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Hubner was sorry for Pilsen not to score a goal. The difference was in motion

Captain of Pilsen Romana Hubnik was sorry that his team could not score in Sofia and that the 4th round of the Champions League preliminary game took 0-2. However, the 32-year-old footballer who has suffered a penalty in the Bulgarian capital, believes that Viktoria is still at home for the third time in a group of elite competitions.

“We are halfway but it is disappointing because in the first half we played very compact, the opponent did not get there, the second half was down, I think that after the penalty, the opponent calmed down more and added the second goal, we started playing more in the end, a pity that we did not score one goal “

Ludogorec opened the score at 51.minute after Cosmin Moti’s penalty, which was preceded by Cafúa’s Fouls. “I had to guard the space in front of the goalman, there was a player, and when I hit him, he pushed it and he got in front of me, I hit his hand a little, it was a penalty. The result was not ideal for us, “said former deputy.

Hubner was also at the second goal, which was scored by Virgil Misidjan in the 64th minute after Marcelin’s pass for defense. “There was a player who ran between me and Limb (David Limbersky), who told me he was going to let him offside, I did not even know he was there, I do not know if he was offshoot or not. .But that kind of goal will surely be frozen, “ admitted Pilsen Stoper.

He valued the great offensive quality of the bulgarian champion. ” In the front they were very strong, the individualities were still in the free spaces. We miss this, we have to work very hard on it. If we only defend back, we will not create anything. It sits behind us for defense, creating space for teammates. Then it is known, “said Hubner.

According to him, Pilsen must score first in Tuesday’s retreat. ” We will see how it will evolve. We have to play from the back to zero if we scored a goal, so surely the opponent is nervous, “said Hubnik, who warns against the counter-attacks of Razgrad.

” From our standards I ran more backward than before, every one of our losses was a very fast break.There were times when we ran upstairs, upstairs. It’s their big weapon, “added Hubner.

Coach Uhrin would be happy if Slavia did not get home at home

Although the fame is unlike the previous duel with Levadia Tallinn and Riem Ave in the final 4th round of the European League against Anderlecht Brussels in the role of outsiders, according to coach Dušan Uhrin Jr, the position of the team does not change fundamentally. With the team, he wants to do the maximum to advance to the group. With the absence of a midfielder Josef Hušbauer, the coach has prepared two variants of the set.

“I do not think it’s an advantage that we are not a favorite. we were previously with the Portuguese, and I think it’s important that the cabin tension is.Everyone wants to succeed, “said Uhrin at the press conference. ” I would be happy if we did not get a goal at home, “he added.

It is clear to him that the duel with Anderlecht will be the biggest review of the newly built and strengthened team that has returned to Cups this year after nearly seven years.

“We play the cups to find out what those players have. Basically outside of Dušan Šventa and Milan Skoda, who jumped in the national team, none of the players played such a hard game. It is important to play such a hard game and still have to be victorious to bring you a lot, “Uhrin said.

In the opening game of the 4th round, he will have to go without a card-punished midfielder Hushbauer. i> “We will have to play a bit differently.I have two sets in my head that I’m spinning now. Let’s see if we play two defensive midfielders or one. I’m going to decide on the quality of today’s training, “Uhrin said.

Anderlecht has made a remarkable change in the last few weeks and the basic set is very unreadable. ” The strongest site is at the offensive stage. They have a number of technical and fast players in the wing, attacking the extreme defenders. They have defeated the dominant player Defour, they have young players in the middle row, they do not even know how to play. Otherwise, we do not know how to play in defense. We have the information that two trackers have left in the last 14 days. There they had a great weakness and maybe we could play two attackers, “Uhrin added.

Svenskene skalerte andre favoritter, i finalen kom de over tyskerne

De amerikanske kvinner svensker underviste og hjem brasiliansk. Skandinaviske heltinner blir darlings av nøytrale tilskuere kvinnelige OL-turneringer, men denne Unibet norsk bettingselskap gangen måtte stole på straffespark. Dette er det andre spillet han var ingen overraskelse: Tyskerne slo Canada 2: 0, og de kan bygge videre på deres suksess předloňský brasilianske kolleger…

Duel Sverige og Brasil på ingen måte lignet inngrepet fra begge lagene i gruppen når innenlandske fotballspiller skandinaver sprengt 5: førsteDenne gangen fotball for mye moro kunne, når svenskene til favorittene igjen travet ut Unibet hovedsakelig med tøft forsvar.

