Hološko favored the club in front of the team, Kozák finished

SENEC. Ján Kozák, the coach of the Slovak Football Association, welcomed the 24th day of the day in Senci 24 of the total of 27 originally nominated players awaiting a preparatory double match with Latvia (Friday 25 March at 20.30 in Trnava) and Ireland (Tuesday 29 March).Mark 20.45 CET h in Dublin).

Cozak suddenly surprised everyone in the beginning with the first information.

“There is not even Filip Hološko, who preferred the club program to the prestigious,” said Kozák.

Hološko said a few days ago that he appreciated the invitation to the national team.

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“I will do my best to miss the confidence of the coaches who have been watching me,” said Hološko .

A distance of about sixteen thousand kilometers could have been a deterrent.Even in the case of an ideal connection, he would have to travel more than a day.

“I’m surprised at his attitude, because he was looking forward to the hit. Everything, including the tickets, was ready, but apparently, after consulting with the club coach, it was in a different direction, “added Kozák.

Hološko had a good game, Sydney scored eight goals in the season and assisted four more.

“We will not be able to drag anyone into a representation. This has ended with me, “Kozák commented.

The Slovak coach is looking forward to the upcoming doubles.

“We want to be well prepared to be both successful in both games, and we wanted to play with the typologically similar teams we meet with the championship, both Latvians and Irish meet these criteria.With Latvians we have played two matches in the past, they will be motivated to play against us as a participant of the European Championship. We want to try something, because it’s the last of us before the preparations for the championship. I’m glad we have two such games. Kucka and Novota will go home on Friday, but I wanted them to be with the team. Then there is a group of players who have health problems, such as Gyömbér, which is difficult to use for the match.And then there are players who play less and I want to see how they are, “added Kozak.

The representative pilot has called up to four goalkeepers, besides the three-wheeler Matus Kozacik, Jan Mucha and Jan Novot Martin Dúbravka from Esbjerg was reported by Martin Dúbravka from the Danish Esbjerg.

The first time since the unfortunate injury of the shoulder of the Euro 2016 qualification, the name of the right defender Petr Petarik appeared in the representation, after Miroslav Stoch, after the break.

Slovakia will open the 2016 Preliminary Championship in France (10 June – 10 July) with preparatory matches with Latvia and Ireland.As part of the preparations, the Slovaks have played two domestic games with Switzerland (3: 2) and Iceland (3: 1) last November.

The next season is awaiting Georgia (May 27 at the pre-championship competition in Austria), Germany (29 May in Augsburg) and Northern Ireland (June 4 in Trnava).

The EURO 2016 will be the Slovak Republic’s rivals in the basic B-group of Wales, Russia and England.

Between the matches with Latvia and Ireland a representative of the Football Poll of the Year 2015 poll is expected to be held in Bratislava on Sunday.

The next day, the Slovaks fly to Dublin.

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Turin derby for Juventus, Buffon overcame the record in Serie A

ROME. In the opening Sunday match of the 30th round of Italian Serie A, Atalanta Bergamo beat Bologna 2-0.

Atalanta has scored three points without a victory after fourteen games, winning the last time on Dec. 8 over Palerm 3: 0.

In the derby derby Juventus table leader over FC 4: 1.

In the 4th minute of the match, goalkeeper “old lady” Gianluigi Buffon crossed the 22-year record of Sebastiano Rossi from AC Milan in minutes without a goal.

Rossi’s unstoppability lasted from December 12, 1993 to February 27, 1994, and stopped at 929 minutes.

The thirty-year-old world champion Buffon, who has been in Juventus since 2001, eventually overcame the 48th.min from penalty kick Andrea Belotti.

The new Goalie Serie A record is worth 974 minutes. //

#TorinoJuve #Buffon record in the TIME series, super and 929 minutes by Rossi: Gianluigi Buffon sei nella storia! Juventus. Posted by Serie A on Sunday, March 20, 2016 Before the turf derby the last time Buffon pulled out of the net in a league match from the 19th round, when in the 64th minute passed the striker Sampdorie Genoa Antonio Cassano.

