Bednářova regeneration: Ice, beer, relax. And on Sunday with Hradec in Brno!

Give him the puck, make way for him, and then go hug. This is Jaroslav Bednář, forties star Hradec. His goal against Comet opened the scoring second semifinal, which finally Mountfield won 3: 0th “They drive on our feet, it was the main reason why we won,” quickly found the cause, as compared to the first game, which rejoiced Brno bunch better.

Comet yet passed through the playoff by quite clear key. In the second and third period opponent massacres. Or it arrives in overtime.Like that scourged in the quarterfinals of Sparta, he still brought in Mountfield match number one. “At one point I remembered it,” said Cooper, what idea he jumped in the lead 2: 0 in the head .. “But we gave third goal and upinkali it,” he smiled. Shooting, upinkali. And he that was big enough to share.

needed Hradec same as a slap in the quarterfinals, a defeat, a blow to his performance, then picked up?
“Paradoxically, the overhead exactly like the series with Litvinov. We’ll see how it will continue in Brno. It fell on us, so hopefully it on a comet rips too. ”

Tempo quite kicked in and your two hits in a single match.I do not remember when I saw you this from the last time…
“If you were here the second match with Litvinov, so you could see it.” (Laughs)

So I missed.
“I think you looked somewhere else.” (laughs)

“If they can they play into the body, so can we. Somehow it from the substitution came, two players I offered to putt, so I had finished, it is a playoff, no contact is not possible. ”

It was important to stress against Comet raise?
“Absolutely, this is true for her. On Wednesday we nedobruslovali, nedohrávali, they had chances clouds. Were it not for Patrika Rybára, we got maybe seven. Now it was the other way around.Finally, we were playing playoff hockey, there were clouds contact amped fights, hockey had to like it. ”

Match your decision powerplay goal at 5 to 3. It seemed as if he had been sick recordings and you wanted to take responsibility for themselves. It fits?
“sit, I admit that I was hungry, I wanted to grab. Luck was with me, somehow it caught the stick there Ondry Němce. ”

Have you been on ice for over two minutes, the forces at that time were still?
‘ there were a lot. The whole team was full of energy. We knew that losing the second match home series would not be at all easy. Thus, not even now.But what we will talk, we go to Brno that losing 0: 2…”

No honey, the more so when Hradec Brno has never won.
“Yeah, but I see no reason to solve it. In Litvinov we are also in regular season and lost twice in the playoff us worked there. He plays hockey with the other, we do everything we can there tore at least one match. We go there with humility, but we want to win. ”

It is true that when the gate like the cigarette Patrik Rybár, not to worry too much, huh?
‘ Well, he’s not turn this hot.This name is justified, fish, fish blood. (Laughs) Now, twice a sweat, so we are happy. ”

you are forty, you’re playing the playoff, Hradec believe tighten it to the finals. Heated sometimes, how you young boys who picked on you?
“The power play got a lot of space, but otherwise I do not see that I gave someone. I enjoy hockey, or at least I try it and so far it goes. I am happy when recording teammates sits on a stick, the more so when the goal. It’s always something. But already there is not the speed, one on one, it is harder for me. I have to adapt, rather it is necessary to record, but I wanted someone to overtake.Those recordings go quite yet. ”

I wonder, will the body after the morning clashes hurt?
” It hurts only when you get up in the morning and know that you will chase with young boys. ”

But again, after winning 3: 0 over the comet will get up a little better, right?
” just before the game, we Rend vydařeným talking to, what is the outcome of the game terrible influence on what comes next day. We go to lunch together and discussed it there. Lose and everything tedious, gloomy…But if you win, you sun shines even when raining outside. Now lying in a cold pool zaledujeme is…”

Everything you discuss three in the morning and go home?
” Not a chance.We’ll have a few beers and go to bed to get ready for the weekend. ”

Home 26:06. Jaroslav Bednář, 27:11. Kukumberg, 53/25. Šimánek