I motsetning til kvartfinalen i amerikansk tid eller 120 minutters spill ga et mål, og bestemte seg derfor igjen til straffesparkkonkurranse, som regjerte erfaren keeper Hedvig Lindahl. Som klarte å fange bare to spark og den brasilianske til sitt eget land har fortsatt å Unibet bekymre medaljer.

Svenskene er pannekaker først prøvde allerede i Athen, tolv år siden til dem, bronse stjal tyskere, som nå Skandinávkám bygge nytt.Tyskland fremdeles sant bare for spesialist booking podiet, hvor han slo seg ned rett tid.

Det vil være den første all-europeiske Unibet finalen kvinnenes OL-turnering er på grunn av tidligere dominans av amerikanske kvinner logikk, men han er nå også Jeg tredobler totalt antall finalister fra det gamle kontinentet. Bare siden 2000 presset gjennom til finalen i den svenske naboer fra Norge, og se, rett lykkes.

En helt ny opplevelse som dette bare Energybet venter på å outsiderky fra Sverige, men også på tyskerne. En spesiell hendelse vil gå på, spesielt for 33 år Saskia Bartusiak, som på fredag ​​kveld i den endelige avviser hundreårsjubileum seremoniell start. “Som et lag blir vi sterkere.I gruppen møtte vi noen humper, men ikke stoppe, vi tror et par ting vi innlemmet “ sa etter seier over Canada kaptein.

At tyskerne på tirsdag lyktes, at mens det var ingen overraskelse der . en grunn – spilt med gjorde på den legendariske Mineirão “jeg vil oss det før kampen spør om gutta vant 7: 1 (i semifinalen MS mot Brasil) og blomstret her og OL-utvalg (10: 0 mot Fiji i gruppen). Vi brukte god karma og fulgte opp med deres prestasjoner, “ berømmer Bartusiak.

With Libero he left Cyprus and Latka, but he will not play from the beginning

With Liberca, Martin Latka also moved to the opening match of the 4th round of the European League at Larnaca. That a thirty-one-year-old stoper joined Cyprus on Thursday, but he is almost excluded, for he trained himself in the summer after leaving Slavia. Coach Jindřich Trpišovský could use it during the game.

“I admit that we do not think we can play it right from the start, because the scorers play well.Moreover, we have a slightly different way of playing behind the other teams that Martin will have to get used to, “said Trpišovský, who plans to deploy a well-known pair of David Hovorka and Lukas Pokorny, while the latter has recently had health problems. / p>

“In addition, Martin has not played with any team, nor is he preparing for the summer, he has no preliminary matches, so he’ll have to get used to it a little bit. But I’m glad he’s with us, he’s getting used to a bit, and he can jump on the part of the match, “added Trpišovský.

Even Latka does not count on playing from the beginning and is ready or jump during the game. “I’m glad to be here and finally I can coach with the team.It was very fast and I am pleased to be able to leave with the team, “said Latka, who has not entered the summer preparation of Slavia, and in July he has agreed with the leadership to terminate the contract in Eden.

“I’ve been preparing myself for a long time, and I’m glad to be part of the team. I have not prepared myself for such a long time, before it has always been with a team. The Slovan’s offer pleased me, I did not hesitate very much and we agreed almost instantly, “added Latka, who also has one start for the A-team.

It is a great motivation for him to advance with Liberec to the basic group of the European League. “It is clear that we are all headed mainly for the Thursday match, it would be great to advance.The boys have already had experience with it last year, so I believe they can deal with it. Determination and expectations are great, I feel from the team that they are willing to do everything they can to do everything, “Latka said.

He believes he is coming to the team quickly. ” In Slovan a certain system that has been very successful last season and I would like to be part of it. I believe we can also succeed this year, “Latka added.

The brewery believes that Pilsen is using a lot of experience against Razgrad

Coach Roman Pivarnik believes that Pilsen players in the fourth leg of the Champions League with Razgrad will use the rich experience of the cups and the recent Euro in France. Before the Wednesday duel in Bulgaria, the 42-year-old coach sees the greatest power of Ludogorce in individuality and straightforwardness.