Goals: 27. Gomez, 45. + 1 Diamanti

ČK: 79. Mbaye, 85. Gastaldello (Both Bologna) (from 11 m) – 63., 77. Morata, 33. Pogba, 42. Khedira

CK: 87. Khedira (Juventus) Highlights Frosinone – Fiorentina 0-0 # FrosinoneForentina Posted by ACF Fiorentina on Sunday, March 20, 2016

Goal: 24.Meggiorini

/ D. IVAN for the home team on substitute bench / //

#SampChievo il A.C.ChievoVerona espugna il Ferraris grazie al gol di Riccardo Meggiorini. Posted by Serie A TIM on Sunday, March 20, 2016 Goals: 64. Politano – 8. Zapata </​​p>

Goals: 51. and 81. Higuain, 90. El Kaddouri – 10. Rincon

/ MAREK HAMŠÍK played the entire duel and won the second goal of his team /

Goals: 15. Bacca – 9. Parolo


Myjava, for the fourth time, managed to keep the Slav on his own ground

ŽK: 28. Salát, 90. + J. Mucha ml. – 25. Marček, 70. P. Sládek, decided: Chmura – Balko, Chládek, 1215 spectators

BRATISLAVA. Football champion Spartaka Myjava won 1-0 on ŠK Slovan Bratislava in Sunday’s meeting of the 24th round of the highest Slovak competition of the Fortuna League.

Kopaničiari took the lead in the 19th minute, with a swift shot below the brunch was pushed Peter Sládek.

Another accurate hits of 1215 spectators on Pasienky did not see Myjava winning 1: 0 on Slovan’s play for the fourth time in the top domestic competition.

Myjava for the first time in a row won Slovane 1: 0. As in the 2nd round, Peter Sldek decided to give his…Posted by Fortuna liga on Sunday, March 20, 2016

“Belasi” at home scored Myjava for the last time 4.August 2013 (5: 0).

The Slovan lost his own fans in the competition for the first time since July 26, 2015, and it was not enough for the Myjans.

Interestingly, even in the 2nd round of the current year of the Fortuna League was Spartaka’s hero at Pasienků, the sole goal of Sládek.

Slovan made a lot of competing with the master ambitions, as the AS Trenčín leader lags nine laps before the end by nine points.

Myjava has consolidated third position in the table order, fourth MFK Ružomberok has six points less. Votes:

The first chance was made by Slovan, De Kamps in 5 minutes and Milinkovic five minutes later, however, they were looking over the goal.

“Belasí” had a slight territorial dominance, but the shooting account of the meeting opened at 19.minute Myjavčania.

After the scrum in the penalty area, the network waded the spectacular Sládek. Kopaničiari scored the ball after 23 minutes, and Peka’s shot in 23 minutes.

In the 30th minute, the domestic helmsman, Papavasiliou, forced out to replace Salat, who had been dealt with by the injury.

The guests were based on a secure defense that did not allow the offensive tune of Slovan to unloaded chances.

Before the end of the first half, Priskin lived in front of goalkeeper Pearl but did not solve the situation successfully.

After a pause, he came to Vittek’s turf for 50 minutes after he lost to Hruška but did not stop the Myjavsky goalkeeper.One minute later, Milinkovich did not succeed when he was only aiming at the brunch.

The initial pressure of Myjava has stalled and is increasingly trying to use the open door in the defensive of the home. In the 65th minute Daniel had a great chance, but Mucha caught his shot.

Myjavcans did not take advantage of a good break when Milinkovic returned to the last minute.

The final home winner did not score the goal, so Myjava won the 4th consecutive lap time.

The scammer, according to fans the main culprit lost, demand his departure

LONDON. Captain of Slovak football team Martin Škrtel for the first time in this year hit the meeting of the senior team of the English FC Liverpool, despite the promising development of the duel was unlikely to win the victory.

The squirrel who returns to the action after a quarter-period injury to the back of his femoral muscle did not turn into FC Liverpool’s leading junior coach Jürgen Kloppa for Sunday’s 31st Premier League match on FC Southampton.

However, the opportunity came after the change of sides. The hometown pair was crowned by Croatia Dejan Lovren and French Mamadou Sakho.

Immediately following a 2-0 break for Liverpool Škrtel replaced Lovrena with a yellow card in the 25th minute. Klopp’s coach obviously regretted this move.The Slovakian played an unfortunate match that he would not be well remembered.

