Chance like thunder? Frk has made history and is closer to the NHL than ever before

Frk has been fighting for the NHL for five years, and although he was the first choice for Detroit at 2012, he has not been to the finish yet. And although it has been several times close in the past, this year’s long-term effort could be fulfilled.

Reasons are more, but two are fundamental. The first is a poor Detroit list that could be one of the worst in the NHL.Especially when the club has not yet signed a contract with Andreas Athanasiou, and when another competitor Tyler Bertuzzi is wounded for up to four weeks out of play.

The other is Frk’s shooting ability.

that I would play with someone who has such a blow, “tells his teammate Frans Nielsen. “Like a cannon,” smiles goalkeeper Jimmy Howard and coach Blashill smiles, “It’s really huge. It is not pleasant to stand in the gate and face it. Our goalies could tell us about the training. ”

At the age of twelve, Frk began to realize that he had a much tougher blow not only for his peers but also for older players. And so he began to work honestly on God’s gift. “I soon realized that not only its speed but also its accuracy was important.You do not have to score every time. When I’m firing hard, there’s always a situation where a goal is possible, “says Frk.

This Fork’s ability now would be especially useful in Detroit in power games. Evidence? Saturday’s match against Boston, where coach Blashill sent Frk on ice and overpowering five to three.

“I was quite shocked because there were much better players on the bench than I did. The guys told me to go and shoot. So I got up and scored, “said Martin Frk after a game in which Detroit defeated Boston 5: 1. Frk entered the history with the mentioned goal, which was historically the first in the new Little Caesar Hall. He added to the second and top of the ass.

Blashill said, “It’s a good shot, is not it?It’s his weapon. I think Martin found his peace of mind especially in power. He was much more confident and relaxed than usual. It was visible how he wanted to show he would like to work here. ”

Frka has been successful in recent years. In the AHL farmer he is among the dreaded chess players, Grand Rapids helped with his goals in the last season to the Calder Cup. The NHL, however, was not enough. The main causes are his weaknesses: worse skating and defending. Besides, Blashill has suggested that Frk has to work on other aspects of his game. And himself, after a good performance against Boston, he admitted: “I’m happy that I was doing so, but it’s not just about giving goals . It’s about what you do on the other side of the pitch.I have to be a good player everywhere, not only in the offensive zone. ”

Whether he can convince him, it will show up in the coming days.