Best galaxy rider! How the world reacts to the historical triumph of Sagan

When the sports director Bory and Slovak coach John Valach planned a Sunday spin tactics, they figured he would make the final decision.

“That Salmon Hill was quite fast. It took him a few seconds, but not more. And when it came to the final lap, Julien Alaphilippe and Gianni Moscon, the Slovakian cyclist was still in peace.

His words were confirmed.

The last four of the five miles, due to a power outage in Fløyen, did not see the viewers at the TV screens.The subsequent helicopter shots revealed the attacks of Fernando Gavrià and Magnus Corta, who had been involved with Sagan.

The next level was then in the perfect position, which Alexander Kristoff later thought. “When I walked 150 meters to the finish line, I thought I would really win,” said Norr, who struck the shooter as he struggled with the shooter-he put so much effort into it, and it was not enough.

in the final meters, he pushed it over.

While he was not sure if he had really won, but when he found out from the team, he got out of the wheel, bumped him up and yelled, “It’s taaam!

In April, he won the victory in tragically deceased Michele Scarponi and his wife, Katarina, with whom he was soon to be born the first child. “Michele was an exceptional personality.He was still smiling, still giving positive energy. We have enjoyed a lot of fun together and my death has made me very sad, “he said at the finish.

Now it was time to celebrate.

In the most vocal highlights of the world championships, he became the youngest cyclist who managed to win the World Championship World Cup three times.

That’s why congratulations came from all over the world.

Magic, wrote Slovak President

Among the first Sagan to congratulate Slovak President Andrej Kiska on Facebook.

“Sagan entered history. Nobody has ever been able to do what Peter Sagan did. Three times in a row he became world champion. Magic. Unreal.Incredibly. Familiar. I would like to thank him on behalf of all Slovakia. Makes our country an amazing ad. Peter Sagan, you are a king, “Kiska wrote forty-five years.

Peter Navaras, President of the Slovak Cycling Association, added:” He rewrote the history of world cycling and Slovak sport. Now we can say that it is the most successful. ”

Saganomania in Slovakia hit the full.

On Mondays in the afternoon, nine of the ten most widely read articles discussed the Slovak phenomenon.Subtitles such as “The Best Rider of the Whole Galaxy!”, “Great Cyclist Nations Must Be Unfortunate” or “A Miracle Who Born Once a Year” appeared.

Sagan congratulated Marek Hamšík with Matus Kozáčik, but and water slalomers who are currently preparing for the World Championship in Pau, France.

The French daily L’Équipe wrote to Sagan Sunday’s triumph: “At twenty-seven he is a legend of his sport. It’s hard to say where the rainbow comes from, but it always ends at Sagan. ”

Bicyclists themselves had to bow down before the art of the Slovak laugh.Marcel Kittel, the five-stage winner of this year’s Tour, wrote it simply: “Well, Peter is the best.”

Similarly, Fernando Gaviria and British swift Ben Swift also spoke similarly in the final miles.

Congratulations to this year’s Vuelta, Alberto Contador, Olympic champion from London, Jaroslav Kulhavý, but also to the winner of the 2012 Tour Bradley Wiggins. “Bicycle Savior! This man is now bigger than a sport, take care of him.Congratulations to Petra, you are a true legend and one of the best in history, “he broke over the British performance of the British. Sagan will also wear the world champion jersey jersey in the next twelve months. it’s been more than six years since the bike race in the team colors (except for individual and team time and national championships).In 2011, Liquigas was in the green leg of the Third Stage Tour of Switzerland.

After that, he was dressed in a green jersey of the leader of the men’s scoring contest, which he kept to the finish.

for the first time he became a national champion, and he kept the jersey of the Slovak champion until he began to rule the world two years ago.

He found a new outfit he liked.

that he does not want to wear another.