Bohemians Praha 1905 – FK Jablonec 2:0

Bohemians hacked off home Jablonec setbacks and perhaps a bit surprisingly defeated 2: 0 when he pushed through after changing sides first Masek and ten minutes before the end Cizek. Jablonec their chances especially in the first half and did not turn to those collected could no longer respond.

Kangaroos have created the first one hundred percent chance in the first minute when Luts good shot at the back post, but Golman Gross vyškrábl well. Let shame or Budinský, which in turn destroyed header Wagner. Both teams then created another chance soon Mikus of missed turns, equipment and a few minutes later reached on Lawn pass Wagner. In 23.minutě he found Betfair himself all alone in front of Buda Mehanovič but clear tutovce failed and refused and Jablonec leadership. Good match played home Luts and Masek, further brownie defeated Goman Gross, thanks to which therefore finished the first half 0: 0th

In the second act finally began to fall into the net and visiting network. Jablonec overslept start and when Luts clearly won the ball, occurred missed a decent rating confusions and several dorážek on goal Hruby and to Dominik Masek procpal ball into the net – 1: 0! Jablonec could answer twice through the Cubists, but in one case stamped the crossbar!

Bohemka could score a second goal much earlier, she finally managed it until 80.minutě when he won the ball Kuchta and Sportingbet subsequent cross turned his head in the second goal Tomas Cizek. Dimple could relax, Bohemka finally won at home and gaining three points.