Already four minutes after his fight with Grazian Pellé, the referee had a disputed penalty (both held each other), but the home team did not change. Škrtel also received a yellow card.

Southampton’s match turned from 0: 2 to 3: 2.

“The Reds” after the meeting marked a 31-year-old native of Handlová as the main culprit and the social networks launched a strong campaign against the captain of the Slovak representation.

Maybe exaggerated. It can not be said that Škrtel clearly missed the goals, with many of his teammates taking part in it. Martin Skrtel after reading his Twitter TL 🙁 #LFC #Skrtel pic.twitter.com/npBwUBd3v6 – Carl Kinsella (@TVsCarlKinsella) 20.March 2016 With the form of Sakho and Lovren…. Matip coming in and Joe Gomez coming back can not see Martin Skrtel being at #LFC come September. – Anfield HQ (@AnfieldHQ) March 20, 2016

Many Liverpool sympathizers have even spoken for selling the club in the summer of Slovakia. We’re sat here feeling horrible, looking like mugs and Skrtel pockets 3 million pounds a year for that. – Shai (@TheEngancheRole) on March 20, 2016 Liverpool conceded as many goals in 45 minutes with Skrtel today as they had done in the previous 795 minutes without him pic.twitter.com/Al8DwV80c9 – BBC 5 live Sport (@ 5liveSport) 20.March 2016

Daily Mirro gave him the worst mark among all players on the pitch, only ten out of ten possible points.

According to Squawka Football, Liverpool and Martin Škrtel have scored as many goals in 45 minutes as they have collected in the last 795 minutes without a Slovakian.

The sufferer suffered a 20th December defeat on the “The Reds” 0: 3 on Watford’s lawn. He recently played for the reserve team from Anfield Road for a renewal of the practice.

The Manchester derby between City and United has been in favor of the “Red Devils” who have won Etihad Stadium 1-0. The only goal scored in the 16th minute by talented Marcus Rashford.

Manchester City FC’s PL form: LLLWDLTitle challenge over? Will they finish in the top four?Posted by Sky Sports on Sunday, March 20, 2016

“I think we have had a few chances in the first half before we managed to score, the second half was good, but we failed to score a goal. Hart has injured his calf but at this point we can not determine the extent of the injury, but we have come up with three important points with an opponent who, like us, is trying to qualify for the Champions League, “Manchestru City Man Manuel Pellegrini said.

“This will definitely kick us up and give us self-confidence, it was really a great feeling in the dressing room, and today we have achieved a very valuable result, and we have not done much of it lately. .Rashford is a real attacker and for that reason I still keep him in the position of a leading player because he can shoot goals. I really like. He is still only eighteen years old, so we have to remain patient, “said United Louis van Gaal, a satisfied coach. Manchester City vs Manchester Unitedhttp: //goatd.net/142693/watch-manchester -city-vs-manchester-unitedhttp: //goatd.net/142694/watch-manchester-city-vs-manchester-united Posted by Premier League Angleze Lajme Shqip on Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tottenham Hotspur confirmed the role of a favorite, and the home team beat Bournemouth 3-0. Two exact hits were made by Harry Kane, who scored 21 goals at the Premier League cannon.

/ Martin Škrtel (Liverpool) min, in the 49th minute he received the ŽK /

They compare it to Guardiol. He wants him in his new team

At the end of 2012, Bazoer expressed his dissatisfaction with the position he had attributed to him in the PSV and announced his intention to leave the club. His home affiliate Ajax, also millionaire Manchester City, has signed up for his service.

“It was amazing that Patrick Vieira and Sergio Aguero came to me to convince me. With those players I only played on a playstation. My mom, however, advised me that I should not go abroad at such a young age, so I chose Ajax, “says Bazoer, according to Voetbal International.Strong generation

Frank de Boer has been leading Ajax since 2010 and is working to make the traditional team again profit from young, talented footballers.

There are a few in the set, and even though Bazoer is not a kid, he thinks he is in the metropolis of the Netherlands.

He moved to Amsterdam in 2012 and has become a regular member of the A-Team in the last season.