“Experience must be picked up and picked up by Victorian European Cups and European Championships. .I hope that we will be able to give the experience to the game too, “said Pivarník, whose team played LM in 2011 and 2013. Razgrad according to Pivarník will be a bit more rival than Karabach, which Czech champion in the third round he was eliminated after 0: 0 at home and 1: 1 in Baku. “Karabach has football based on team performance, holding a lot of ball. Razgrad is more straightforward, trying every moment to play perpendicular to the gate, being more dangerous in individual techniques and throughs. It’s hard to concentrate on a single player, “ said Pivarník.

The Bulgarian champion has seven Brazilian footballers plus the naturalized Cancer Marcelinha. the match does not do anything, they play without hindrance and try to assert themselves individually.But they are emotional players, and if they fail to do so, it may have a bad influence on them. “

The match will take place at the Vasil Levsky National Stadium in Sofia because Ludogorec Arena does not meet UEFA’s playoff standards and base group. “Of course, it can play a role. We will see how many spectators will come to the game as they will cheer. “ said the former coach of Jihlava, Olomouc or Bohemians 1905.

The LM Group tried as a Rapid Vienna football player, after ten years wants to be among the European elite return as a coach. “It’s motivation, few Czech trainers played the Champions League. Recently only Pavel Vrba. It’s motivation for all of us and we’ll do everything we can to be there.Sure, we have the European League in place, but we all want to play the Champions League, “said Pivarník.

The Turks still believe in the progress, although the team does not have a good atmosphere

Turkey’s two-game European championship with Croatia and Spain has no point in a 0: 4 score, but they still believe that on Tuesday’s end of the group with the Czech team they will still save the way they did at the end of the qualification. And despite the fact that there is not a good atmosphere around the Turkish team.

“Unfortunately, we did not start the tournament well, not even in the qualifying, and we finally managed to move. in the game, and I believe we will be able to reverse this as a qualifier.Tomorrow we will defeat the Czech Republic and we will keep in the tournament, “said Volkan Babacan at the press conference.

Because of the bad score, the Turks have a bigger difference over the Czech team, and this may not be enough. “It will still be very interesting. If we dredge, we do not know who will move. If the Czechs win, they have a great chance to go. If we win, it depends on other results. It’s a little chess, “said coach Fatih Terim.

” We had a lot of obstacles ahead of us and we did it. Now is the right moment to prove it again. If we get out of the crisis and move forward, we will go far.Our motto is: it’s not over until we say it’s over, “he added.

At the press conference, he was dismayed, speculating about disagreements with some of the players, the coach was also upgraded by fierce criticism media, apparently aimed at his family. “Today is not the time to talk about the slander, the lies and the rumors. But soon enough, I’ll put it up and put it to court, “Terim said.

” Our public television has invited a professor of history to the post and he has criticized the national team. It was a show that did not even concern football. I have a lot of friends among the academics, but when I ask them about football, they say they do not want to mix that they do not understand. But you are criticized by a professor of history in public television.That’s why I’m upset and frustrated, “said Terim.

Satisfied with the players. ” I’m not going to conceal that we have some problems. It has to be admitted that our performances in these two games were not good, it was a big difference compared to the matches before Eur. We need to improve. I will do everything to remind players what to do. Sometimes it does not work. But we have to be careful about the Czechs, their game has been very popular with me lately, “added Terim.

Melhor desempenho do País de Gales na minha carreira, disse Bale após vencer a Rússia

Representantes do País de Gales, de acordo com Gareth Bale, o atacante contra a Rússia parece ser o melhor jogo em sua carreira. “Dragões”, graças a uma vitória suave de 3-0 na segunda-feira, no primeiro Campeonato da Europa, mudou-se para o oitavo lugar Sportingbet desde o primeiro lugar no grupo B.

“É incrível e um sonho para todos nós. da maneira como fizemos “, disse ele aos jornalistas de Bale. “Provavelmente foi a melhor performance que já experimentou desde que eu estava aqui e um ótimo apoio dos fãs”, acrescenta um jogador Sportingbet ofensivo, o Real Madrid, que já jogou 58 jogos desde o país no País de Gales. P>

