Barcelona revolved and led by nine points, Real has experienced another blame

Barcelona lost 34 goals in 34 minutes. In the 11th minute, Xabiho Prieta opened the score with Willian José, the eighth goal of San Sebastian’s best shot. He scored 2: 0 after Canales’s precision center for defending Juani. Still in the break but Paulinho dropped to the front of the goal Luis Suarez.

And just the Uruguayan cannon showed a great technical shot when he returned to the field, which he scored for the goalie Rulli. Twenty minutes before the end, the former striker of Liverpool or Ajax Amsterdam after a rough defensive home defeat finished the turn and celebrated the 13th goal of the season. Suarez managed to score in six league leagues in succession.

The final policy added to Messi’s direct kick in the final. The Argentine star gave 366.goal in La Liga and beat the record of Gerd Müller in the number of goals scored in one of five elite European competitions. Barcelona remains the only unbeaten team of La Liga. The last five duels won a 16: 2 score.

The second match of Vincent Montella on the Sevilla bench did not bring any points to the Andalusian. Alaves lost 0: 1 and scored a single point from the last five duels. Vigo also won the toughest result on the Levante course, which is not at all against Celta at home: the last time he won in February 2010 in the second league.

Espanyol Barcelona drew 1: 1 with Bilbao, which prolonged the series without defeats on eight league duels.But he did not bring three points to the Athletic at Espaňol stadium for twenty years.

Real Real’s Misfortune – after another defeat, the loss on the front rises

Real not only does not have a real chance for the title, but will fight for the second half of the season to ensure participation in the next Champions League. p>

Before Štědrým he got home from Barcelona, ​​a week ago tied in Vigo and on Saturday another defeat.Real Madrid is experiencing a lot of bad times in the league.

The weekend went to the Numancia King Cup but the home draw of 2: 2 in the retaliation also upset the fans.

Real had more of the game and Cristiano Ronaldo hit the ball but in the first half of the game, Villarreal decided three minutes before the end of Pablo Fornals. The Madrid team has reached the league series without winning three games and the pressure on coach Zinédid Zidan has increased.

Especially when Atlético Madrid, who won on Eibar’s hot ground, Real lost 10 points.

“We did not deserve this. I think we played well, just the ball did not end once in the goal.I can not explain why, “said the French coach. “We did not manage to cope with their counterattacks, and the players really hit it,” Zidane added. “We knew we could go down in history today and we believed it,” said Villarreal coach Javi Calleja , whose team won in Santiago Bernabeu after 19 matches. “Madrid has many advantages, but in the current form we thought we could stumble at home,” he said.