Czechs do not fight with Turkey as a retaliation for the Euro in 2008

Goalkeeper Petr Čech does not take the final match in the European Championship against Turkey as a reward for defeat and elimination in the championship eight years ago. With the Czech officials still in the 74th minute led by 2: 0, the opponent but three goals in the unexpected turn of the state and sent the national team home.

“I won the dinner. I stated that this question will surely fall “, he said with a smile to Czechs at a press conference before Tuesday’s match.” I certainly do not take this as a retaliation because it’s eight years. It’s a revenge for the match in October in qualifying in Prague where we lost 0: 2 because it’s the last match but if we played with them eight years ago…In their team there are about five players who even then worked in a Turkish representation. “ The Czech team has one point in the Euro in France after two matches, the Turks they are both without a point, so both teams have to win the promise of success, and in certain circumstances the fair play criterion, the number of cards, can also be decided. “We have everything in our hands. We want to get three points so we do not have to wait for other results and do not have to look at other circumstances. Then you do not have to worry about things like the fair play criterion, “stated Czech.

Turkey is not doing well in the tournament, losing 0: 1 to Croats and then 0: 3 to the Spaniards.But according to Czech, it does not mean anything. “I think it belongs to the group of Spain and Croatia, it is a very good team and they lost the first two games…We also lost the first and lost the second one. he beat 2-0 in Prague and played very well and they still have a chance to move on, on the contrary, I think that the bigger motivation will have to correct the performance of the last match, which their coach criticized, “

He believes the team will be able to help without the injured captain Tomas Rosicky. “It is a big loss, Tomas is our key player, and other players have to represent him, we are a team whose main role is a team game, a team spirit…We do not have big stars, so other players have a chance to show they have it, “ added to Bohemia.