Augusta openly on cancer: It’s bullshit, but I have a chance

You have a tumor in your body, heard Joseph Augusta a year ago. No one had to be tempted to take all his power and set out for battle. Soon he knew he was outraged. “It’s crap, but we do not give up anything. I have a chance, “says the coach of the world champions of St. Petersburg and Hanover.

Many of the physicians are reminded of a hammer like a blow, which they were hard to collect. Josef Augusta has it different. “A bigger shock for me was when I was a coach in 2002 with a national team,” says a 69-year-old former successful coach.

Coaches, how are they doing? You look good.
“Thank you for asking. You have to fight. As I did not go hockey, on ice, without deployment and self-sacrifice, I can not do without these qualities even now.I find myself at a stage I personally call a quiet zone. I have a first spa therapy. “

Wait for chemotherapy to call a spa? You’re good…
“Sure. When I go to Brno to the oncology institute, I all say I’m going to the spa. Look, you can not get it any other way. Someone goes to the spa with their backs, I drive with cancer to the Masaryk Institute. For the great people who care for me wonderful. It is a leading cancer department in Europe, everything I have gone through and amazed to have been dealing with cancer since 1935. I was surprised and delighted that Dominic Hašek is among the three gold sponsors of the institute.Next to him, Dara Rolins and Babis. “

How did you get there?
” I went to three day courses and every ten days I went home, Brno. Next month, I’m going to have another exam to find out how the first cure went, and that’s how it will go on. “

The outcome of the treatment depends on the determination of the person. I feel like you could not take it for a better end.
“About the head, it’s all about the psyche. So also care for your own health. I took it realistically. The problem has come, but fortunately, there are people who know exactly what to do, and you include 100% trust. As I once believed in my coach when he pushed me into the hole, I’m now betting on medical professionals.

Do you ever doubt whether you will get better?
“I have no doubt. I have people around me, whom I trust tremendously, we can handle together. There are no other ways. You have that in sport. “

At first glance, you have lost weight, but you still look in shape.
” I went down with the weight, that’s true . But I have enough movement. Work around the house is always blessed, I have a dog, so I go out with him, I ride a bike. I was not bored. “

Did you suspect something was wrong last year?
” Yes, the signs were there. I started to have a stool problem, grease appeared in it.”

Greater shock was the end of the representation

You had a bad message from the doctors, or it was a shock ?
“Good question. And I have the answer. The bigger shock for me was when I was a coach in 2002 with a national team. The Executive Committee of the Union, which decided in Brno all together, sat together and the outgoing supporters were seated at the second table, nobody even spoke with us. They almost forgot what we have achieved for years. “

They felt they were not fair at all.
” It was not. I was experiencing much worse feelings in Brno than when they told me I had a tumor last year. It was hard for my soul at that time.Wounding, disdain, tremendous disappointment and disillusion…I found it easier to find cancer, because the doctors talked to me flat. They told me the truth in my eyes. While people in the executive committee only had their eyes down, they were unable to thank our team. It was enough to applaud like Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron was in Britain. Nothing more, nothing less. What they did with us in 2002 is still in me. And whenever I recall it, it will make me sick. “

Do you want your doctors to know immediately what you are?
” Clearly. He is already openly informed today. I know I have a chance. Cure everything.This tumor is crap, but we do not give up anything. “

With the same diagnosis, the legendary Vera Čáslavská is fighting, did you join and talk?
” But a couple of weeks ago I saw Jiří Bartošk in Karlovy Vary, who was thinking the same problem and looking good. As I say, it’s crap, but you can fight everything. The fact is that once you find yourself in a place such as the Masaryk Oncology Institute, you will quickly reassess life priorities. Everything you see with your own eyes, the frequency and the number of people who have to deal with the same or similar problems. Your head is then chased by one single thought. That you have to believe and fight what will happen. No one is immortal, but you have to stand up for it.Hope is dying last. “

Does the hard patriota of the Highlands also help?
” It can be. I’m delighted to be able to take the first bath without any major problems or side effects. I’m going. “

Can you beer?
” I’m going to have a pizza here, otherwise non-alcoholic. The taste for the beer left me, but I can not shine, I have to waste it. For fifty years, I’ve provided plenty of good food to my body, but now it’s bad luck. I say to him: You will drink water, my friend, I will not give you the beer! “(Smiling)

Do you remember the former partner of Jaroslav Holík, how did he suffer from a serious illness? /> “This is a different case, Jarda fought for ten years. I’ll see how long I’ll be washed.Anyway, we do not get free. “

What do you think about the autumn celebration?
” In a family circle, maybe I’m organizing something small with my buddies . We’ll see November is far away. “

When you meet your friends, the speech itself turns to Jihlava’s hockey, it’s always a big topic. Or does it keep you cool?
“I missed last season. Just because of the onset of illness. It is better not to come in contact with more people to avoid unnecessarily the flu and so. They have not seen me for a long time in the jungle of Jihlava.However, I have stayed away from the local hockey for a long time. “

Jihlava wishes the extralig

Does not it matter how much Dukla is going back to the extraliga? >
“I would definitely wish the extraliga returned, it was here for a long time. The problem is that the 100% owner of the team is the city. This is a more complex topic. I’m not sure the city should fully fund a professional team. That’s one thing. “

And another look?
” Dukla has been known for decades by successfully leaping for young players. The famous era came after the arrival of Holík, Suchý, Augusta, Hrbatý, Klapáče…We were young boys, at the age of twenty under the excellent coaching leadership, we drew the Dukla between the top.She has come down this time from Dukla and today she hires older players without a relationship to the region. I do not mind the veterans who passed through Jihlava. Voluntary, Čachotský, Důras and others. I have a problem with others. For example, Skořepa or Mrňa. These players are not able to bring Jihlava to the highest competition. “

Jihlava often faced different opinions and visions. Is not that a problem?
“There is no doubt about this bickering here and there for a long time, but it’s practically everywhere. This one plays more, this less, he does this job stupid, but this one well. You can not avoid this anywhere. In Jihlava this is how it works, what I remember. I’m sorry and sorry that Dukla does not give a bigger chance to my offspring, and the DNA that Jihlava has always known is lost.”

And do they have it at all?
” They’re just hearing that they have a chance to fight. But she can not do that with Dukla. They introduced it to Pitner and Nevesel, it had logic and success. Standa the Unmarried one once drew out of Moda Beda Sčerban, nobody knew him, nobody believed him. But after all the coaches in each of the categories, Standa demanded that he do the utmost to do, and he did it himself in the final. And look where Béda reached. “

Do not see a similar concept for a long time?
” I do not see. A nineteen-year-old player will be joining the Jihlava Championship, after three seasons he just says he does not have it, and done.Instead of careful work with boys with the relation to Vysočina, older players are taken without any part of the region. Jihlava is left with them, so they’re coming, no. I can hear them saying that the Canadian points have won the first league, so what some Augusta will interpret to them. It is obvious that Dukla has long abandoned the established direction. And it is not at all that in the past long used players who came here to the basic military service. They are not related to them at all. And the city should stamp it, it should be interested in the Duke returning her identity. “