Bale de 67 minutos em Toulouse fechou perto de terminar 3: 0, marcando na terceira partida do grupo e com três gols movidos para a frente da mesa de tiro ao Eura.Aaron Ramsey e Neil Taylor já estavam nos primeiros vinte minutos. “” Começamos muito bem e não nos sentimos muito nervosos nos primeiros minutos, ficamos muito confiantes e o primeiro lugar no Sportingbet grupo. você pode desejar “, disse Bale, vinte e seis. “Nós dissemos que não queremos estar aqui, mas para ganhar um grupo, não podemos fazer mais, agora estamos ansiosos para outro rival”, acrescentou o autor de 22 gols. estão no grande torneio pela primeira vez desde o campeonato mundial em 1958, elogiou o treinador Chris Coleman. “A vitória é magnífica para nós, mas a performance é ainda mais doce do que os pontos”. Os jogadores eram corajosos e mostravam a bola com tudo o que sabiam.”Nós não conseguimos isso contra a Inglaterra”, Coleman lembrou a derrota Sportingbet apostando em linha anterior de 1: 2 com o rival britânico. “Que conseguimos recuperar do desapontamento do gol marcado no último minuto, mostra a unidade, força e experiência de nossa equipe. Já antes da partida com a Rússia, não tinha dúvidas de que podemos ter um bom desempenho. Mas não devemos nos deixar levar e temos que continuar a trabalhar “, acrescentou capitão e Stoper Ashley Williams. Coleman acredita que o País de Gales pode ir longe no campeonato da França. ” Este não é o fim do torneio , a equipe está a caminho do sucesso. Estou feliz por estar com minha equipe de treinadores “, disse um treinador de 44 anos que não pensa em um programador de oito.Ele também pode Sportingbet competir com a representação checa. “Respeitamos a todos, e quando jogamos dessa maneira, não sei por que devemos ter medo de ninguém”, acrescentou Coleman.

Czechs do not fight with Turkey as a retaliation for the Euro in 2008

Goalkeeper Petr Čech does not take the final match in the European Championship against Turkey as a reward for defeat and elimination in the championship eight years ago. With the Czech officials still in the 74th minute led by 2: 0, the opponent but three goals in the unexpected turn of the state and sent the national team home.

“I won the dinner. I stated that this question will surely fall “, he said with a smile to Czechs at a press conference before Tuesday’s match.” I certainly do not take this as a retaliation because it’s eight years. It’s a revenge for the match in October in qualifying in Prague where we lost 0: 2 because it’s the last match but if we played with them eight years ago…In their team there are about five players who even then worked in a Turkish representation. “ The Czech team has one point in the Euro in France after two matches, the Turks they are both without a point, so both teams have to win the promise of success, and in certain circumstances the fair play criterion, the number of cards, can also be decided. “We have everything in our hands. We want to get three points so we do not have to wait for other results and do not have to look at other circumstances. Then you do not have to worry about things like the fair play criterion, “stated Czech.

Turkey is not doing well in the tournament, losing 0: 1 to Croats and then 0: 3 to the Spaniards.But according to Czech, it does not mean anything. “I think it belongs to the group of Spain and Croatia, it is a very good team and they lost the first two games…We also lost the first and lost the second one. he beat 2-0 in Prague and played very well and they still have a chance to move on, on the contrary, I think that the bigger motivation will have to correct the performance of the last match, which their coach criticized, “

He believes the team will be able to help without the injured captain Tomas Rosicky. “It is a big loss, Tomas is our key player, and other players have to represent him, we are a team whose main role is a team game, a team spirit…We do not have big stars, so other players have a chance to show they have it, “ added to Bohemia.

Prince Harry i Michelle Obama otvaraju Invictus igre za ranjene veterane

Britanski princ Harry i prva dama Michelle Obama pomogli su u nedjelju navečer pokrenuli Invictus igre za ranjene veterane s izražajnim govorima, pridruživši se drugim likovima iz svijeta sporta, zabave i politike u sjajnoj ceremoniji otvaranja.

p> Dvosatni događaj u Orlandu, Florida, uključivao je nastupe britanske pjevačice James Blunt i sopraniste Laure Wright.Glumac Morgan Freeman i bivši predsjednik George W. Bush – počasni predsjednik ovogodišnjih igara – sjedili su u publici za Bet365 svečanom početku igara na Disneyovom ESPN Wide Worldu stadionu sportskog prvaka. Gotovo 500 sportaša iz 14 različite zemlje se natječu u sportskom natjecanju u stilu paraolimpije u četverodnevnom razdoblju koje počinje u ponedjeljak. Invictus Games su stvaranje princa Harryja, koji je dobio inspiraciju da pomogne ranjenom i bolesnom vojnom osoblju i njihovom obitelji nakon dvije dužnosti dužnosti u Afganistanu. Početne Invictus igre održane su prošle godine u Londonu. Facebook Twitter Pinterest George W Bush na pozornici s Izraelom Del Toro i njegova obitelj tijekom ceremonije otvaranja Invictus igara u Orlandu, Florida.Fotografija: Chris Jackson / Getty Images za Invictus

