David? Charvátová? Jislova? Finding the fourth woman in the relay continues

Eva Puskarčíková sent her to the second section from the fourth place. The crowd along the track burácel, cheered 12 thousand spectators. And she was too aware of her: girls now rely on me.

Once a 20-year-old Markéta David becomes the support of the Czech representation. They are predicting a great future. Perhaps this experience will help her in the years to come.

But this time he waved the World Cup in Ruhpolding.

The position he took with the standing was bad. Wounds flew off targets. Three recharges were not enough. “They probably worked their nerves,” said coach Zdeněk Vítek. “Maybe if she puts the seventh wound that was tight, we would be better.”

But it’s only a game if it is.

BURNING BALLS.Fans at the race relay.

David fell on the fifteenth place after the penalty lap, the Czechs lost almost two minutes. Veronika Vítková and Gabriela Koukalová then pulled the team to sixth place.

The relay is not about the strength of the best of the team. Often, it is often the key strength of the fourth, the most powerful weakness of the article.

The Czechs are still looking.

In March 2015, a small globe for the most successful winter relay rallied after the final of the Chanta Mansiysk Cup. Jásala comp. Puskarčíková, Soukalová, Landová, Vítková. Since then, a reliable fourth woman is missing.

Former female runner Lucie Charvát last year was astonished by rapid running times and occasionally a good shot – but never in the relay.Every time she was circling her round the penalty lap, she was three times in the world championship. The relay block in the head is not yet able to crawl.

STAPFET WOMEN. Jitka Landová (left) was an integral part of the Czech Quartet last year, Lucie Charvátová (right) last year.

The 27-year old Lea Johanides , last week is sixth and eighth in the IBU Cup in Martella.

“We do not have a lot of girls to choose from,” Vitek said.

On Wednesday he reached for the talented Markéta Davidová at the beginning of the season IBU Cup winner in Beitostölen.Despite the fact that it was not to be found in the World Cup according to the original plans this year, and the trainers wanted to favor its gradual growth instead of fast jumps.

That the transition from the biathlon second league to the first and subsequent debut in the relay is psychologically two Russians from the first eight of the IBU Cup’s overall ranking showed on Thursday. Viktoria Slivkova took the first minute loss and Uljana Kajseva circled the penalty lap. Davidova, like Gabriela Soukalová, once debuted in the relay at the age of 20 and also in Ruhpolding. At that time, Soukalova hit all ten targets on the firing range and excited.Still, she got out of the cup again for a long time and gathered experience in smaller competitions.

The Czechs finished in Ruhpolding 2010 sixth. What the coaches considered to be a huge success. “It was the time when no one expected anything from the women’s relay,” Vítková recalls.

Now their ambitions are completely different. Medals. Nobody hates it.

For testing before the February world championship in Hochfilzen, the coaches only last week will be the relay in Anterselles, Italy. Will he return to Charvát? Or is this time trying out Jislova? They’re only going to decide.

And who are they then going to fight in Hochfilzen?Even David’s variant still does not rule out. “Although Margaret is to have this year’s peak at the Junior World Championships,” says Vitek.

will be important, of course, also the current form of the competitors at the venue of the championship.

As recalled Veronika Vítková “Relay it is mainly about balance. “In the past, in December Pokljuce, Puskarčíková, Vítková and Koukalová were always the best in their sections. But the penalty loop Charvatova hit team to fourth place.

Also, this time we could from the race in Ruhpolding draw positive news, although only the most partial.

RYCHLOPALKYNĚ. Eva Puskarčíková during the shot and the transfer, when she sent to the fight of Margaret David.

A Gabriela Koukalova ?The first lady of the World Cup again showed how awesome it is – the first time of the section, even eight seconds faster than the home-star Dahlmeier, who is a mighty finisher for the German victory.

On the last, two-kilometer round, Koukalova almost swept a 36-minute loss for Italian Gontier, with only two-tenths of her goal. She fell into the snow, took everything away. Fighting in all circumstances.

THE MOST EXCELLENT.Veronika Vítková (left) showed the third run in the section, Gabriela Koukalová the fastest – and the goal crashed into the snow.

Three Czech women could be proud of yesterday.

Where do you just find the fourth party?

“We know that when we meet, we will stand on that crate,” Vítková says. “We can count it everywhere.”

Two questions are now being offered.

Will the trainers have a happy hand in choosing the fourth woman to prove psychological resistance on day D in Hochfilzen, well shoot and run solidly?

And will this happen?