Day and night. In the middle of the extraliga Třinec leads and Vítkovice drowns at the bottom

“We were more fluent in the second quarter,” said coach Jiří Kalous. “We did not get any input into the game, and it was their development. The other thing is that the games we lost did not get us in the optimal form. “

Kalous said it was difficult to keep the team in tension to stay at the top of the extraliga. “The introduction of the competition that came out has taught the team a more relaxed wave, not more comfortable, but more comfortable,” the coach said. “Then we did not do some things with the same set-up as at the beginning of the competition. This is probably another factor that the second quarter of our point has been a bit noticeable. “

What do the Oilers promise from the second half of the extraliga? “We have to go all the way.And we have to work on things that do not work as we wish, “said George Kalous.

Which they are, he did not want to tell. Still, he admitted that they can not rival so many chances as before. “There are plenty of details there,” added coach Kalous.

Vitkovice improved defense

the second quarter significantly improved defense. He scored 34 goals, while in the first 51. “Yes, we are trying to improve the defensive third,” Ladislav Svozil, the Vítkovice coach, confirmed. “We know we can win three goals, as we have managed several times.The players believe it and it works. “

The coach admits that after the bad first quarter in particular, it will be hard to get in the table above.

” Everybody wants to go up, the league is balanced but convinced we think we can play with the best, even if we did not go full. Maybe Sparta was a great match. Just a shame we did not change chances. In the second half of the competition, we have to score more often, and especially three points. “The Vitkovice players did not manage to keep the lead even 2: 0. That’s what happened to Sparta.

“The main reason we lost the lead in the previous matches was the poor psyche of the players,” said Ladislav Svozil. “They did not believe it, but the match with Pilsen showed the opposite.Although we lost 0: 2, the players went to the win and came to it without much trouble. But I click to continue. Improvement comes with psychic comfort. “

Vítkovice coaches want the hockey players not to wonder whether they are the last or not. “We thought we would not look at the table, but everyone will look at it anyway.”

Vítkovičtí will still be able to rely on the experienced defender Tomáš Malka, who is in the club for hosting Comet Brno. He will remain on the team until at least 12 January. “With Kometa, we have agreed to extend the hosting.In January, we will have fun and see, “said Vitkovice general manager Petr Husička.

Malec on the website of the club admitted that he would like to return to Brno again. “But, and that’s very important, I’m so glad I can play in Vítkovice and they gave me an opportunity at all,” he said. “I’m happy that the coaches trust me and I’m often on ice. If I will be in Vítkovice by January 12th, or by the end of the season, it is a matter of managers. I’m trying to make a 100 percent performance at Vítkovice. “

Mikuláš, devil and angel will also arrive at Friday’s match in Ostrava’s CEZ Arena. And they’ll have rewards for kids.