“Ne mogu vam reći koliko sam ponosan što trebam otvoriti drugu Invictus Games u Americi”, rekao je princ Harry. “Večeras sam daleko od Londona, ali kad sam gledao, vidim toliko poznatih lica, vojnika i žena, njihovih prijatelja i njihovih obitelji i svih ljudi koji su ih ovdje dobili. Osjećam se kao da sam kod kuće. “Večer je započelo s sudionicima odjevenim u boje naroda Bet 365 koji su ulazili u Champion stadion do stalnih ovation iz gomile. Bilo je nekoliko glazbenih predstava, a zatim su trojica veterana govorili o ozljedama koje su pretrpjele i njihovu borbu za povratak kontrole nad svojim životima. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Sportaši iz Australije ulaze na stadion tijekom svečanosti otvaranja za Invictus Games.Fotografija: John Raoux / AP

“Služio sam duž vojnika iz cijelog svijeta”, rekao je princ Harry. “Vidio sam žrtve koje ste Vi i vaše obitelji napravili da služe svojim narodima. Naučio sam o važnosti timskog rada i druženja na način da vas samo vojna služba može naučiti. ”

Bio je vojni nadvožnjak i crna i žuta zastava” Ja Jesam “, koja je postala simbol od Invictus Igre, helikopter je letio na stadion. Prva dama govorila je na kraju svečanosti.

“Doista je čast biti ovdje večeras kako bih Bet365 Croatia pomogao početku ove godine Invictus Games ,” rekla je. “Želim, naravno, početi zahvaljujući princu Harryu za njegovo izvanredno vodstvo i za dovođenje Invictus igara ovdje u Orlandu. On je doista naš Prince Charming.On bi trebao biti ponosan na svoj rad. “

Floorball players have tied up with Switzerland, the quarterfinals of the World Cup are close

“The Swiss played defensive, waited for a mistake, but they were extremely defeated in defense. They do not work very well, we get over it. I was surprised that they were not as dangerous on the balloon. We sensed it in the second third that if we press, we have a chance to get the balloons. Unfortunately we did not score goals. We played very well, but the goalie caught us, “said Czech team coach Radim Cepek.

The Swiss and Czechs have three points in the table, the score is as follows: +4 goals for Switzerland, the Czechs have +1 goal. When both teams win tomorrow, it is going to be a better score from the first place.

In a cautious introduction, chances were missed, and Mikeš appeared in the singles, who was standing in front of Pascal Meier.In the middle of the opening part, the Czechs played in a numerical advantage and in a good position overcame Curney. The Swiss were more successful in power play. In the 17th minute, with the end of Tokoš’s punishment, the balloon on the Christopha Hofbauer stick bounced off under the top pole.

When Mikeš’s exclusion was first defeated by bekhendem Jendrišák, he ended the cross pass of Christopha Meier Scalvinoni. On the other hand, half a minute before the first pause was fired at the end of Tomasik and Curney dropped from the penalty shootout.

At the beginning of the second act was close to the goal at the jubilee 100.the start in the representation after the stop Sweet, then Tomasik burned and Tokos had another possibility. The Swiss had a tight lead in Gerber’s elimination, with the experienced fighter Frederick coming in for the first time.

On the other hand, he missed shortly after returning from Gerber’s bench. The 35th minute after the combination of the second Tomašík formation, he had the biggest chance of settling on Pascal Meier himself but did not beat him. Another possibility was Curney. Kafka stopped the penetration of Friuli.

In the third period, the Swiss were threatened, then the entire Tokos, Sweet and Tomasik formations were created at 47 minutes. In the meantime, he himself overcame Scalvinoni himself before Kafka. In the 52nd minute, Tomasik scored the right stick at Kuchenov’s elimination.The goal was not finished either by a combination of Jendriak’s shot. He made his way through the home side after 57 minutes, following a free kick by Deutsch and Jendrišák.

United States – Japan 9: 1 (5: 0, 0: 0, 4: 1)

Russia – Canada 8: 9 (3: 2, 3: 4, 2: 3)