Drac Jurčík took the role of shooter. To give two goals is beauty, rejoicing

“Very beautiful,” he said after a 5: 4 victory. “I do not know if it was a life struggle. But I had another goal on the shovel, I did not hit the gate. “Pardubice, who fell to the last place on the table after Sunday, quickly managed to make it 4: 4 in the third quarter. “We stopped playing, we were great professors, and it does not pay,” the striker Frantisek Lukeš fired in his own rows, who set two goals and two goals. And one of them “anointed” the rivals, but he did not shake: “Redenbach I have not seen before the gate, it will happen. I should have put the puck in the corner, not invent something extra.The main thing was that I did not spit out of it, and he still played his game. “Then he made the fourth goal of Vervy and the victory in the extension:” When he pushed me the puck, the pans went out of the stick, I wanted to shoot up, it was on the ground. p>

Luke knows the gunman’s feelings, Jurčík enjoyed them for the first time. The ending was not a strong weapon yet. “But I never took it, I did not really care about it.” And he sees it now, and is still very nice, not so elaborate: “The first goal was nice, I hit it as I wanted. The other was on the turn, and he fell, I found out that they were shouting the audience. ”

The season has already reached five goals, that is his personal maximum. “I’ve scored five goals in the last three seasons in the Extraly, and now I have just one year.I hope there will be more, “he said. “I’m doing the training, not before it, now somehow.”

Marodka helped him advance to the second attack instead of the injured Robin Hanzl. “When he is healthy, he returns to his brother and Kuba Black. I’m glad to be in the second line. They play nicely with the boys, they are smart, they keep on the puck, they find me. It’s easier with them, “he says. “But I always want a goal, and I play anywhere. Only in the second attack I have more time on ice. “Despite the fact that Litvinov lost the point, he jumped back to third place. “I am sorry that Pardubice compared, in the third third there was a step ahead of us,” regretted Jurčík. The direct play-off is still close: “We still have to play.When the boys come back from the boar, we’ll probably collect points even out there. “