Berdych nearly broke Federer. What can I do to break the table? minded

Beautiful game, great performance. As she Tomáš Berdych against the world’s elite tennis players has long not draw. But what good is it if not you go to the network as the winner of the match. Roger Federer in the quarterfinals of the tournament in Miami escaped Czech number one and two match points after třísetové battle took a deep breath. Conversely Berdych pulsing big disappointment. Knew that the Swiss legend had a shovel and reaching for the big win.

“What should I do? Should I break the table? Then you see how I’m disappointed,” said Berdych after the match to the question whether very frustrated. “Yes, I am. That you do not want to end the tournament, but I’ll get out of it.It was just the point. ”

From Berdych double-faulted at match points and Federer was surprised. First match points in the third set because Czech player turned another great service.” I thought: Wow, double-faulted? Is he serious? Tom, why? It was strange and I was lucky, “Federer Florida newspaper quoted the Miami Herald.” I did not deserve to give me at that moment dedicated point double-faulted, but playing on the edge. Maybe too hasty. ”

Despite the defeat Berdych can look into other tournaments optimistic. Against Federer had shown improvement and played the best this year.After a slower first set took off, lapping balls on risk and opponents by surprise should be the launch of the network after the return.

“After the tournament in Indian Wells, I did a lot of work here and it manifested itself, which is important,” he said Berdych.Ward Croatian Wimbledon winner Goran Ivanisevic has so far this year the balance of 13: 6, where twice advanced to the semifinals.

“I hope this was just the beginning. Introduction of me a little slipped, but the season is still long and that, who can withstand strong and fresh for the second part, he will be dangerous. ”

In contrast, Federer after the match beamed with satisfaction . “After the first set I felt really good. Then I was a little let Thomas into the game. But he started to play much better. At the end we were very lucky, I showed a lot of heart. It was a great match,” he liked Federer.

It was already the 25ththe match between tennis genius and a long-time member of the world’s top. Federer has won the last seven duels, Berdych him at least the first three years was able to take the set.

“I lived here very narrow defeat in matches that I had won, as against Thomas a few years ago or against Nishikorimu, such the game will remain in the memory. Now I am happy that I made it, “rejoiced the Swiss veteran, currently a tennis player with the best form on the circuit.

Federer hinted to match that with Berdych played in Florida seven years ago . Back in the eight-finals of the Swiss not escaped match points and Berdych advanced to the finals.He started the season great, then when uhrál Paris semifinals at Wimbledon and reached the final.