“Riechedly is a huge talent. He has great talent, steady performance and is undoubtedly the future of Ajax and of all Dutch football, “De Boer said in a debut match in October 2014.When Bazoer’s last goal so far last season has entered seventeen league matches and became a key part of the team.

“In PSV, everyone knew he was a superlative,” his former PSV youth coach Roland Vroomans responded to Bazoer’s great achievements.

Together with Victor Fisher, Jairom Riedewaldom, Kenny Tete and Anwar El Ghazym, they form a group of young footballers who want to follow the golden generation around the de Boer brothers, Dennis Bergkamp or Marc Overmars. As a Guardiola or Busquets, Bazoer is a great technician who controls the game from the depth of the field, as Pep Guardiola did, or Sergio Busquets, at the time.With these comparisons, Spanish media reported on the interest of Barcelona.

While he or she feels the most defensive position in the middle of the field, the coach pushes him up, so he can do more offensive duties.

It is worth mentioning the fact that his debut goal was just when De Boer was experimenting and Bazoera set up as an offensive midfielder.

In the six-game match he made a victory over Twente 4: 2.

Besides, Bazoer reminds of his movement and the legend of Arsenal and the French representation.

“I see Patrick Vieira in it. He has a similar character, style of play and is a real athlete.I have no doubts that he will get to the top level, “Alfonso Groenendijk, a former coach of Ajax’s B-team, told De Telegraaf. So far it resists

Already in 2012, first offers from abroad came. Then it was Manchester City, this season the list was extended.

The Sunday Sunday Sunday People has reported that Arsenal has been scouting at every Ajax match since the start of this season to watch the progress of the young middle-class.

In the winter transfer period, the Amsterdam team again accepted Napoli’s offer of 25 million euros, but the player himself refused to travel to Italy. No surprise here. Arsenal scouts have been watching every game of Bazoer for months now. #ajax [@DailyMirror] pic.twitter.com/Q7hgwCmB4n – AjaxDaily (@ajaxdailydotcom) 10.March 2016

“The offer was also presented by Barcelona. Maybe once when I’m 22-23 years old, it’s time to leave. I would like to play behind Barcelona, ​​whose style tiki-taka is fantastic. But now we are building something awesome in Ajax and I want to be part of it, “he said for Helden Bazoer after declining the offer from Italy.

Just a few days ago, Pep Guardiola secretly met with representatives of Manchester City, who will lead from the summer to discuss the details of his arrival and possible new reinforcements.

The name Bazoer, whose Guardiola has been watching since last season, wanted to bring him to Bayern. He wants to improve

Bazoer is a virtually ready footballer. De Boer appreciates player’s stability of the form, but there is still room for improvement.

“I have something to improve on.I want to add assistance and more goals because without getting to the top level, “he told Ajax TV Bazoer.

The pitch will certainly not prevent the teenager.

“I always have confidence in my abilities. At age it does not matter, you have to be able to show your skills at the highest level, “said OnsOranje.nl.

Bazoer is currently one of the key figures of Ajax’s young team, and in November last year he has also been awarded the National Team in a match against Wales. In the orange jersey of Holland he enjoyed winning 3: 2.

His service is a serious concern about half a team. Each one of them is bigger and richer than Ajax, in each of them he would reach the upper limits.

But he does not want to leave Amsterdam.When the rush in Manchestri City takes on Pep Guardiola, there will certainly be a big deal.

How long will Bazoer resist? Bazoer is one of the world’s most talented talents – teenagers this season.

There is little to do with Bazoer’s interest in another London club.

Chelsea FC Technical Director Michael Emenalo keeps contact with the agent and Riechedly Bazer’s brother, Irchandly, from the start of this season.

Emenalo was in the opening of the year to look at the series of Ajax matches, in which the young midfielder joined and was, in his words, fascinated by what you see.

Sparta’s favorite role is not to fit, we need to improve, “says Simons

Coach Zdeněk Ščasný was not happy with the nervous performance of Sparta in the 4th Prelude of the European League against Sönderjyske (0: 0). He was hoping for a far more offensive performance, Sparta did not play a role favorite and he would have to improve considerably in the domestic revenge in a week.

“Yesterday I said that two matches were played and I knew why because I saw them in almost every home game, and I knew their style was uncomfortable for the rivals and that it would be bad if we adapt to it, “Ščasný told journalists after the match.

