Brno – Pilsen 2: 3, a dramatic tug of victory for the guests

The opening 25 minutes of the Vrba coach was a cautious defensive tactic. The Brněnans took their opponents thoroughly, Rapid Petržel was personally guarded by Lutonský and Košťál did not leave room to finish Chramost on the tip of the attack. However, Brno’s intention to keep a clean account was fired by Lutonský foul on Petržel in the penalty area. Kolar has changed the penalty with a certain penalty and after the opening goal he got the game.

The home team opened the game and 31 minutes after the Fischer’s center and Vávra’s inaccurate shot at the bar, Brigant scored his first goal in his life. / P>

Just before the end of the halftime, Brno unexpectedly turned the score.Lutonský went to the left and the solo ended the exact goal in the upper corner of the Pilsen goal.

Koubek Koubek coach placed Tecla in the second half instead of the undefined Chramosta. His move came out, 52 minutes later, Tecl pulled his way home and settled.

“After a penalty, we managed to turn the game halfway through. I’m sorry for the second goal that fell after the accumulation of mistakes and there was no cooperation between Košťál and goalkeeper Hladký, “said Václav Kotal, the Brno coach.

The home team lost the middle of the field and did not manage to mount simple offensive actions The direction of the match was taken over by Pilsen. In the 61st minute, the winning goal of Řezník was scored.

“When we lapidarily evaluate our performance in the first half, it was a juggler.In the cabin we responded with a certain rhetoric. We overcame a two-goal match, we made a stunt. “We have a very good result with a very good opponent,” said Pilsen coach Miroslav Koubek.

After another mistake in the game Brňany saved the goalkeeper Hladký, who caught Kolar’s solo attack. The quarter-home was still home for a moment, but Shumber and Moukanz lacked more precision and Pilsen had a tight victory.

The last two extra home games played without eliminated Moukanzy, who went off the pitch prematurely after two Yellow cards.

Brno lost home after eleven matches.The last time he beat Pilsen, last autumn 3: 1.