American Autrey picked us up a lot, says coach Jindřichův Hradec

“At the beginning of the competition, we knew what it was like to play without the main rookie, and that’s how we suffered a bit. With its arrival, our performance and our results have improved. Lamb i Donald are our key figures, but they are still just two fragments of the mosaic, “said Hradec coach Robinson is the best shooter of the entire competition. “Both of us give us a decent point in every match,” Forejt added.

The South Boys have won 15 games in the highest competition, out of which seven have won and eight have lost. There are seventy in the table. “If the league is over, then we are there,” Forejt smiled as to whether his team had a play-off.Last year he finished tenth.

Meanwhile, the coach for the performances of the Hradec players has no major reservations. “We are satisfied with our current location. We had a weaker introduction, which was affected by the fact that we did not have the main player. We wanted to win two more games, we lost at home with Svitavy and Kolín, “said coach Lions.

Jindřichův Hradec is doing better this season than on the home ground. “However, we managed to replace these two home draws soon, and the balance of seven wins and eight defeats is very solid for us. Game play is also important.And I have news from the audience, so she looks at our basketball well, “Forejt said happily.

By the end of the game, 29 matches have yet to be played. “This year’s competition is very well balanced and there will be a lot of matches, so we need to keep the form for as long as possible and to be healthy,” said coach Jihočes.

Before the season, a new team was set up in Jindřichův Hradec , to which many names came. “We had a little worried about it in the summer as coaches. There was little change here, and I have to say that the team has already sat down.Atmosphere is good now, but it is clear that it is due to winning, “he said.

According to Forejoot, Lions has done the most home match against the previously defeated Pardubice, which only won Jindřichův Hradec close 98:97. “I appreciate most of this game, partly because Pardubice has not yet won and we have been happy for the first time in the competition. On the one hand, because the match had to make people happy, a lot of points fell and finally there was only one point difference. And the audience feedback was very good after the match. Our coaches received praise for the high quality of the basketball.I was happy, not only from the win, but also from the level, “the Forejt enjoyed. On Saturday at 17.45, the Jindřichův Hradec Lions play in the penultimate Cologne, on Wednesday arrives in Jindřichův Hradec in the sixth Ústí nad Labem. The match starts at 18 o’clock.