“Sönderjyske was not surprised.But one thing is a theory, but if you do not have opponents who play a similar style, you will not be able to get ready for their game, “he told the Danish rival.

that every standard situation would be dangerous, so from this point of view I’m glad we did not bite, even though Koubek was holding us in two moments, “he appreciated Sparta’s defensive work. ” On the other hand, I imagined a better quality “

” Our biggest mistake was that we did not go into the combining game from the back as we had. We missed a faster transition and played as if it were maintenance, “said Ščasný.

He could not have enjoyed the uncertain performance of his warders. ” I was nervous about several players.We have a lot of roles that we do not like, “said Ščasný. ” But we have to confirm it at home whether we want it or not. “

Offensive speech with Spartan the coach tried to revive by replacing Daniel Holzer, who was replaced by Martin Frydek, and at the end of the match by the deployment of 19-year-old striker Matěj Pulkrab.

“Not that Holzer would disappoint me but on the left side we are in the first half did not play, so when he got the ball, he was uncertain. So I gave Frydek there and there were decent events, although there was a missing ending, “ commented on the substitution of Ščasný.

” I decided for Pulkrab because they started to look great in training and needed we hold the balloon.David Lafata is more of a kind of pressure and we did not have that moment, “ said about a change in the attack.

Still, the rotation of the goal and the minor reluctance to the coach did not bring the coach. I was not the quietest of the match. Their way of play did not fit us completely, we have to play differently at home. But we can not just rely on the home environment, we have to back it up with performance, “added Ščasný.

Real haluaa, että Barcelonassa tulee kolmas otsikko

Uusi espanjalainen liiga alkaa perjantaina. Real Madrid haluaa lopettaa odotuksen otsikosta, joka on ollut voimassa 2011/12 kauden jälkeen. Arch-kilpailija Barcelona, ​​sen sijaan voi tulla mestari kolmannen kerran peräkkäin.

Reaaliaikainen ei ole suuri Unibet mobiili vedonlyönti bonukset toimija siirtomarkkinoilla. Madridin klubi 30 miljoonalla eurolla osti Juventus Torinolta sieppaajansa Álvara Moratin. Päinvastoin, Pariisin St. Germain jätti toisen hyökkäävän pelaajan Jesé. “Me odotamme 31 päivään elokuuta (lopussa siirron aikana), mutta en usko, että kukaan muu tuo. Cadre on valmis, mutta mitä tahansa voi tapahtua. Olen tyytyväinen nykyiseen joukkue ja pelaajat,” sanoi Real valmentaja Zinédine Zidane.

Johdanto kausi hyökkääjä piti “valkoinen Ballet” Cristiano Ronaldo, joka oli loukkaantunut klo EM kultaa Ranskassa.Real on onnistunut ilman Portugalin Unibet tähti ottelun Euroopan Super Cup, joka Sevilla voitti jatkoajan jälkeen 3: 2.

Barcelona vahvistunut huomattavasti. Valenciasta tuli toinen Euroopan mestari keskikenttäpelaaja André Gomes, Lyonista tulppa Samuel Umtiti, PSG puolustus Lucas Digne, keskikenttäpelaaja Denis Suárez Nou Camp takaisin Villarreal. Kääntäen Catalansin kahdeksan vuotta jäljellä puolustaja Daniel Alves, joka meni Juventus, Unibet vasemmalle ja Marc Bartra tai muita pelinrakentaja Adriano.

“Paperilla tämä on paras joukkue Olen ollut kolmessa vuodessa Barcelona on kasvanut loistavasti ja kaikki uudet pelaajat ovat pudonneet.Heillä on laatu ja taistelevat paikka. “ sanonut valmentaja Luis Enrique, jonka joukkue ennen La Liga voitti kotimaisen Super Cupin jälkeen tasainen voitot 2: 0 ja 3: 0 vastaan ​​Sevilla.

