Continuous hosting does not make sense, Piazón complains

London Chelsea has set a somewhat controversial strategy for player development in recent years. Whatever the rudder was, there was an abnormally wide line of blue-flag football players across Europe. One of them is also midfielder Lucas Piazón, who will spend this year in Fulham. He is the fifth club to borrow him, and the 26-year-old Brazilian for the Daily Mail has revealed that he’s getting full of teeth.

Eighty. More than three basic eleven would Chelsea fold from football players currently lending to other clubs.Above all, the fans of other teams are eager to get to Romana Abramovich’s empire – and there is nothing to be afraid of – since only the Thibaut Courtois and now Victor Moses have just won from the current squad from the hosts.

Talents and Finals it is in that party habaděj.There are eleven representatives of ten countries, including Juan Cuadrado, Loïc Rémy, Christiana Atsu’s best player in the 2015 African Nations Cup, or the winner of the same 2013 Kenneth Omeru.

the Championship of the Championship season, the captain of the European champions under 17, and a number of youths who are responsible for three FA Cup victories in a row (2014-2016) and the junior champions league defense (2015 and 2016).

The absolute matador and perhaps the victim of this Chelsea system is the Croatian goalie Matej Delac, who also sprang up five years ago in České Budějovice.Stamford Bridge signed at 17; now he’s 24, and Belgian Mouscron-Péruwelz is the ninth (!) club to host.

But Lucas Piazón, whose recurring hobbies are starting to get nervous. “I’m tired of moving permanently, one hosting, two, three, maybe it’s been enough, it’s time to stay somewhere more than a year,” is planning a young man who represented Brazil in categories under 15, 17 , 20 and 23 years.

Like last year in Reading, league. “I hope to do a good job in Fulham.It’s a good team with a tradition. (…) But now I need to stay for over a year and look at me a little differently in the club. Like a player who stays, whatever happens. Not like someone returning to Chelsea one day, “Piazón is worried.

Fulham is already the fifth guest stack for him, he spent half a year in Malaga and always in the Vitesse Arnhem , Frankfurt, and Reading. “It makes no sense to host. It is not good for any player, either from my experience or from other boys’ experience. I can not see anything positive anymore. It’s been a year in a different place for me at twenty-two. “

” In Vitesse, it was the first, the Dutch league is a lot of soccer, it does not stop there like a fool.We had a great team, they played great football and the goals were so easy. But then I moved to Germany, where every match was twelve or thirteen kilometers. After the first match, I was just half-dead on the pitch, “ describes the acclimatization trails.

” Adaptation just takes a while, after two, three years, “ He returned with his thoughts to Frankfurt, where he played 22 league matches and scored 2 goals, but he got up from the bench until half the game.

Lucas Piazón has a contract in Chelsea until the summer of 2018 and admits to assert himself in a blue jersey would appeal to him. “Of course I would. I came to Europe to play for Chelsea and nothing has changed.If that’s not possible, I want to go somewhere where I’m going to play more than one season. I can not stay stuck in the club, “concluded the Brazilian, who scored three games in a blue jersey.