Dukla – Slavia 2: 2, four goals in 19 minutes, guests twice

All four goals fell in the first half in the first half, the guests twice led, for the first time from 16 minutes after the head of Dobrotka. The second goal was given by the defeat goalkeeper who did not hold the center.

The home crowded on the limelight, especially the trefo Považance after the solo was very good. Dukla on the return of the elite in 2011 Slavia did not defeat, five games of nine ended with a draw.

Dukla was the match better, but the opponent easily scored. “I’m a little tired because I’m pretty happy with the performance but no longer with the result.I think we have clearly played Slavia, but to win, we should not make such naive mistakes because we have our opponents standing on our feet, “said home coach Luboš Kozel.

For the first time in the 16th minute, Several defeated home chances were punished by Dobrotka’s hesitant defeat, who could not even make a few attempts to avert a high ball.

Dukla continued to dominate and in the 25th minute she was compensated. Marek Hanousek took the lead on the lime bar, but only 1: 1 lasted only five minutes.The home goalie Radová dropped the ball and Milan Škoda with the seventh goal of the season ended the five-time racing fast.

This time, the score was not played for a long time, just six minutes, then Považanec after individual action on the ground. There was no need for a jump to Julisce because the same enthusiasm as the players after the four-gallop performance was also gleaming with the small firefighters’ performance.

After the pause, the game settled a bit, the tempo went down and Slavia was the leading goalkeeper. At the start of the semifinals, Škoda was in the fall next to it, and 76 minutes later, after the Gross Center, Latka broke.

Dukla pushed forward more often, but the fighters defended well.Juhar scored the best shot when kicking Karavaev’s blow.

“When I was watching the statistics between Dukla and Slavia, there was a lot of defenseless draws and the first half of the day made a big fortune. Mostly in the first half we were pressured, but we were easy to get into the lead, but we were just as easy to find him every time. Because Dukla is stronger than us, we take a point, “said Miroslav Beránek, a crazy coach.