“Se on jopa meille, voimme pitää nimikkeitä viime kaudella, tai voittaa enemmän. Toivon, että voimme elää jopa odotuksia, “ lisätään šestačtyřicetiletý valmentaja, joka jälleen luottaa eliitti Etelä-Amerikan eteenpäin Lionel Messi, Neymar ja paras Energybet bonus maalintekijä viime kaudella Luise Suáreze.

pronssi joukkueen viime vuonna Atletico voitti hyökkääjä Kévin Gameiro kilpailemasta Sevilla keskikenttäpelaaja Nicolás Gaitán päässä Benfica ja puolustaja SiMeHO Vrsaljka Sassuolo.Valitsemalla valmentaja Diego Simeoneho haluaisi jäljitellä 2014, kun yllättäen puhalsi otsikko Barcelona ja Real Madrid.

Suuri tapahtunut muutoksia Sevillassa. Valmentaja Unai Emery korvattu Jorge Sampaoli ensi Gameiro ja jätti Grzegorz Krychowiak, Ever Banega, koksi, Fernando Llorente, José Antonio Reyes ja Ciro Immobile. Villarreal neljäs penkillä jälleen heinäkuussa päättyi yllättäen valmentaja Marcelino ja hänen paikkansa on ottanut Fran Escribá. Aloittelijat vuonna 2016/17 ovat Deportivo Alavés, CD Leganes ja Osasuna Pamplona.

We need to clean our heads and defeat them at home

Slovak midfielder Jakub Hromada on Friday against Pribram debuted in the basic team of Pilsen and in five days he got a chance from the beginning and in the opening duel of the 4th Champions League Championship Championship at Razgrad. The 20-year-old footballer had to beat the defeat of 0: 2 at the Sofia Premier Cup. But he should be forgotten and try to defeat Ludogorec on Tuesday at home.

“Nervousness has faded at the start of the game. “If we had a better result, it would be such a cherry on the cake, but unfortunately,” he told the journalists of the Hromada, which has been hosting the Pilsen Festival since summer in Sampdor Genoa.

“Our form is not as imagined, but we certainly can not think we can not do it.On the contrary, we have to clean our heads and get ready to win home, “added Slovak Youth Youth Representative.

It was rumored that the West Bohemians could not score at the rival stadium. We could have scored a goal and it would be more acceptable for us, we had some opportunities. A pity on the penalty in the second half, which got the rival on the horse. We have been playing worse, and then added a second goal, which is not good for us. The cards are dealt and we are only halfway, “

Shortly before the pause he could go on Ludogorce himself, but the ball was unfortunately picked by his teammate Ďuriš, who stood in the offside. > “I got a good passport for defense from Aleš Matějů.Míša Ďuriš did not even see me; I was already thinking how to end it and suddenly it ran over me. I admit I did not even see him. “

The players of Razgrad, according to him, showed offensive quality and Pilsen took a lot of power. ” We knew they would work very fast with the ball . Their offensive five is very smart. It has made us trouble, always had to play. We lost much power by having to play in the defensive block. Then we did not have the strength ahead, maybe it wanted to solve some situations better. It’s a bad result, but it’s all open, “said Pilsen midfielder.

For his performance he also earned praise from coach Roman Pivarnik. ” I was very happy with the stack. He did a huge job.He has not played for three months, before being injured in Senica. He came with a big deficit and gradually got into the cluster. I was pleasantly surprised, “said coach Victor.

After the unsuccessful entry into the season there were also fines in Příbram

The Příbram management solves the unsuccessful entry into the season in the form of three defeats in the league and the elimination in the second round of the MOL Cup with the three-point Litoměřice. There is a strengthening of the cadre, and the players and the implementation team, headed by coach Martin Pulpite, received fines. “We are fully aware of the current situation regarding our A team, and we would like to make it clear that we are very dissatisfied, we consider the last results to be very unsuccessful and the MOL elimination The Cup is strictly shameful, “ stands in a joint statement of Jaroslav Stark club president, owner Jan Starka and director Petr Vetrovsky at club club.

” The whole situation is very troublesome for us.We are currently working to strengthen our team, and today, this unsuccessful series has come to the fore as well as players, members of the implementation team and leadership. What is happening is definitely not according to our imagination and we are not indifferent, “said officials.

