A friend of the Czechs, in which Argentina did not find a new Batistut. Sparta?


His balance raises great respect: in this season the Cyprus League gave Cavenaghi 15 goals in 11 games and according to the average goals scored for the match leaves behind the stellar names of European grand clubs. But the result of 1.36 is that the goals are “only” in the Cypriot league.

The plan was different, Cavenaghi was supposed to be at that time elsewhere. Elsewhere.

“He did not fulfill the expectations, he had great potential, but with his coming to Europe, he relaxed. He probably did not want to work that much, “says Radoslav Kovac, Sparta’s defender, who worked with Cavenaghi in Spartak Moscow. “It was a pity, he had a lot of goals and there could be many more.”

The advent of big football was famed: 17 goals in 23 games for River Plate fired him on the front pages of the sports section.Thanks to his artistic ability to finish with both legs from all positions, he soon began to call Cavegól. Three seasons turned into 55 goals, and a comparison with the ending Argentinean Batistuta, nicknamed Batigol, was offered.

He knew he had to go to Europe to build on the glory of Batistut, Crespa or Riquelme. / p>

But there was a decision that put him down. With 9 million euros in 2004, Spartak bought Moscow. He will not remember in this period in good. He did not like cold Russia, he never lived with the environment, he did not compare with cultural differences – and the goals were greatly reduced.

“He missed the family. He came from South America into a totally different culture.I and other Slavs have taken it well, but it was a great shock to him, “says Kovac. “He had great support in Spartak, but he did not know the language, and that was a problem. If he went to the Spanish-speaking country, he would probably have done better. Otherwise, he was a great friend, great guy, he played guitar on the basis of it, he was fun, we liked him. ”

On the pitch, however, it was worse. This investment did not succeed. From the Russian “captivity,” Bordeaux freed him from his 23rd birthday, where he revived and scamaraded with Czech midfielder Jaroslav Plašil. “We often call each other,” Cavenaghi recalled when he returned to France recently.The fans then welcomed him with a celebrated song in his honor. “I almost crashed.”

After the restart in Bordeaux, Tottenham and Liverpool were interested. “I know a lot of Premier League players. Although there is not much Argentinians in it, but Tévez and Mascherano, yes, “said the compatriots who succeeded in England. “Why can not I go in their footsteps?”

Cavenaghi had a good shot. “It was always a classic shooter, it was a penalty kick, it was such a good ride on the pitch,” says Kováč.

But instead of goals in England, only a visit to Mallorca, Brazil Internacional, came.He went back to River Plate, he was in Villarreal, Mexican Pachuce, and again through River Plate he got to Cyprus.

Here’s a man with the number 79 and the nickname “Little Bull” that he gained because of his more subtle character but the league goals from him as the most expensive player of the team are waiting…

This in the European League contributed only one shot of the penalty to win over Tripoli, which is the only point gain for APOEL in the group. In defeat 0: 2 in Prague he failed. He only managed to talk to the Blacksmith who was missing because of an injury in the Spartan expedition to Cyprus.

“He said he got a good offer from Cyprus, so he plays for APOEL. But he has no more ambition.I think he’ll be home soon enough to play it, “Kovacs estimated.

Even from these words, he feels that Cavenaghi is already the best for years. Even if Red Spartan jersey Sparta’s “little bulls” sparring on Thursday night is glowing, it will not help the Cypriot team advance, and it’s probably no longer a more prestigious engagement.

So there are only memories in the Cavegole. Maybe for four representative startups for Argentina, which did not find the desired icon in it.