the base part and his form was dealt in the play-off, where he was with ten goals the best shooter and helped the underestimated player to semifinal.

Vladimir Ruzicka, the senior coach, was a key player. He would not like to find his support now. “Now it is solved intensively, but I leave it to the people who are in charge. So to General Manager Karel Adamík.I’m not going to affect the outcome of the negotiations, “he told Sport.

” I hope that this will be solved for the benefit of all of us so that we are happy in Chomutov and Michal could go on, Chomutov’s leadership, with spokesman Libor Kult, spoke on the debt, albeit questioning its amount – three payouts were discussed.

“The owners and club management are aware of the problem that has arisen, but it is important to note that players have only one payout term after the due date, and not three, as could result from the published information. The whole salary is paid in ten pay terms. “Time for Chomutov?By the end of August

The whole situation wants the Pirates to resolve to the satisfaction of both parties, they definitely do not want Captain’s departure.

“The club is keen to keep Michal Vondrka on the team and keep the last year of the three-year contract. It is not only for this reason that the owners are working hard to solve this delicate situation so that the club will pay off all the obligations in the shortest possible time and the players and coaches have the peace of mind to prepare for the new edition of the Tipsport extraliga. ” Vondra still has to deal with. Pirates should have room for payment of the debt due by the end of August.

“Michal Vondrka is the only one who filed a complaint to terminate the contract. His case is unique.Of course, players know very well that the clubs have to pay their debts by August 31 to meet the licensing conditions, “said the chairman of the conciliation commission and the director of the extra-league Josef Reznicek.

commission only, “confirmed another Chomutov hockey player Ivan Huml. “It’s an unpleasant situation, I personally worry about the idea that my partner Vondrc should leave. It’s nothing pleasant, without a captain it would be complicated. I hope this will be resolved within two days. I will not say more, I do not know what’s going on, “Huml added.

Chomutov and Vondrka would like to find common ground. “It is my priority to stay.I do not exclude that I would stay here for the next season, “admits the 35-year-old forvard.