Pribram is after three league rounds without point and goal when he lost 0-2 in Zlín , with Mlada Boleslav at home 0: 1 and Pilsen at home 0: 3. In addition to last season, she has won only one of the last 17 matches and is now waiting for other heavy opponents of Slavia and Liberec

Coach Pulpit was convinced, that the team will be raised after significant summer changes, as Zlín and Mladá Boleslav have done a decent performance. “Nobody is in the mood for us.We will not chase the cupboards, but I believe that this team will get to the better center of the table over time. Against Mladá Boleslav boys showed that they can play with everybody. I’m not afraid of that, “said Pulpit after the match with Mladá Boleslav.

But the decommissioning with Litoměřice showed that the game room is not up. ” For me it’s information that the young players have to work a lot more, “Pulpit said after Tuesday’s game.

Pribram had a similar start in the 2014/15 season, when it got only two points from the opening seven rounds. In the end, however, she still won the sensational fifth place and in the last round she fought for the European League.

OH: Slaget vid guld erbjuder en återupplevelse av världens mästerskapsminneseminariums minnesvärda semifinaler 2014

Brasiliens lever och andas ganska djupt. I den sista gruppmatchen var kanske två bezbrankových remízách på sista versen, men nu mycket mer påminner om skenande vals. Och efter utställningen vinna 6: 0 över Honduras på kanariefågeln i finalen av den största Unibet utmaningen väntar: tillbaka předloňskou skamligt nederlag Tyskland…

semifinal duell av Mineira, där den tyska offensiven vagnar på brasilianska dammen mognat sju raka, onödigt att påminna om två gånger. Den här gången kommer att spelas på den legendariska Maracanã och brasilian kommer säkert att ändra Unibet smak och fullmatat med tillförsikt.

I semifinalen med Honduras bör alltid vara hemma favoriter, som lättviktsroboten men förmodligen inte ensam nevysnili.Redan efter 15 sekunder skrev olympiska historien snabbast (och något lyckligt) mål Neymar, som sedan in Goal kontot elegant stängd.

På tennis kanariefåglar med medan Neymar deltog också i partiet skytte Unibet hoops när han var samtidigt výsostním skapare chanser. Efter ett av dess hörn skjuts ytterligare förstärkningar över 23 år, propp Marquinhos, med en vacker Neymarovu passera bakom försvaret för en förändring mäster förvandlas till en tredje mål Gabriel Jesus.

“Neymar är verkligen ‘O Monstro “men i bästa möjliga bemärkelse.Det är en gåva till världen av fotboll, “ entusiastiskt efter matchen Rogério Micale, som laddar turneringen fortfarande neinkasovali

I slutändan kommer dock i detta Unibet vadslagning på nätet avseende Brasilian inför det största hindret. Redan innan semifinalen, tyskarna blixtrade 19 mål, som är anordnade för totalt sex skyttar mot Nigeria, som hela matchen i slutskedet av förråda oro, återigen skjutas Nils Petersen (sex mål från sex omgångar mellan tre poler), men också en komplett nybörjare skyttar -. Lukas Klostermann.

i den här turneringen lämnade tillbaka i tjänst RB Leipzig har avvisats över 20 framträdanden för ungdomslag och aldrig missat.Igår lyckades han en trevlig start på Meyer låga kors och premiären den slutliga vinnande målet var i världen.

“Naturligtvis jag ser upp till Philipp Lahm. Det är en av de bästa tyska spelarna i historien. Jag försöker av sig själv att ge så mycket som möjligt, men det är också ibland spela individuellt och utmärka sig på deras ställning (extrem försvarare) “ sa efter matchen glad shooter som efter Lahmově mönster på klubbnivå traditionellt plöja mer utrymme på den högra sidlinjen.

Klostermann och andra tyskar kan nu lyckas i något hittills i efterkrigstidens historia, ingen kunde – nämligen att bygga vidare på den omedelbara VM seger i OS.För ett sådant fall måste gå till början av historien om MS, när en sådan dubbel lyckats fastna Italien (1934 och 1936).

Den enda andra laget som lyckades därefter försvara Energybet bonus åtminstone finalen deltagande (i båda fallen ökända) var för övrigt Tjeckoslovakien mellan 1962 och 1964. i annat fall kan han bara tillräckligt med guld till Västtyskland från 1974 till efterföljande OS i Kanada följde den andra delen av den delade landet, ambassadörer DDR.